Why Do Rabbits Have a Dewlap?


If you’ve been a human companion to rabbits, you’ve probably noticed how different their necks can be. Some of your bunnies probably have really thin necks, while others seem to …

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Can Rabbits Survive In Hot Weather?

Can Rabbits Survive In Hot Weather

Rabbits are popular pets worldwide, and you can find wild hares in various habitats and climates.  In addition to pets, rabbits are considered livestock in some places and are farmed …

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Do Female Rabbits Have Whiskers?

Do Female Rabbits Have Whiskers

Yes, female rabbits have whiskers. All rabbits, be it female or male, have whiskers that are equivalent to the overall length of their bodies. There are no differences between female …

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Which Rabbit Breed Sheds the Least?

Which Rabbit Breed Sheds the Least

Shedding is common in all rabbit breeds. However, some rabbit breeds shed less in comparison to other breeds. This could be a result of various internal and external factors. Which …

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Why is My Rabbit Grunting At Me?

Why is my rabbit grunting at me?

Rabbits are, without a doubt, one of the most adorable creatures that you could keep as pets. Not only are they very loving and playful animals, but rabbits are also …

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