Do Rabbits Like To Be Chased?

Do Rabbits Like To Be Chased?

Bunny rabbits are adorable animals, and they make even cuter pets!

If you are a rabbit owner, then you would know that they love hopping around, playing outdoors, and chasing each other.

But do rabbits enjoy playing chase with their human buddies? Let’s find out!

Do Rabbits Like Being Chased?

While bunnies like to chase each other and play, it is hard to figure out whether or not bunnies enjoy it when humans chase them.

There is a way to determine whether a bunny likes being chased by its humans. You can do it by observing its body language while you are playing with it.

Since bunnies are non-communicative, they won’t actively tell you whether they enjoy this form of playing or not.

Therefore, it’s best to pay close attention to your bunny’s body language. It will tell you when your bunny is anxious and afraid or when it is actually relaxed and happy.

Being active outdoors is excellent for the rabbit’s health and well-being. If you notice a pair of rabbits chasing each other and running around, then it is best to let them be.  

You will notice that the pair chasing each other mostly consists of a male and female.

This is because female rabbits like being chased by the males in a manner of courting. This is a pre-mating ritual.  

How to Tell if Your Bunnies Are Fighting or Getting Along?

Often you will notice your rabbits running and chasing each other. This is normal behavior for bunnies.

However, you must keep an eye out to make sure they are not being aggressive with each other.

The most common signs of aggression in rabbits are one bunny lunging towards the other and nipping or biting. They might also hiss or growl at each other.

When this happens, you must intervene and separate the two bunnies to keep them from harming each other.

This can be done by clapping loudly or physically separating the two and placing them in different areas.

Rabbits are easily frightened by loud noise. It can startle them and cause them to stop whatever they are doing.

Since rabbits, like cats, are territorial by nature, they may get possessive about certain things. Resource and territory guarding are common actions displayed by rabbits.

Therefore, they will get into fights with other rabbits to protect their space and food.

Running around is a great activity for rabbits, and it must be encouraged. You should offer your bunnies an open space to run around in every day.

Also, it is best to get rabbits in pairs so they can play together.   

If you want to know whether your rabbits are getting along with each other, look for these signs:

  • They don’t mind eating next to each other
  • They don’t mind drinking water from the same dish
  • They groom themselves together
  • They groom each other. This is a sign that the rabbits are fond of each other.

Rabbits clean each other by licking the back of their heads and areas where they cannot reach by themselves.

When you get a pair of rabbits, there is always one that is more dominant than the other.

The dominant one will eat first, be groomed by the other, and demand more attention from its owner.

But, it is your responsibility to treat both your rabbits equally. You should ensure that both are getting equal time and attention from you.

How to Tell if a Rabbit Is Happy?

It can be difficult to find out whether your rabbit is happy or not. After all, there are very few clear signs or indications that they show to express their pleasure.

You should look out for these signs to understand if your rabbit is happy.

  • A happy rabbit is one that is lying down with its paws stretched out or lying on its back.
  • Its ears will be flattened, and it might be making a purring sound or a slight clicking sound. All these are good signs that indicate that your rabbit is happy.
  • A happy and relaxed rabbit will sit with its paws tucked under its body, and its ears and tail lying relaxed. It may make purring noises like a cat or clicking or buzzing noises with its teeth.

These are good signs and indicate that the rabbit is feeling calm and relaxed.

If you notice your rabbit looking anxious and frightened, it might be because it is feeling threatened by something.

Rabbits scare easily and may sometimes begin trembling or shaking when afraid.

Rabbits that are feeling anxious or afraid may run and hide if they sense fear or danger nearby. This is why rabbits in the wild live inside burrows. Burrows are holes in the ground that a rabbit digs up.

Rabbits prefer to live inside the tunnel or burrow that it digs to protect themselves from predators as well as extreme temperature changes.

Bunnies should be encouraged to play outdoors and get some exercise. This is great for their overall health and well-being.

Play Time and Exercises Should Be Encouraged in Rabbits

Playtime and exercise are essential for most pets. The same rule applies to bunnies.

Getting some time outdoors and space to run around and play can do wonders for your pet.

This encourages healthy behavior and healthy eating habits in your rabbits.

Rabbits who spend time outdoors and are given the right kind of love and care tend to remain healthier and live longer.

How To Tell If Your Rabbit Is Unhappy?

Suppose you hear your rabbit hissing or growling, then you’d know that your rabbit is uncomfortable and anxious or even angry.

Rabbits are generally squeamish, and they do not enjoy being held.

They like to be left alone and play on their own. If you were to lift your rabbit against its will, it might squirm its way out of your hands. It’s best to give them their space.

If you own rabbits and have a hutch for them, then it is important to make sure that it is at least 6 feet wide, 2 feet high, and 2 feet deep.

This allows enough space for rabbits to move around.

How to Ensure That Your Rabbits Are Happy and Comfortable?

Bunny rabbits live up to 10- 12 years.

If you want to ensure that your rabbit lives a long, happy, and healthy life, here are some things you can do:

  • Ensure that you get rabbits in pairs. Single rabbits can get ill from loneliness and may even die. It is best to get a pair of male and female rabbits that are neutered.
  • Ensure that the hutch or home for your rabbit is placed under a shed or a covered location rather than placed under the open sky.
  • Ensure that the rabbits’ hutch is big enough.
  • Ensure the proper cleaning and maintenance of the rabbit’s hutch.
  • Setting a routine for your rabbit is extremely important. Rabbits are creatures of habit and prefer routine.

Therefore you must incorporate playtime into your routine, and give at least twenty minutes to your bunnies.

  • You must never play favorites with one bunny over the other, and always maintain an unbiased attitude towards them both. They must both receive equal attention and effort.
  • Rabbits need to be fed constantly. They may be given smaller meals or snacks but need to graze constantly.
  • This is to prevent them from GI. Stasis. In this condition, it Is very difficult to process food along the gut faster, and it tends to get lodged in the rabbit’s intestine.
  • This causes bacteria to act on the food, releasing gas.

Accumulation of gas in the rabbit’s digestive tract makes the bunny ill and causes it to lose its appetite, leading to starvation and eventually death.

  • If you see that your bunny is not looking anxious and afraid, then it is okay to continue playing with them.

You can hold them in your lap and pet them and play with them and talk to them in a pleasant manner.

  • Bunnies should be spoken to gently and by maintaining a pleasant tone in your voice. This is because bunnies are very sensitive and get frightened easily by loud sounds and noises.
  • Harsh treatment and harsh tones should not be used with bunnies, and they should be treated with a lot of love and care.
  • Treats should be given often to bunnies unless they are becoming obese. In this case, reduce foods that are high in sugar content.

Final Thoughts

Bunnies are adorable creatures that love to hop around and play outdoors when they are happy and healthy. Keeping bunnies at home is great as they make for adorable pets.

But they demand a lot of care and attention. Aside from feeding and handling them gently, it is important to make sure that your rabbits are allowed to come out of their hutch and play outdoors.

Rabbits like to chase each other as part of their playtime activity, and if they are comfortable and familiar with their human owners, they don’t mind being chased by them as well.

The most important thing is to make sure they are treated with lots of love and care.

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