How to Clean Rabbit’s Feet?

How to Clean Rabbits Feet

Rabbits take care of their grooming and stay clean most of the time. However, if their feet look dirty for some reason, you might want to do the cleaning yourself. …

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Do Apartments Allow Rabbits?

Do Apartments Allow Rabbits

Exotic pets like rabbits are not allowed in most apartment complexes. As a result, most landlords are unwilling to let rabbits due to their well-deserved reputation as environmental blighters. There …

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How to Induce Labor in Rabbits?

How to Induce Labor in Rabbits

Is your female rabbit past her due date? Typically, rabbits should give birth within 28-31 days after being pregnant. However, this timeline is just an estimate. So, if your rabbit …

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Can Rabbits Eat Plantain?

Can Rabbits Eat Plantain

Rabbits are some of the easiest pets to bring home from the pet shop. They aren’t fussy about food, don’t require a large space to live comfortably, and you won’t …

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