How Do You Know If Your Rabbit Is Unwell?

A healthy rabbit stands to be a great companion at all times. Once you adopt a rabbit, you have to be an exceptional guardian to take care of it. Performing the guardianship duties of this social, curious, enthusiastic, and lovely furry pet is no child’s play. Another trait of a rabbit is that they are complete creatures of habit.

A little change from here and there can cause them to fall sick rapidly. When sick, they need a lot of love, care, and attention from you. Sometimes you might even need a vet to examine if the sickness seems to be serious by nature. 

How do you know if your rabbit is unwell? The common signs of an unwell rabbit are excessive or no stool at all, changes in gait and posture, abnormal breathing, and practicing bad grooming.

How do you know if your rabbit is unwell?

Both physical and internal changes are noticeable when your beloved rabbit is unwell. The most common symptom found is drastic behavioral changes. They are also additionally very active, but when sick, they enter the phase of lethargy.

They seem uninterested, and you will notice them lying on their own with a grumpy face at the corner of its hutch. Most rabbits even seem to have a loss of appetite once they fall sick.

Some other signs that show that your rabbit is unwell are:

Excessive Stool or No Stool at All

What goes in and comes out should be taken into serious consideration. This is not one of the most attractive traits of being a pet owner but rather a critical one.

The content of the litter box has got a whole lot of all the required information in it. When your love buns health is perfectly fine, it will only extract large and round fecal pellets.

If you notice anything different like small or irregular shaped poops along with fur, all glued not so glamorously together. It depicts that some condition prevails.

Switching to a proper hay diet or an immediate visit to the vet if the condition stays even after a change in diet is advisable.

Changes in Gait and Posture

The moment you notice a change in its normal gait and abnormality in posture, it’s a red alert. When your rabbit is sick, it will probably tilt its head to one side. This tilt is prolonged and extremely irritating to envision. It denotes some sickness in its ear or due to neurological issues.

Another reason behind this tilt could be, it is suffering from some kind of other pain that causes it to perform this constant tilt. When your rabbit suffers from problems related to the stomach.

For instance, if it is enduring some kind of GI upset, it will continuously keep pressing its stomach. Once you notice such changes, do visit the vet without any further delay.

Abnormal Breathing

Every time your bunny breathes abnormally, it doesn’t necessarily denote it has a cold. Snuffles can mean more than cold and, at times, can seem to be serious as well.

Unlike humans, it does not get the common cold. A runny nose, small coughs, and abnormal gel or white color discharges from the nose depicts it’s going through some respiratory troubles.

Speaking in more particular terms, such symptoms mean that the disease is forming on the upper respiratory portion. Before the condition gets any worse, visiting the nearest vet is the wisest solution in this case.

Practicing Bad Grooming

Rabbits love maintaining themselves. Rabbit self-groom itself and keeping them clean tops the priority list. If you notice signs like excess fur shed all over the neck and body it means they are seriously unwell.

Other conditions that pertain are dandruff, constant drooling, unattractive dental condition or scaly puppet coat are all signs of poor health in your rabbit.

Any kind of abnormality in their appearance denotes that they are unhealthy and not enjoying good health. The best remedy here is to consult a professional vet at the most urgency to make things better before conditions get worse.  

Other signs of an unwell rabbit

Rabbits enjoy chewing all throughout the day. They are also constantly playing their own little games or running around in their hutch. You will ever notice your love bun being lazy, moody, or not socializing.

If such changes occur, it means that your pet is facing some internal damage that causes this change. Hence, visiting a trusted vet is highly recommended in this case.

Once you become a pet owner, taking care of your pet tops the priority from then onward. Always be aware of its habits and behaviors. If any changes happen, seeking a medical check-up should be done without any ignorance.