Are Bananas Good for Rabbits?

Bunny rabbits are some of the cutest pets to have around your home.

They are happy, love to get cuddles, and are rather easy to take care of.

When you bring home a pair of rabbits, you will be looking into numerous different things, including where to house them and what to feed them.

Rabbit diets are quite simple. They need plenty of alfalfa hay, fresh veggies, and some fruit, including bananas occasionally. Bananas are a fresh and yummy treat for rabbits.

Let’s dig deeper into a rabbit’s diet to see how great of an option it is to feed your little bunny this mouth-watering fruit.

Can Rabbits Eat Bananas?

Yes, rabbits can eat bananas!

Just like other fruits and veggies, rabbits love munching on some banana for a delicious, fresh treat.

Veterinarians have cleared bananas as a safe fruit for rabbits. Not only do your bunnies easily digest the fruit, but they also love it!

Rabbits generally have a preference for sweet foods, which means that bananas, apples, and even cherries will get you quite a favorable response from them.

However, it is important for rabbit owners to practice caution when offering their bunnies different fruits.

Even though your rabbit loves to eat bananas, too much of anything can be bad for them.

When given in abundance, bananas can cause stomach problems in your rabbits. They might even lead to obesity which can considerably shorten your bunny’s life.

No rabbit owner would want their rabbit to have diarrhea or get sick.

Therefore, we have mentioned all the benefits and drawbacks of feeding your rabbits some bananas below.

Just remember, everything is good in moderation when it comes to feeding your bunnies!

Nutritional Properties of Banana for Your Bunnies

Since we know that rabbits love to munch on some banana, let’s see whether the fruit offers your pet any valuable nutrition.

Here are some of the most outstanding nutritional properties that your bunny will enjoy when it eats some bananas.


Bananas contain a tremendous amount of antioxidants. These molecules aren’t just good for people; they can do wonders to improve your rabbit’s health too!

These antioxidants will help your rabbit’s body stay safe against cell damage caused by free radicals in the environment.

It can prevent certain types of cancers in rabbits while also protecting your bunny against numerous diseases.

Antioxidants also have the power to improve your bunny’s immunity and ensure healthy digestion.

Vitamins and Minerals

Bananas are highly fortified with vitamins A, B, and C, which offer several benefits to your bunny’s body.

These vitamins can improve a rabbit’s productive health, ensure they grow well, and even improve their eyesight.

Therefore, giving your bunny a little piece of banana every now and then will raise them to be healthy and happy.

On the other hand, bananas also have essential minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Together, these minerals strengthen their body tissues and make their bones healthy.

Potassium also regulates fluid balance in your rabbit’s body. It ensures better nerve signaling and allows their muscles to work well so they can continue hopping around. 

How Should You Feed Rabbits a Banana?

If you want to make sure your rabbits get the benefits of eating a banana without facing any problems, there are a few things to be careful of.

Firstly, make sure you wait until your bunny is at least three months old before introducing any fruit or vegetable to their diet.

Baby rabbits younger than this age should be fed their mother’s milk or replacement milk formulas only.

Once your bunny is old enough to enjoy some fruit, be sure to start slow. Vets recommend offering your bunnies some leafy greens before introducing any fruit to their diet.

Another rule to be careful of is to only offer one kind of fruit at a time.

Your rabbit’s stomach won’t be able to handle a fruit platter, and it will make them sick. It can even cause your pet to vomit or experience abdominal pains.

When you do feed your rabbit bananas, make sure they get plenty of time to adapt. Only offer a little taste at the first feeding and see how their stomach responds to it.

If you notice any signs of discomfort or an upset stomach, it is best to avoid offering banana or other fresh fruit for some time.

Only feed the bunny hay for a few days and ensure they drink plenty of water.

However, if everything goes well and your bunny is healthy after the initial taste, you can offer them some more.

Let your bunny enjoy a proper bite of the fruit and wait at least a week before feeding it again.

Can Bananas Be a Regular Part of a Rabbit’s diet?

No, they definitely can’t be!

Your rabbit’s main food should always be alfalfa hay, paired with some leafy greens and veggies to offer a nice variety.

No type of fruit is suitable for their regular diet and can make them sick.

When you’re feeding bananas, it is best to limit it to twice or thrice a week only.

Moreover, portion sizing is also important to ensure you don’t overfeed your bunnies the fruit.

Here is a general guideline to remember when measuring out how much banana to offer your rabbits.

  • 2-pound rabbits should get one teaspoon of banana
  • 5-pound rabbits should get one tablespoon of banana
  • 7-pound rabbits should get 1.5 tablespoons of banana

You can increase or decrease the amount based on how much your rabbit weighs.

Also, be sure to consider how well their stomach takes the fruit before offering them a larger quantity.

Is Banana Peel Safe for Rabbits?

A surprising number of animals love to eat banana peels, but are your rabbits among them?

Unfortunately, no!

Rabbits aren’t the biggest fans of banana peel, even though they love the fruit.

However, if your rabbits are unique and do wish to eat the peel, too, you can feed it to them!

Rabbit peels are perfectly safe for your bunnies, and they should be complimented for leaving no waste.

Just be sure to wash the peel well before feeding it to your rabbits. Make sure it is an organically produced fruit, so there are no harmful chemicals or pesticides lingering on the peel.

Lastly, ensure that you only offer a small amount of the peel. Giving your bunnies the entire banana skin to eat will definitely make them sick!

Can Too Much Bananas Be Dangerous for Rabbits?

Although rabbits love eating a banana, remember that it does have the potential to harm your pet too!

Feeding your rabbit too much banana, or offering it every day, is not a good idea.

If your bunnies get used to having some banana, they might start rejecting their usual meals and demanding the fruit instead.

This will lead to their health quickly deteriorating, and you definitely don’t want that.

Similarly, offering your bunny bananas regularly can cause upset stomachs, gas, and bloating.

They might end up dehydrated and suffer from electrolyte imbalances that demand an emergency visit to the vet.

Additionally, bananas are high in sugar and starch. While a little bit of both is enjoyable for your bunnies, too much will lead to diseases.

Your bunnies can end up obese and even develop diabetes. Banana can mess with their body’s ability to regular sugar levels and significantly reduce their quality of life.

So, it is best to make sure you offer rabbits bananas in moderation.

Follow our tips and guidelines to feed them the fruit, and your bunnies will surely love you a little extra for this special treat!

Other Healthy Treats to Offer Your Bunnies

Now you know how to feed your bunnies some bananas while also maintaining good health.

Here are some other fruits and veggies that are also safe for your rabbits to enjoy.

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Bell peppers
  • Bok choy
  • Cucumber

We hope this guide helps you take the best care of your bunnies. All the best!

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