Why Does My Rabbit Have Red Eyes?

Rabbits with red eyes usually have the disease of Albinism. It is a harmful disease that can affect the eyes of the rabbits. You have to take care of the eyes of the rabbits by properly checking them after regular intervals, cleaning them with water, and you have to groom your rabbits with complete care.

why does my rabbit have red eyes? Your rabbit can have red eyes because of corneal ulcers, Keratitis, bacterial infections, Glaucoma, and trauma to the eyes. If this condition persists then you should get your rabbit checked by a Vet.

You can save the rabbits from this fatal diseases with proper diagnosis and taking good care of their eyes. The proper cleaning of eyes with fresh water can save the eyes from bacterial infections and other problems. You must note these small things while grooming the pet at your home.

What Causes Red Eyes in Rabbits?

Rabbits may suffer from the problem of conjunctivitis in which the eyes of rabbits become red and sore due to the inflammation. This disease is painful because, in this disease, eyes will pain too much to bear for the rabbits. You can use different types of creams and ointments to treat this disease in the rabbits. It will not be fatal if you start treating this disease at the start.

Any foreign particle can stick in the eye, which may cause redness and sore in the eye. You have to note these particles in the eyes and clean them. You can save the eyes of this disease by properly washing it. You should use the prescribed antibiotic cream or ointment that will do the maximum work for the treatment of rabbits. 

You have to check the eyes if they are swelled or not. The proper check of the eyes will save you from multiple diseases. There may be a problem with the blood vessels coming in front of the eye due to many reasons. This may happen due to blood diseases in the body of the rabbit. You must diagnose the problem before it gets worse.

There may be a deficiency of melanin in the rabbit. You have to fulfill the needs of the rabbit by using different creams or specific diets. You can treat the rabbits at your home if you have proper knowledge of the disease.

Why does my rabbit have red eyes?

The problems of red eyes may cause due to multiple reasons. You have to decrease the effect of those causes to get rid of the problem. You can preempt the problem before it may get worse. You must have proper knowledge about the causes of the red eyes in the rabbits to save them from these infectious diseases. You must note the irritation or swelling in the eye of the rabbit.

Corneal Ulcers

If the rabbits have problems in the cornea part of their eyes, it can lead to a problem of the albinism. You must note the behavior of the rabbits while he is scratching his eyes. It is the worst type of ulcers of the eye that is difficult to treat if prolonged. You have to pay attention while your rabbit is suffering from the problem of the corneal ulcer.

Dental diseases

The diseases of teeth of the rabbit can lead to the problem of red eyes in them. You must look at the teeth of the rabbits after every single diet. You can note many things in the teeth before the problem may prolong. You can observe the chewing problems in the rabbits. If he is facing chewing problems while eating, then he may be suffering from any issue of the teeth.

Ocular discharge is a severe problem of the teeth that causes swelling on the face of the rabbits also. You must treat this problem wisely before it may lead to the issue of the albinism in the rabbits. The complicated dental diseases create too much irritation for the rabbits, which may cause weakness in their body. YOu should take good care of your pet rabbit, you can use these famous names for your rabbits.


It is a problem of the eye in which the cornea gets inflammation due to many reasons. It may expose to atrocities of weather, which can lead to the question of keratitis. You must treat this problem urgently before it may be prolonged and become difficult to manage for you.

Bacterial infections

If you are not washing the cage of the rabbit after regular intervals, then it may cause bacterial attacks on the body of the rabbits. You have to clean the eyes of the rabbit with fresh water daily. The cage of the rabbit must be washed with disinfectants daily. The proper cleaning process will save you from many problems in the eyes.

The immune system of the rabbit should be strong to save its body from bacterial attacks. The cleaning of the surrounding of the rabbits will save him from the problem of the fungal and viral infection also. You can use germ-killing sprays while washing the cage of the rabbit. When rabbits and hamsters live together, rabbits can get the infection from the hamsters.


The problem of glaucoma should treat immediately after its appearance. If it is not treated correctly, it can lead to the problem of the red eyes in the rabbits. Rabbits are sensitive creatures; they will not bear the severe pressure of these diseases. You must check their body daily and treat them as they require from you.

Symptoms of red eyes

These symptoms may common for other problems; also, you have to diagnose them properly to start its treatment. These symptoms of the red eyes are as follows:

Swollen eyelids

This is the major symptom of this problem in which the eyelids’ size is increased. They become reddish and swollen. You must see the eyelids and save him from the disease of red eyes in rabbits.

