Are Blue-Eyed Rabbits Deaf?

Are Blue eyed rabbits deaf

Are you worried that your blue-eyed rabbit is deaf? It’s pretty common for people to assume that rabbits with blue eyes are deaf. But is that really true? We’re here …

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Can Rabbits Eat Dandelions?

Can Rabbits Eat Dandelions

If you are petting the rabbits, you must be very careful about their health and diet. Rabbits are one of the most sensitive pets. If their health gets disturbed, it …

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Can Snuffles in Rabbits be Cured?

Can Snuffles in Rabbits be Cured

If you are fond of petting rabbits and want to buy a new domestic rabbit, you must talk to the pet owner about the rabbit’s health history. Additionally, examine the …

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Can I Shave My Lionhead Rabbit?

Can I shave my lionhead rabbit

Yes, you can shave your lionhead rabbit. In fact, it’s recommended as it helps prevent your bunny from ingesting its fur. Rabbits are one of the fluffiest animal families on …

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How to Wash/Clean a Rabbit’s Eye?

How to wash a rabbits eye

Rabbits are delicate animals, if you are petting them you have to take care of your rabbits seriously. Rabbits don’t blink their eyes much and may have buildup eye boogers. …

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