Why is my Pet Rabbit Making Weird Noises?

Here in this article, we will discuss 12 important reasons when a pet rabbit makes weird noises. You should have taken attention when your pet rabbit is making weird noises. 

Rabbits are pet animals that require a lot of care and attention. The handling of rabbits is not so easy as it looks. Rabbits are sensitive creatures. You cannot recognize what thing makes them feels alone and depressed.

Rabbits are generally quiet animals and they usually do not make weird noises that may bother their neighbors. If they do make grunting or honking like noises, then there may be some problem with your pet.

Some rabbits may honk to get your attention. They make weird noises when they are angry, happy, feared, or threatened. So you have to make sure why is your pet making that type of noise.

Why is my pet rabbit making weird noises? Rabbits make weird noises for a couple of reasons, such as when a rabbit is Fighting they make weird noises.  When the rabbit is in pain, wants attention, the rabbit sees death when the rabbit gets stressed, and when the rabbit is unhappy are also some reasons for weird noises. 

If a pet rabbit does make a weird sound, do not ignore their grunting, as there may be some problem with it. Rabbits require his leader with proper attention and care.

Why is my pet rabbit making weird noises?

Rabbits make various types of noises to tell you about their condition. Now it’s up to you to understand these noises they make. Rabbits do make a sound, it is upon you to hear them. These sounds are not loud. You have to be really close to listen to these noises.

These noises could be of following reasons which might be disturbing your rabbit, you just need to listen:

When a rabbit is fighting they make weird noises:

When rabbits are young, it feels they are playing together in the cage but sometimes they are not playing together. If there is an aggressive pet in the cage and it harms the other pet rabbit, as it gets entangled. It will grunt to the other rabbit and tries to harm it. Separate the aggressive rabbit from the injured rabbit and tries to calm down that aggressive rabbit by telling him that you are its leader.

When the rabbit is in pain:

When the small rabbit is in pain, it screams if it gets entangled. If 2-3 months old rabbit gets blended during fighting it makes the noise to tell you that it is injured. Do not ignore your pet voices as they might be in danger and wants to get out of it. Care must be taken when an aggressive rabbit is with the other rabbit that may harm it.

When the rabbit wants attention:

In the case of a pet rabbit, as it wants the owner’s attention, they tend to develop some specific method like throwing a plate or toy or make some other noise to gets its owner’s attention.

They make these subtle noises if you closely pay attention to them, sometimes it often becomes difficult for pet bunny to tell his/her owner about emotions. Pay attention to the noises of your pet bunny, as they try to tell their emotions through vocalization so that you can learn them well.

When a rabbit sees death:

Rabbits mostly scream when they are severely wounded. If the rabbit is old and it is epileptic or gets seizures which include screaming, as they are actually in pain.

Unfortunately, they do not have a strong ability to face wounds and any wound means death for them. They usually do not scream when they suddenly die or from the diseased. You can learn more about how to save your rabbit from dying

When the rabbit gets stressed:

Your rabbit is a fragile animal and it can be easily stressed from anything. If you separate your bunny from sleeping, they can show you the sign by growling or thumping and their breath becomes quicker.

When the rabbit is unhappy:

When your rabbit is unhappy, it will show its anger through thumping, growling, or squealing or by kicking dirt on your face. Thumping behavior is a throwback to any danger when they are scared of anything.

Another sign is growling, when the rabbit is angry or stressed, or when the female rabbits want to protect their cage from the predators. Rabbits squeal or scream when they are in great danger like they are caught by any predator or get injured during the fighting.

As when your bunny is unhappy, it will theirs back and effectively “kicks dirt in your face” which is a cloud of raw dust beneath the cage. Thus rabbits have a special way of telling you when they are unhappy.

Rabbits make weird noises when they are happy

When your pet rabbit is happy, it will show it through squeaking sound to tell you that it is getting proper attention and care. They even thump when rabbits are happy and make happy noises to tell his owner and show affection.

