How Do Rabbits Apologize to Humans?

Rabbits can be bonded easily with emotions and care if you pet them. You would know rabbits experience a range of emotions, basic and complex. This article is about how do rabbits say sorry to humans. 

Whatever you would have an emotional condition they would follow you same alike if you are happy or sad, they would reflect it. When you will be sad they would express concern for your grief and try to make you happy.

How do rabbits apologize to humans? Rabbits apologize to humans by licking and nibbles, demanding head rubs, running around your feet in circles, and lying down and chilling out.

While before petting rabbits don’t assume that they are easy to adopt as they are needed attention, and respect that should be met. If you cannot do that then don’t get intimate with them emotionally and control your feelings.

How do rabbits apologize to humans?

Rabbits are social animals and live in pairs so that they also share an emotional bond with humans. Since the mental and emotional states of two rabbits are not the same, but they are quite common.

Rabbits and humans have similar emotions about losing loved ones they get sad. Being an owner of a rabbit you must respect and observed the mourning process unless they are bonded for a lifetime.

Similarly when you get angry with your rabbit who is intimate with you apologize to you in his ways just like he cheers his mate or looks for forgiveness.

Licking and nibbles

Rabbits like other mammals are loving and caring for their partners and owners who pet them if they found you sad or angry they try to apologize.

It sometimes licks and nib your toe to get attraction and say sorry. When your rabbit lick you that means he is grooming you happily with a little bit of bite.

Demanding head rubs

You can identify certain positions of the rabbit to observe its behavior but sometimes it’s difficult to understand what it wants. Usually when a rabbit apologizes to its partner then it comes to his mate, drops its head and rubs against its partner, or even rubs the nose. Similar to that rabbit try to apologize you same way like head rub and stay for seconds when you are angry and not giving it time.

Running around your feet in circles

Rabbits are playful and have many ways to show their affection to you such as running around your feet in circles when seeing you. They always try to cheer you when you are sad or angry with him. They are not easy to understand because their ways to show emotions can be changed often.


Binkying is a way of happy expression in which a rabbit jump in the air and flick its ear. When you are new to petting rabbit many things might surprise you and you may get worried if your rabbit has a seizure.

Because rabbits binkies, jump in the air, and at the same time twist his body against the head in the opposite direction before falling on the ground.

When it sees you angry and you are not looking or giving attention to you it might do such things to please you or look for an apology.

You may think such stunts weird but it’s their happy dance so that means they are happy with you. You should treat them well and respect their feelings.

Lying down and chilling out

Rabbits are lovely animals and grab full attention while running here and there and when you are petting them they relax even on your bed or sofa.

It’s the positioning of the body shows that how happy is he when he rolled out, lying down, and chilling out means your rabbit is happy. Sometimes it is quite difficult to move him from a place as he sticks to the area means that he is relaxed.


You may have heard the purring or tooth clicking the sound of the rabbits as they gently and rhythmically grind their teeth, not in tension but contented. You should focus on it carefully if it’s loud then it means that your rabbit is in pain and teeth crunching is a big sign of a tense body.


The most beautiful way to apologize from a rabbit is that he starts grooming your hand, nudging you with the nose, or poking it under your hand to attract you. It directly shows affection and love towards you as he lowers his chin and chest to the floor and stretches his head with ears laid on back. Rabbit nudges his nose to get your attention when you are angry or the time you have a treat in your hand to ask you to pet him.

Touching their head with you

Rabbits don’t want a troubled relationship and not always try to please you but the time pushes his head against yours so you forgive him. The better thing is expected from you is to give him treat or pet him so it shows that you both are good now.

Expressing anger

Rabbits are easy to identify when in anger as they use their tail, ears, and stance to show aggression. The major thing is ears if they are pointing straight and forward that means they are happy but when the ears are on the back indicates anger.

Even sometimes the rabbits bite when they are bitterly angry that isn’t nipping because they nip when excited. If you take care of your pet it won’t bite you as it is so loving animal and love to stay social.


When one of the rabbits is angry and the other offers a head rub to please him and stay touching their heads for a few seconds means apology granted. Since if the angry one walked away instead of stay then it means apology rejected.

Same the procedure they do with humans if they rub their head with you and you don’t respect feeling they walk away and try another time. The grooming process is also a way to please the angry one whether it’s his partner or you the owner.