What Animals Get Along with Rabbits?

Rabbits are considered prey animals. Hence, you should think about which animals to keep as pets if you already have a rabbit.

Additionally, you should also determine whether a rabbit will get along with your current pet. Fortunately, there are plenty of animals that get along with rabbits.

Rabbits and Other Animals

Bringing two pets together in one household can be extremely daunting. It is typically a dangerous experience, especially for small animals like rabbits.

These furry creatures are very friendly. However, this does not mean that they will get along with every other animal.

Since rabbits are social animals, keeping them around other animals is excellent. They function best in pairs because that is the best way they get stimulation.

However, these playful creatures will also get along with other specific animals. You might be searching for a new pet if you have a rabbit.

Alternatively, you might be figuring out whether a rabbit would get along with your current pet. Either way, it is best to take some time to do some research.

Because rabbits are prey animals, they get along best with other prey animals. These include chickens, hamsters, parrots, guinea pigs, etc.

This is also why they may face some issues with some animals. For example, those that pose the most amounts of threats and danger to them.

Such animals can include dogs/cats that have a higher prey drive and snakes. Others are tigers, monkeys, possums, raccoons, groundhogs, ferrets, and skunks.

Let’s look at popular house pets and if they get along with rabbits.

Do Dogs Get Along with Rabbits?

Not only are dogs a popular house pet, but they are also extremely friendly. They are very similar to rabbits in terms of their social behavior.

This is why some dogs would get along very well with rabbits. However, this entirely depends on the breed and temperament of the specific dog.

In the wild, some dogs are considered predatory and hunters by nature. This is why they often eat small animals like rabbits.

Hence, if you house a dog and rabbit together, they could attack the rabbit. However, it depends on the dog itself.

For example, German shepherds are predatory by nature. In other words, they have a high prey drive.

This is why they may potentially charge at your rabbit. The best thing to do is slowly introduce the animals and consider adoption.

In some cases, the German shepherd might leave the rabbit alone. However, they may do their best to hunt them down in others.

Another species of dogs you should avoid keeping a rabbit with are Yorkies. These small dogs have a natural tendency to attack small animals like rabbits and hamsters.

Since their prey drive is quite high, you should never leave them alone with rabbits. They will attack and potentially kill the rabbit.

Besides Yorkies, other small dogs can easily live with rabbits. They will get along together primarily if they have been reared together as well.

You should also be careful with dog breeds like a greyhound, Scottish deerhound, fox terrier, and wolfhound. These can also attack and potentially kill your rabbit.

Most other species of dogs are pretty amiable towards rabbits. For example, Labradors have a naturally cool temperament and are social as well.

If you rear a rabbit and Labrador together, you will not have any problems. However, if they are introduced at a later age, you should be careful.

There are certain dog breeds that are much better companions for a rabbit. These include Golden retriever, Maltese, Japanese chin, Great Pyrenees, and Chihuahua.

Puppies can certainly get along with rabbits as well. However, since they often get too excited, you have to be careful.

The puppies can harm the rabbit amidst the excitement. This is especially true if they are being introduced for the first time.

You have to make sure your puppy is calm during their first introduction. Otherwise, there is a chance that the meeting could go badly.

Introducing Dogs and Rabbits

An essential aspect of keeping dogs and rabbits together is the introduction. This will truly set the tone for their entire relationship.

If a rabbit and dog are introduced at a young age, they will quickly get along. However, this is not the case with older dogs.

Moreover, it might also not be the case with certain dog species, like German Shepherd and Labradors. Hence, if you have a big dog, you should follow specific steps for the introduction.

First of all, you need to make the dog familiar with the rabbit’s scent before introducing them. To do this, keep a cloth or blanket in the rabbit’s cage for a few days.

Then give your dog the blanket and see their reaction. If their reaction is normal, you can introduce the two animals earlier.

If not, you should wait out the introduction until they are okay with the scent. Another way is to simply pet and hold your rabbit to get their fur on your clothes.

Then, spend some time with the dog. Again, their reaction will tell you what to do regarding when to introduce the two animals.

The first introduction is quite crucial. Your dog or puppy might also get overly excited, which could scare or harm the rabbit.

This is why it is best to first take your dog out for a walk to calm them down. Once they are calmer, introduce them to the rabbit.