When a female rabbit is pregnant:

When you have the female pet rabbit and if she is pregnant, the length of their breeding period is 31 days, during this period they are in pain. They make these weird noises during this period and when these are not feeling good and do not want others to come to close to them.

They usually make noises when giving birth to a rabbit, she usually does not build a nest or makes any other preparations.

Snoring and Nasal obstruction:

Rabbits tend to be nasal breathers and any kind of physical deformity can result in stertor (lower-pitched) or stridor (high-pitched) sound. They even snore when they are awake, due to blockage in the nasal airway. When your pet rabbit makes strange noises during breathing, there must be something wrong with them.

The wheezing sound indicates that your rabbit is struggling during breathing. These types of snoring or wheezing noises are not normal due to nasal obstruction due to some respiratory disease or defect.

This could be due to bacterial, viral, or other infection, or due to thyroid problems or due to poor diet. The smallest the animal, the faster she/he will breath, and makes these sounds due to nasal obstruction.

If the rabbit is not well the make weird noise:

If the rabbit is not getting its proper diet, allergies, stress, or gets a bacterial infection. Rabbit infection is serious and often leads to death if it is not properly treated. Wheezing or noisy breathing are common symptoms of infection that tell you that the rabbit is not feeling well and is not properly get cared.

When the rabbit is pregnant:

When you hear your pet female rabbit making the squeaking sound, then it is a good sign that she is feeling happy with something. Now, it is a chance of telling that there is something they might need and you have to give your proper attention to your rabbit.

During the breeding period, it is not easy for the rabbit mother to stay calm. Sometimes she makes weird noises to keep her safe during the gestation period.

Growling would be her normal reaction as she does not allow anyone to touch its belly and wants to do rest. She usually scratches the bottom of her cage due to pregnancy and does not want others to come near them and hates to be touched.

Consult your vet when you believe that your rabbit is in pain and she is not feeling good during this period.

Feels fears of predator:

Home is the only place where every creature feels safe just like humans do. Like, rabbits also like to be in their territory and do not want others to come in their place. They do not want others to come into their territory and disturb them.

They try to bite or scratch by making growling noises to tell its owner that someone is trying to harm them. You should always save your rabbit hutch from foxes and other predators. 

What type of weird noises does a pet rabbits make?

Rabbits are quiet animals but they make a surprising number of noises that anyone could know. Rabbits mostly used these noises to tell their owners about their condition.

Body language mostly depends on this type of noise to communicate. The sounds coming from rabbits telling you that what condition is your rabbit facing.

One must know about what type of noises these could make and what these noises mean. Learning these noises helps a lot in understanding the rabbit’s condition.

Noises include grunting or honking, happy, squeaking, squealing, sneezing, teeth purring, clucking, sneezing, crying or sighing noises.

Grunting or Honking noise:

Grunting is usually a rabbit reaction because of anger. An angry reaction could be towards human behavior or it could be towards other animals, which may lead to fighting, scratching, or biting.

When the rabbit is grunting you should take care of him. Grunting is probably the common noise that the rabbit usually makes. Usually male unneutered rabbit grunts as a sign wanting to mate by circling with another rabbit or your feet.

While in spayed females and neutered males, it is a gesture of excitement and zeal. Like you are about to feed them or they are chasing you.

Some rabbits like to honk to get your attention and care. They sit down under your feet and grunts for your attention.

Sneezing noise:

Rabbits may sneeze when they have scented a smell they dislike, as an expression of telling that they dislike it.

Sometimes, it can be due to some dust around the pet and want to clear up the nose, it sneezes to clear up its nose from dust.

If it is frequent and followed by runny nose and eyes, then consult your vet for the treatment of your rabbit.

Squealing noise:

Rabbits squeal when they are fighting with the other rabbit and getting themselves hurt or even they are handled roughly, they make squealing noises.

During the fighting, they may also get injured due to their aggressive behavior.

Clucking noise:

Clucking sound is often made by the female rabbits when they are feeding their young ones just like the “clicking a mouse” noise to tell about having food.

Rabbit often cluck of getting more food. These noises should not be ignored.

