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What Happens If You Touch a Wild Baby Bunny

Wild bunnies carry transmitting viruses more as compared to domestic rabbits. Their ability to transform a disease is not too much but it is suggested to wear gloves and a mask for protection. Be careful, and don’t touch a wild baby bunny before confirming that they are in need of help.

What happens if you touch a wild baby bunny? Touching a wild baby rabbit can be poisonous for them. It can cause stress to them, leading towards suffocation and then eventually towards death. It can also be risky for you as there are chances that maybe they are carrying any of the diseases.

It is recommended from the wildlife department that stay away from wild baby animals.

What Happens If You Touch A Wild Baby Bunny

Due to the cute skin of baby rabbits, everyone wants to hold them. There is a controversy related to wild bunnies that after interaction with humans, their mother is not going to accept them as she can feel the human scent in them.

There is nothing truly like that. Try to avoid them and touch any wild baby rabbits only if they are in some uncertain condition.

Can You Get Sick From Touching A Wild Rabbit?

There are very rare chances that a wild bunny transmits a disease or any other threat to humans. Keep children away from them because fighting hormones of children are not as effective as of adults.

Our researchers come up with the following problems related to the contact of bunnies and humans:


Tetanus is possible only if there is a type of scratch or harsh bite that comes to you from the rabbit. But this is what you can’t expect from a 2 week old baby rabbit. Maybe it’s possible if they are too healthy and wild.

If you feel any type of cut or scratch, contact your physician. You can also follow these methods if a rabbit bites you. Almost five injections are to be considered necessary for this disease to avoid any threat in the long run.

There are very rare chances that your GP ask you for a booster. If you have a strong immune system then maybe you don’t need any vaccination jabs.


Rabies can be transmitted through the saliva of an infected bunny. When this saliva came in contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, or with any scratch, it spreads the disease.

No case in history such occurred that a wild bunny infected with rabies has attacked humans but precautions are mandatory.

Rabbits can get infected with this disease by other animals too like bats and dogs. Naturally, they have the strong immune system to bear this but post-experience of prophylaxis has been suggested by pet doctors.


Tularemia is the common bacterial disease of wild rabbits, hares, and gnawers. A major cause of bacterial infection in wild baby bunny occurs due to insects.

They bite on the skin and after that, only a few germs of bacteria will be able to account for the disease.

In North America, the major host of bacterial diseases is the cottontail breed. Signs of tularemia include swollen diarrhea, pneumonia, or flu-like signs.

Fleas in rabbit

If you found any baby rabbits with flea conditions, never touch them. Wild baby rabbits can not get this disease unless any other infected rabbit comes in contact with them. Other pets like cats and dogs can also be the source of transmission for rabbits.

Use licensed products on Amazon to cure fleas of rabbits. If you are using flea control products that are manufactured for other pets, that can be chancy.

You can also read a complete method to get rid of fleas in rabbits.

In the recent past, there was a tragedy that occurred when a farm owner was using Fipronil to cure rabbit flea and it resulted in the death of many rabbits. 


Encephalitozoon parasite is responsible for this bug. This virus produces defects directly to the liver and kidneys. Baby rabbits with a weak resistant system can fall prey easily.

Spores of this parasite are found mainly in the urine of infected ones. It can be transferred easily if it is swallowed.

In near past, there were no cases seemed to have happened to human through this disease. But this virus has proved many fatal deaths in rabbits so precautions are recommended as always.

Does Touching Baby Rabbits Kill Them?

Wild rabbits have very simple terminologies related to their lives. They can be easily traumatized by uncertain conditions so always be careful near their nests.

If you are holding rabbits and doing some type of mumbling with wild baby rabbits, that can cause the following problems for them:

Stress in baby rabbits

Baby bunny can not survive in the harsh environment even this fragile creature is allergic to noises. If you are touching baby rabbits or causing them any fear that means their stress level is going to be on high frequency automatically.

They are in a stressed position surely if they are not showing any type of interest in food or if they are in a restlessness state.

Stress can be fatal for rabbits. During early weeks, they are not able enough to bear your sudden interruptions. Stress can lead them towards death by creating suffocation problems.

If the rabbits are of the age that they can run, then they will be difficult to handle in the stressed position.


If you touch them and do sudden movements, there are 100 percent chances that you are going to be the cause to produce nervousness in rabbits.

During this condition, they used to turn their body in a flat position. You will notice a type of lethargy and sudden breathings in bunnies during the nervous position.

These little creatures can not bear too much nervousness and fear can lead them towards death. A sudden heart attack can happen while converting the rabbit into shock.

If the heart attack is of severe condition, there are more chances that the rabbit is going to die.

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