Do Female Rabbits Have Whiskers?

Like cats and dogs, also rabbits have whiskers situated around their nose. There are sensory nerves on both sides of the whiskers of rabbits to detect the environment around them. Rabbit whiskers help them to investigate things like small holes and avoid them from strapping.

Do female rabbits have whiskers? Yes, female rabbits also have whiskers equal to the width of their body parts. There is no specific difference between the whiskers of females and males as both whiskers add beauty to them.

Rabbit’s whiskers add expressions to their faces and play a role to maintain the rabbit’s look. It’s not good to trim the whiskers as they are sensitive even to touch.

Sensory nerves at the end of whiskers help them to estimate the width of gaps or holes while passing through it. Some rabbit owners trim these whiskers to improve a rabbit’s look but this thing affects their sniffing ability.

Do Female Rabbits Have Whiskers?

Whiskers of rabbits play two important roles in their daily life. The first is to detect the environment around them even in dark. And second is to inspect the length of different holes from which they have to pass.

Purpose of Rabbit Whiskers

Rabbit whiskers have different lengths according to their position on the face. Because of the sensory nerves, they have at the end of hair’s length these supports rabbits at every point. Here we are going to discuss the purpose of rabbit whiskers in detail:

Movement At Night

Rabbits can see better in a dim light according to the adjustment of rod and cones. So, at dawn or dusk times they have better performance of their eyes. Whiskers help to navigate in the dark more easily.

Because of these, they can perform night walks a little better than humans. They will never go to a place too darker for them or too narrow to be strangled.

Shorter and longer whiskers both have their purposes and rabbits vibrate these when needed for proper use.

Eyes Protection

Rabbits also have whiskers within their eyes. These are for the protection to stop dirt from entering into the eyes especially when the wind blows. These whiskers are not much effective but as these work as an extra layer to protect, there are very little chances that their eyes got dirt. Simply, these whiskers work as extra eyelashes.

In case, if dirt inserts into your rabbit eyes you can follow this method to wash your rabbit eyes.

Detect The Objects

Rabbits can detect their predators from a distance because of farsightedness. But their eyes are located at the sides of their head that means they have a blind spot at their nose. So, they can’t detect the things in front of their nose through the eyes.

With the help of whiskers, nature has allowed them to investigate the objects in front of their nose. This all happens with the help of their smelling sense.

While the short whiskers on the cheeks are supportive in such a way that they can touch the objects with them to locate their shape.

Measure Hole’s Openings

Longer whiskers of rabbits are used for this purpose. These work as a sensor as hairs have sensory tissues at the end of their length. The length of whiskers is almost more or equal to the width of the body. So, this combined feature helps them to make a smooth decision before entering any hole. 

Critical Analysis Of Whiskers

A thick and rigid hair found on the body of many mammals is known as whisker or vibrissae. These whiskers have deep roots on the rabbit’s skin much more than typical coat hair.

These hairs work as a sensor and been activated automatically when moved by the rabbits. Whiskers have very sensitive tissues used to gather the information of surroundings.

Whiskers above the eyes are used for the purpose to protect eyes. The whiskers on the cheeks are to gather three-dimensional statistics while the ones around the nose are used for object acknowledgment.

As far as you move towards the cheeks, the whisker’s length goes on increasing, and at some point, their length increases more than the width of the body.

Does It Hurt To Cut Whiskers?

Whiskers are just like simple hairs that means there are no nerves inside that can hurt rabbits while cutting. But that doesn’t mean that it is okay to cut these whiskers.

These are like organs and cutting these mean you are cutting one’s organ. Cutting can’t be painful but don’t try to pull it off as touching sense works also on hair.

Whiskers are among one of the senses upon which their life depends for domestic works. There are more chances that they can be stuck somewhere or trapped more easily if the whiskers’ sensory tissues are not working. Also, the chances of identifying things in front of the nose can be difficult.

Shedding Of Rabbit Whiskers

Within this age, it is natural to lose whiskers just like shedding fur. Whiskers are also like casual hair so no surprise over this. But if your rabbit is not such an elder one and he starts losing his whiskers that means he has some skin issues.

Rex rabbits have a habit to lose hair early than the other species. They have some genetics related to this. Otherwise, there is no need to contact the vet doctor and all you have to do is to be careful when they are involved in the dirt.

Be very cautious about their skin as it can lead to some severe threats.

Can Rabbits Live Without Whiskers?

Not having whiskers doesn’t mean rabbits can’t live without them. But cutting the whiskers is not an option. It does not matter even if you are doing this just to change the look of your rabbit. It will cost them in decreasing their ability by removing one of the organs.

Life without whiskers can change the way of rabbit living. They may have to do more effort to look for narrow alleys or to sense the harm. It’s not that challenging for a pet rabbit but for a free one who has to suffer for eating, really dangerous.

Accidental Damage To Whiskers

In case of any accidental damage to whiskers, one positive thing is they are not going to hurt rabbits. And these can grow up again so it’s not going to be eternal damage. But life without these hairs will be a little difficult to survive.

Sometimes during yearly coat changes, rabbits lost almost all of their whiskers not very sudden but don’t worry. It’s not going to be a big deal as you have a chance for their recovery.