Can Rabbits Be Left Alone?

Can Rabbits Be Left Alone

If you are a first-time rabbit owner, you might be wondering if you can leave your rabbit alone. This is especially true if you would be out for an extended …

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Do Rabbits Need a Heat Lamp?

Do Rabbits Need Heat Lamp

Rabbits typically thrive in cold temperatures. However, they are susceptible to hypothermia during extremely low temperatures. Therefore, rabbits do need heat lamps in some cases. This is especially true for …

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Can Rabbits Freeze to Death?

Can Rabbits Freeze to Death

Wild rabbits can withstand different temperatures around the world. On the contrary, it is challenging for pet rabbits to withstand harsh winters and summer. They are highly sensitive creatures and …

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20 Signs Your Rabbit May Be Dying

Signs a Rabbit Is Dying

Compared to what most people think, rabbits live a much longer life span. They may expect a lifespan of 8-12 years on average. There are greater possibilities of preserving your …

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Do Rabbits Eat Yarrow?

Do Rabbits Eat Yarrow

Yes, rabbits can eat yarrow. Yarrow is one of the safest flowers you can feed your little furry bunny. It makes for an organic meal and is excellent at giving …

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