It is advised that if you have a big dog, avoid leaving your rabbit alone with them. This also goes for any other dog with naturally predatory behavior.

Leaving them alone can be pretty dangerous and might not end well for your rabbit.

Do Cats Get Along with Rabbits?

In most cases, rabbits and cats can easily live together and get along. This is especially true if a cat has a calmer temperament.

In fact, surprisingly, the two can make excellent companions. This is despite the fact that cats are natural predators.

Even though they may be natural predators, domesticated cats are well trained and friendlier. However, you should still remember that cats are natural hunters.

If the rabbit is too tiny, they might see it as prey. Hence, you should never introduce an adult cat to a baby rabbit.

Alternatively, you should be careful with kittens and big rabbits. The large size of the rabbits might intimidate the kittens.

It is always best to rear a kitten and rabbit together. When they grow up, they will likely become best companions.

You should also introduce them in a neutral environment under observation. Their first meeting can genuinely make a world of difference.

Observe how the cat is around the rabbit in their meeting. If they are calm and curious, it is fine.

However, if you notice the cat ready to pounce, end the meeting. With some time, your cat will likely get along with the rabbit.

Make sure to arrange all of their initial interactions under your supervision. Through gradual interactions, the duo can start getting along easily.

Do Birds Get Along with Rabbits?

In most cases, when rabbits and birds are in the same household, they can get along. However, this might not be the case with certain bird species.

For example, noisy birds, like macaws and cockatoos, might not be a good choice. These birds are pretty loud and may disturb rabbits since they are sensitive to noise.

This might lead to a conflict. Hence, keeping such birds with rabbits is definitely not a good idea.

Moreover, you should also avoid keeping crows and rabbits together. Crows are often aggressive towards rabbits and might attack them.

Not to mention, crows can even attack and eat baby rabbits. Hence, crows and rabbits are certainly a big no.

Smaller birds that don’t make a lot of noise, such as parakeets, work best with rabbits. They can easily get along with each other.

Whichever bird you have, just make sure to keep them at a distance from the rabbits. The two animals can transmit bacteria and germs, which can be very dangerous.

The rabbits can transmit life-threatening diseases to birds. Moreover, birds might also transmit germs to rabbits.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Along with Rabbits?

Both guinea pigs and rabbits are considered to be small animals and are pretty similar. Both are not just physically similar but also in terms of social behavior.

In fact, guinea pigs would get along better with rabbits than with their own breeds. Since both are of the same size, you won’t have to worry about much.

Neither of the two would get intimidated nor hunt the other one out. Thanks to their size, they will not get threatened by each other.

The only difference is that guinea pigs are pretty lazy. Guinea pigs don’t move around as much as rabbits do.

Hence, if you have an extremely active rabbit, it might irritate the guinea pig. Otherwise, you will not have any problem with the two animals.

Do Pigs Get Along with Rabbits?

An increasingly common pet animal is a pig. More and more people are keeping them as pets in their houses.

This is why you might be wondering whether a rabbit can get along with a pig. Since pigs are very loving creatures, the two certainly can get along.

This is especially true if you have a smaller pig. The small size will not intimidate and threaten the rabbit.

They both have calm and friendly temperaments and are not predators. Hence, they will have no problem living together.

The only concern is the size of the pig. Even smaller pigs can be bigger than rabbits, which could be dangerous.

Even the smaller pig can step on and hurt a rabbit. Hence, you should supervise their interactions to ensure safety.

When the pigs and rabbits don’t become friends, it is fine too. They will have no problems with each other since the pig will just ignore the rabbit.

Do Hedgehogs Get Along with Rabbits?

Another popular house pet these days is hedgehogs. Not only are they great pets, but they also get along really well with rabbits.

Hedgehogs and rabbits will not feel threatened by each other. And since hedgehogs are not predatory, they pose no danger to rabbits.

If you keep a hedgehog and rabbit in your house, don’t place them in a cage together. This would not be a good idea since it can potentially harm the rabbit.

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Final Words

There are now countless animals you can keep as pets in your home. However, not all of them would be suitable to cohabit with rabbits.

Hence you should do your research and discuss with a vet about potential animals. They will guide you about the best animals to keep with your rabbit.

Additionally, make sure their first introduction goes smoothly with each animal you keep. This can determine their entire relationship.

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