Why is My Rabbit Biting Me?

Why is My Rabbit Biting Me?

What you should do when you’re cute and fluffy bunny turn into biting beast? Here you will learn why my rabbit is biting me with latest information and prevention tips top stop his aggression.

We all know that rabbits are adorable and affectionate animals but fear of aggression can even cause the sweetest bunny to turn aggressive and bite.

Rabbits can bite you if they are angry, hungry, anxiety, abusive past, no toys for playing and being wild. 

When you are trying to raise a rabbit then there will a point come when you will experience behavioral problems in them and might wonder what you can do to bring back the old sweet rabbit?

Why is My Rabbit Biting Me?

You can easily break rabbits biting habit but it will take too much effort and patience. And in the end, your old loveable pal will be back to his old self.

Of course, rabbits can get mad and a mad rabbit can grunt and bite in some circumstance. No matter how badly the bunny behaves, it is never a good idea to try the method of giving him physical discipline.

Some rabbits are easily frightened, broke, and seriously hurt rather than loving you. They usually not bite for fun. They have known to defend themselves from the things they never get to understand.

What are the causes of rabbit aggression and biting?

However, these bunnies did not become aggressive on their own, but certain situations can cause them including,

  • Not having dexterity
  • No bond with the owner
  • Too much cage housing
  • Uninteresting environment
  • Lack of toys and fun
  • Abusive past
  • No exercise
  • taking away his food

They either feel frightened or threatened.

Is it dangerous to allow kids to get near the rabbit that bites?

Most rabbits prefer to stay on the ground and naturally, kids can hold them correctly and the will become scared and could bite on the handler’s hand to release them.

Kids do love to play with them but it also important that small kids never carry rabbit around when he is cool unless they will end up hurting both of them seriously.

What type of rabbits gets aggressive sooner?

It depends on which rabbit you want to take home. There are domestic rabbits and wild rabbits. The female and male bunnies have different aggressive stages compare to small rabbits. They love to stay in-groups and making communication with each other.

  • Sometimes they bite for dominance
  • Bite for food aggression
  • Bite in self-defense

How to treat a rabbit bite?

You can typically treat a rabbit bite by applying first aid kit. Normally a bunny does not bite in normal situations. It can be some unpleasant experience, but still inevitable.

Biting and nipping is part of a rabbit’s nature of doing communication. If you have a rabbit who bites on a daily basis then you can apply these homemade remedies to reduce the effects such as,

  • First, inspect the wound
  • If shallow then simply wash it with soap and water
  • After cleaning the wound apply an antibiotic cream and then bandage

What to do if a wound is deep?

If the wound shows sign of infection then it’s time to call the doctor and seek immediate treatment. It is highly recommended that you get tetanus injection if the rabbit has any disease.

How to reduce the bitting habits of pet rabbit?

There are four solutions you can that help you reduce the biting of rabbit including

Desexed the rabbit:

Whether your rabbit is male or female, you have to find a rabbit vet and keep them de-sexed house to make sure he never increase the opportunity to get too much enclosure with other bunnies. This will keep him stay in control.

Try to interact with rabbit daily:

To make a friend with a rabbit you see not a threat if he/she is not being nasty or naughty. The tip for you to never ever punish the bunny, it will remain the aggressiveness in check and bunny will come near you quite often.

Find rabbit’s favorite food:

The best tip you can follow is to give him the food which is not part of his normal diet like tiny pieces of dried banana. Move it around a bit to get his attention, you will see they will come to you and take this in hand.

Just remember the ultimate aim here is to calm rabbit with an award to treat the behavior. So whenever you go near the rabbit give him many treats on a daily basis.

Allow the rabbit to have more space and time:

It is time for you let loose your rabbit in a normal environment so he can find a good time outside the rabbit house. Let him ensure that he is safe so they won’t escape and getting attack from cat or dogs.

You can give him the enrichment of toys to play and provide chewing opportunities for fresh hay. This is the most perfect way to keep any rabbit mentally and physically healthy.

He will come to you more often and remain comfortable in underlying non-aggressive behavior.

Try to modify the rabbit house:

Rabbit do love to spend some quality time in new houses because love to stay in it when everything is clean and get new surroundings to lift their mood.

The cage should be wider and safe and never hit or punish the rabbit for making any mess.

Difference between nipping and biting:

Rabbits do bite and nip, but how to tell which is normal and which is aggressive?

A) Nips are like a gesture basically used for rabbits to communicate. It may not intend to create any kind of pain. You will feel a little pinch and draws little blood.

B) Biting is, on the other hand, is dominate gesture when rabbit opens his teeth widely and clamps down on the owner or other animals. It will leave marks with inch apart.

The bites can break through the skin and draw a great amount of blood. A rabbit only does when he wants to protect himself.


These are some real facts about why is my rabbit biting me, remember to use these methods and tips to prevent rabbits from becoming aggressive and control their behavior in every way possible.

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