What to Put in Bottom of Rabbit Cage?

What to Put in Bottom of Rabbit Cage?

Do you want to learn some ideas about what to put in the bottom of a rabbit cage that helps them stay in a hutch for a long time? This post will give you the latest info on your queries relevantly.

Rabbits can certainly make great pets, but it is also important whenever you bring them home you need to provide them with a spacious and comfortable environment. There are many rabbit owners who choose to keep their bunnies indoors because it is safe and cool.

The moment you took the rabbit to its cage or hutch can surely see whether or not he is feeling cool and happy. Just like we humans love to set our bed and floor, the same way these cute animals need proper bedding. Many of our fellows are confused about things that can be added to the bottom of the rabbit cage.

You can put soft bedding, newspaper, straw, hay, and softwood litters in the bottom of the rabbit cage. You should ensure proper ventilation for the rabbit cage.

You need a perfect home for the rabbits and learn to make sure he stays comfortable and has plenty of room to play, stretch out, and huddle down in the night.

What to Put in Bottom of Rabbit Cage?

Below we have listed some real facts about things that can be added to the bottom of the rabbit cage, to help you understand which type of cage is best for him. You should consider, What are the bedding requirements for it, when is the right time you need to change the floor in summer and winter days.

Which type of cage is best for a rabbit?

There are many so many rabbit cages and hutches that come with standard sizes, multi-level parts that provide plenty of space for the rabbit to move. Most pet owners get confused about choosing which one is right for their bunny.

It turns out more than 90% of owners choose cages because they are better suited for long accommodation because you don’t need to hide the rabbit and give open space which is exposed to view from all sides.

Things that can be added to the bottom of the rabbit cage

You will be happy to know that there are several types of bedding you can use in your rabbit’s cage because it is one thing which is important but also keeps him from getting into any trouble.

Like other animals, bunny needs to be treated with equal rights and requires having extra solace in its cage so the hardwood won’t hurt its entire body. Without any delay let’s take a look at the best rabbit cage bedding you can choose for homes including,

Softwood litters:

According to a survey it has been said that softwood is commonly used for bedding in the cage. It can help make the rabbit breathe normally and prevent any liver disease whenever he lay down on the floor. For today’s question, What to Put in Bottom of Rabbit Cage? Using softwood litters is a must. This product is cheaply available on Amazon and you can buy from our affiliate link

Always use a well ventilated and thick layer cover for him to perfect bedding.

Use newspaper:

This is a very good base to cover the floor of the cage or hutch. But still, there are some rabbits that will get bored and will try to rip it apart and eat it. This can be harmful to him.

Just make sure to change its attention to something else so he won’t ingest it too much.


You will be happy to know that magazorb is an amazing and cost-effective rabbit bedding. It is also used for horse bedding as well. But now it’s quite popular with rabbits as well.

it can reduce odors absorb dust. Always use it in the dry state because when this bedding is exposed to 500 degrees and sterilized then it can kill bacteria and spores.

Wood pellets:

Wood pallets are a new kind of product and mostly used in cat litters. But the good news is you can also use it for rabbit bedding as well.

It tends to expand and break the dust when wet. Make sure it is used for small litters and not for heavy cages.

Paper pulp bedding can be added to the bottom of the rabbit cage

Paper pulp bedding can now easily be found in the market and made specifically for rabbits. This is environmentally friendly and highly absorbent with the ability to take over time weight.

This one is also very cost-effective and controls smell and dust, perfect bedding to use for indoor cages.

Paper pallets:

A paper pallet is quite similar to wood pallets but it is mainly recycled paper. It is eco-friendly, safe, and absorbent bedding for a rabbit with some distinct advantage over wood pallets.

However, it does not expand when wet and provides a lighter effect while the rabbit is sitting.

shredded cardboard:

Shredded cardboard bedding can provide excellent insulation and a perfect alternative to a newspaper. It can work for a long time as well.


Straw is a not very absorbent item but still, it provides great bedding to use in both hutch and cages for a rabbit to sit on and feel comfortable.


We all know that hay is always freely available for the rabbit to eat. but it also can be used for good flooring and bedding. it helps to keep the rabbit cozy and warm.

Whenever you are using hay just make sure you have enough space and always buy sweet-smelling hay from, riding stables, local farmer, or bales.

What to put in the bottom of the rabbit cage in winter and in summer?

This is the question that comes in every rabbit owner’s mind what to do when summer and winter days are coming. You certainly need to prepare them to endure temperature and keep them cool and stay healthy.

Here are some worthy tips you need to follow:

Winter tips for rabbit bedding:

Get them a heating pad made with hard plastic, use extra bedding of thick layer, use polystyrene sheets, foil bubble wrap, cover the roof, or raise the hutch heights.

Summer tips for rabbit bedding:

Use a cage with side wires, use a urine guard, choose a medium rabbit litter size box, and try to reduce draughts. Use wet clothes oftentimes.

Some toys for a rabbit to play:

Toys can play a major role in keeping the bunny getting bored. while in the cage you need to provide them with enough things to do. An older rabbit can be kept entertained for a long time so he never gets depressed.

Some toys can also provide exercise to bunnies to play and help their body stay healthy, chewing, climbing, hiding, running, flinging, and much more.

  1. Wooden chew toys
  2. Tissue box and baby toys
  3. Pinecones
  4. Paper towel
  5. Rabbit toys
  6. Balls

These are some real facts about things to add to the Bottom of Rabbit Cage, after all, it is all about the safety of your precious bunny that you need to take precautions.

So he never gets bored and always wanders around the cage with excitement. try these and you will appreciate the effort.

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