What is the Best Rabbit Breed For a Child’s Pet?

Rabbits are undoubtedly one of the most popular pets for children. They are easy to care for, friendly, and playful.

However, it should be noted that some breeds require more attention and care than others. They have various behavioral traits and certain care needs, which you must keep in mind.

Hence, we compiled this guide detailing everything to know about the best rabbit breeds for children.

Are Rabbits Good Pets for Children?

Rabbits serve as great pets for children to teach them responsibility and how to care for others. They also make excellent companions since they are playful, active, cuddly, and friendly.

However, some rabbit breeds are easier to befriend than others. This is why some bunnies would be excellent children’s pets while others might not.

Get a rabbit if your child has grown up and is ready for a pet. However, before you do, you must do your research.

It is imperative to understand which rabbit breeds would make a good companion for your children. This is why we have compiled this guide that discusses the ideal rabbit traits and breeds.

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Best Rabbit Breeds for Children’s Pets

We have compiled the following list of the best traits based on the aforementioned list. It contains all of the breeds that are excellent as pets for children.

You should consider these rabbits for your children as pets:

Harlequin Rabbits

By far, the best choice for children’s pets is Harlequin Rabbits. They are the perfect size for children because they are medium-sized.

Harlequin Rabbit

They also have a good temperament since they are not aggressive and don’t get scared easily. These rabbits are very popular because each one is distinctive and unique.

They also have a unique and luscious coat as it is composed of a few colors and patterns.

Standard Rex Rabbits

They are a great choice because they are medium-sized and live for up to eight years. There are two types of this popular rabbit breed; mini rex rabbits and standard rex rabbits.

You should get the standard rex rabbits because of their size, lifespan, and grooming requirements. These rabbits also have a good temperament since they are playful and active.


These are one of the most common and popular rabbit breeds out there. The Dutch rabbits are friendly and calm, making them a great choice for kids.

Additionally, they are also quite social and playful with humans. However, they are slightly smaller than other rabbits, so you must be careful with them.

Their distinctive pattern and striking color also sets these rabbits apart from others. If you tame them correctly, they will be great for your kids.

Mini Lop

These are some of the most popular pet breeds because of their adorableness. The Mini Lops are also easy to train and are quite playful and interactive.

These rabbits require mental stimulation, so you must play with them regularly. However, they are better suited for older children because of their miniature size.

The Himalayans

Yet another rabbit breed that is quite small and suited for older children is the Himalayans. They are active, have an excellent temperament, and are one of the most popular breeds of rabbits.

Moreover, they are one of the calmest rabbits, making them ideal for noisy households. They also live for up to eight years.

However, these rabbits are quite rare, so you have to make an effort to search for them in the markets.

Chinchilla Rabbits

These are called Chinchilla rabbits because of their unique fur that resembles a chinchilla. Even their size and demeanor resemble that of a Chinchilla.

The rabbits used to be valued for their coat but now are popular for their companionship. These medium-sized rabbits can live up to ten years.

Moreover, they are well-mannered, friendly, and affectionate. They also get along with other rabbits, which makes them perfect for large households.

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Havana Rabbits

These are called Havana rabbits because of their unique brown color that resembles Cuban cigars. These rabbits are one of the friendliest and most playful breeds out there.

They also live for up to ten years. These intelligent bunnies are quite popular pets because they blend into families perfectly.

French or English Angora

The Angora is a unique rabbit breed because of its distinctive wool. They are intelligent, cute, and cuddly bunnies that love to be around people.

The most popular Angora is the French and English ones. These rabbits also have a longer lifespan.

However, due to their fur, the Angoras require daily brushing because it prevents health risks. You should only get a French or English Angora if you are committed to brushing them daily.

Sussex Rabbit

These are newer breeds of rabbits but are gaining a lot of popularity due to their coat. They are a cross between lilac and Californian rabbits, making them resemble teddy bears.

Another feature that makes them resemble teddy bears is their tan and red color. These affectionate and playful rabbits have a shorter lifespan but don’t require much grooming.

This makes them a great choice for smaller children. Not to mention, your child would love having a teddy bear-like rabbit!

Californian Rabbit

When you first look at them, you might assume that the Californian rabbit is the Himalayan. However, what sets them apart is their large figure.

These rabbits weigh up to 12lbs, which makes them a good choice for younger children. They are also a good choice because they are friendly and calm.

These laidback rabbits can integrate into any environment and don’t require much grooming either.

Traits That Make a Good Rabbit Breed for Children

Let’s also learn about some ideal traits that will make a rabbit breed a good pet for a child.

So, when looking for a rabbit for your child, search for these traits:


For the most part, rabbits are known to be the friendliest creatures out there. This is why they are considered great children’s pets.

However, there are some rabbits that might not be as friendly. You should not get rabbits that might be too feisty or scared.

Rabbits that get scared easily might potentially scratch your child in fear. Hence, you have to be careful and find an amiable rabbit that does not get too scared.


One of the most important traits to look out for is the size of the rabbit. You must find a bunny that is absolutely the perfect size for a children’s pet.

Rabbits can often be too large or too small for children. For example, small rabbits can be too fragile, especially for toddlers.

Younger children might be a danger to small rabbits.

However, a large rabbit would be much more manageable in this case. These small rabbits could get seriously injured if held too hard or dropped too hard.

Their bones are too fragile, which is why they require special attention and care. Hence, they might not be a great choice for children.

However, being so large is not favorable either, especially with smaller children. This is because larger rabbits can kick very hard and potentially hurt your child.

Large bunnies are not just dangerous to children, but also to themselves. They are susceptible to painful back injuries if improperly held and not given proper care.

That said, the best rabbit size for a child is a medium-sized one. These should be between four to nine pounds in weight when fully grown.


Luckily, rabbits are the one kind of small animal that lives the longest. Hamsters and guinea pigs tend to die earlier.

One of the main reasons why rabbits are a good pet choice is because they don’t die at an early age. Hence, you would be saving your child from the pain of losing a pet.

However, there are some rabbit breeds that live longer than others. You should consider looking into them and getting that breed.

Grooming Requirements

Another great thing about rabbits is that they don’t require as much grooming as other animals. For example, you might be tempted to get a long-haired rabbit because of how cute they are.

However, it should be noted that they demand tons of grooming. You have to keep their hair clean and combed.

Grooming might seem tedious for children, and some children might be unable to keep up with it. Hence, you should look for a bunny that doesn’t have many grooming requirements.

Final Words

You have to look at several factors in order to determine the best rabbit breed for your child. The temperament, lifespan, size, and grooming requirements are factors that matter a lot.

The aforementioned list of rabbits is the perfect choice for your children. They are a perfect size and are quite popular and playful.

You should do plenty of research, look into breeds, and then determine the perfect breed. The ideal pet choice would also vary depending on your child’s age.

Hence, take your time understanding rabbit breeds to find the perfect companion for your child.

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