Can Rabbits Have Salt Licks?

Can Rabbits Have Salt Licks

When you are browsing the shelves at the pet supply store looking for things your rabbits need, you might come across salt blocks. You might find little cylindrical blocks of …

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Can Rabbits Eat Pumpkin?

Can Rabbits Eat Pumpkin

Yes, rabbits can eat pumpkin. Rabbits can eat pumpkin seeds (pepitas), too. But rabbits should not be fed more than a tablespoon (about 15 grams) of canned or raw pumpkin …

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Can Rabbits Eat Radish Leaves?

Can Rabbits Eat Radish Leaves

Have you ever looked at the tender, green leaves on a freshly picked radish and wondered if they were edible? They are! Radish leaves are a peppery addition to salads, …

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Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries?

Can Rabbits Eat Blueberries

Rabbits love blueberries. One, two, or maybe three blueberries are a tasty snack for your pet rabbit. But blueberries should not be a big part of any rabbit’s diet. In …

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Do Rabbits Eat Begonias?

Do Rabbits Eat Begonias

Rabbits will eat begonias. But that doesn’t mean they should. If you’re a gardener or someone who loves having lush plants, there’s a chance you might want to know whether …

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Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries

Your pet rabbit would love to share a strawberry with you. But your rabbit will be more interested in the leaves around the crown of the strawberry than the sweet …

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Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach

As a rabbit owner, you might be wondering if your furry friend can safely enjoy spinach. After all, these leafy greens are packed with vitamins and nutrients, making them a …

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Do Rabbits Eat Tomato Plants?

Will rabbits eat tomato plants

Rabbits will eat your tomatoes. They will eat your green tomatoes. They usually won’t eat your ripe tomatoes, because they will eat your green tomatoes first. Rabbits will even eat …

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Is Rabbit Halal?

Is Rabbit Halal

Not all Muslims agree on the question of whether rabbit meat is halal. If you are a practicing Muslim, chances are that your family traditions or the advice of your …

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