If this problem arises because of the tooth diseases in rabbits, then the rabbits will be suffering from tooth pain and its decay. You can note the number of teeth in the mouth of the rabbits to look for the teeth decay. This symptom will appear when the cause of the problem is tooth decay.

Hair fall

This disease may cause the hair fall of the body of the rabbits. You can note the hair is falling around the cage of the rabbit to observe the hair fall. It will destroy the mucous membrane and cause the hair to fall around the face of the rabbits. The rabbits will suffer a lot from this disease. Their health will affect a lot when they do not get complete treatment.


The rabbits will feel lethargic and cannot do the daily work routine because of this fatal disease. You must take care of the rabbit’s regular exercise and other work. If you note the behavior of the rabbits daily, then you can save your pet rabbits from many diseases. You must start the treatment just after the diagnosis of the disease.

If there is any duality in the behavior of the rabbits that there is any confusion in proper diagnosis, then you have to visit the veterinary doctor to a proper diagnosis. You have to start the treatment after proper identification of the problem. Feed your rabbits fresh grass clippings for better results.

Respiratory tract infection

The infection of the respiratory tract may occur due to the problem of albinism. You must note the issues of the rabbits that he is facing while breathing in or out. You have to take the breathing problem seriously because it can cause choking and other life taking problems in the body of the rabbits. You must record the small issues of the rabbits because he has a weak immune system. This results in the grunting of rabbits.


You must follow the simple steps to diagnose this disease. It will help you to start the treatment immediately after knowing the problem. You have to examine the eyes of the rabbits to check the eyelids and cornea. You will see the red lines in the eyes of the body of the rabbits due to the appearance of the blood vessels there.

After taking a complete look at the eyes, you have to check the respiratory tract of the rabbit. You can see the problem of inflammation in the duct or not. These are the small things that you must know for the proper diagnosis of the problem. You have to see for the nasal discharge of the rabbits to get information about the working of the nose of the rabbit.

After doing all these things, if you do not get an exact idea about the situation, then you can visit the veterinary doctor to get the proper idea of the situation of the rabbits. Any treatment on the supposition of some facts can be harmful to the body of the rabbits. The rabbits will not be treated well if you start the false treatment. It will impart adverse health to the shape of the rabbits.

Treatment of red eyes

After proper diagnosis of red eyes in rabbits, you can start the broad-spectrum topical solutions for the rabbits. You can use it on the eye of the rabbits to cure them immediately. Your rabbit may get proper therapy depending on the severity of the disease. The treatment will work in most of the cases of this disease.

If the situation is not getting better, then your rabbit needs the hospital treatment of the red eyes. If the problem arises due to dental issues, then you can start the procedure of teeth of the rabbits. The proper treatment of the rabbits will save them from infection. The antibiotic treatment will work in case of bacterial infections in the eyes of the rabbit.

After all these treatments on the body of the rabbit, you will feel the difference in his behavior. He will feel relax and motivate after recovering from this disease. The treatment of this disease is simple that you can use on your rabbit. You must use all the procedures that cause the speedy recovery of the rabbit from this disease.

How to keep the rabbit’s eyes healthy?

You can use different natural remedies that can save the rabbit from many eye problems. You have to do the proper cleaning of the surrounding of the cage of the rabbit. You must feed a proper diet to the rabbit that may save from many problems. 

Good diet

You must feed the desired food to the rabbit that may cause the good health of the rabbit. You must try the prescribed diet from the dietitians and doctors. 

You must add the proper fibers and vitamins in the diet of the rabbits. The good amount of these minerals will keep the rabbits happy and healthy.

Proper cleaning

You must clean the cage of the rabbits with extra effort with the help of the sanitizers and disinfectants. You can use the germ-killing sprays to produce the best results in the health of the rabbits. You must clean the cage and body of the rabbit with fresh water. It will save the rabbits from many germs. It is the natural way to keep your rabbit free from many diseases.

Proper checking of eyes

You must note the eyes of the rabbit properly to save the rabbits from severe diseases. The disease will difficult to treat when the treatment is not started in due time. The proper checking of the eye is a simple treatment to save your rabbit from eye problems.

You can save your rabbit from this disease by focusing on the proper cleaning and daily habits of the rabbits. It will keep your rabbits stay healthy and free from all the fatal diseases. It is simple to follow the small things for the good health of your rabbit. You must do all the things to save your rabbit from the disease of red eyes.