Screaming noise:

Screaming by the rabbit is truly a horrible sound they make. Rabbits mostly scream when they are in great danger or sees their death or when it horribly gets hurt.

Like they scream when they get caught by some predator and can get hurt or if they are about their last of death by some sort of disease, e.g.: VHD.

Teeth purring noise:

This is the common sound usually heard when you are strolling with your rabbit around in the ground and he/she is happy.

You can see their jaws and they grind their teeth together slightly and make a purring sound.

If they are stressed or unhappy if grind their inner jaws which is usually a sound of pain for the rabbit sitting alone.

Sighing noise:

This is usually a simple and quite noise, make by a rabbit when it is not enjoying something and this sound can be easily missed.

Like, when you are brushing the fur or giving them a wet bath, or cutting their nails can make them unhappy.

Thumping noise:

Mostly rabbits thump to get attention, to express the feeling of fear of something heard or seen as a warning, or to show displeasure for something.

They thump when they are scared, irritated, or happy. Bunny mostly get thump when they get scared of anything that hurts them.

They when getting scared, they get to escape from that place and hide, their ears become alert and their ears become wide open which causes them to thump.

Crying noise:

Crying noises maybe when the rabbit is not feeling well or when it is badly injured from anything, it may get harmed during fighting or by any other thing. It could be horrible for someone to hear and it makes them alert to look its the pet condition.

Female rabbits when are pregnant make these offending sounds. Which are capable of making whimpering, crying, or screaming audible noises and tones.

Snoring noise:

Rabbits can get breathing problems often when not properly cared. So when there is dust around them or there is weather change they become ill.

Snoring noise can be because of breathing problems when the rabbit has the nasal obstruction and is its airway is not properly open.

Fear noise:

These types of noises might be when your pet rabbit feels fear of something. When the rabbit is young and it does not know you well, they can become fearful of you or the people surrounding them.

These noises should not be ignored, as they want to complete attention and care. They must be protected from any other pet animals as they are not used to it.

These can be easily stressed and make these offended weird noises to tell in their language, they are fearful of something.

Growling noise:

Growling is usually a low, guttural sound which is aggressive sound just like “grrrrrrrr”.

Rabbit growl is low, roar snarls, and it’s usually meant to “back off”! These noises are made by spayed female rabbits to defend their cage and also by someone they do not like.

They lunge their front feet forward and protect their cage just like the dogs to protect their cage from the predator.

Squeaking noise:

Squeaking is usually a high pitched sound and a little shrill.

If you hear your rabbit high thrill squeaking sound, then there might be a chance that it is happy of something.

Maybe it sees a tasty treat in your hand and gets excited to have a bite of it or when you take it for an outing.

These type of sounds often shows that the rabbit is happy of something or it has a good feeling.

But sometimes these sounds could be of frustration or stress in the rabbits.

When your rabbits squeak with a deep sound, then it might want to show you it feels trapped. When you put your bunny back in the cage but it wants more to play independently.

Final words:

In this topic, we have discussed why my pet rabbit makes weird noises. The weird noises could be of many types and reasons.

In this, we have discussed the types of noises they make. Rabbits make grunting or honking, clucking, purring, snoring, sneezing, squealing, squeaking, growling, or thumbing like noises.

Grunting or honking is usually the common noise that rabbits make when they feel some kind of fear or like their owner to get attention towards them.

As other vocalization noises have also been discussed in this topic that tells us that what other kinds of noises do rabbits makes and what they trying to tell through these noises.

As these kinds of noises are not loud enough to listen, for this you have to be near them to hear their voice.

Every pet wants attention from its owner. Rabbits also make sounds like squeaking or honking to gets its owner’s attention.

Many other problems might be related to the pet rabbit, like it has the snoring or nasal obstruction, and gets difficulty during breathing.

Another could be because the female pet rabbit is pregnant or if she does not feel its territory safe, then these kinds of weird noises could be made.

Every pet wants its owner’s proper attention and care and these voices tell you about the bunny present condition and stage.

Every noise they make should be carefully listened to and notice if they are not in any danger or get harmed.

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