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Can 2 Week Old Rabbits Drink Water

Baby rabbits need special attention and devotion. Mostly, their mother knows better than how to feed baby rabbits but if you have doubt that bunnies are orphans or you have domestic rabbits, do proper care. Baby rabbit diet affects their growth like all other creatures so don’t ignore this factor.

Can 2 week old rabbits drink water? Rabbits below the age of two weeks have to avoid drinking water. Formulas or milk replacers are best for 2 week old rabbits. But right after stepping into the third week, they can drink water around about 100cc. If there are certain emergency conditions then it is ok to pour some drops of water into their mouth.

If you found newly born rabbits near a nest, don’t take them while considering orphans. There are more chances that mother rabbit is somewhere in search of food for them. But if some signs are leading towards the orphan bunnies, call the wildlife for better care. If you don’t find this facility or rabbits are domestic ones, then schedule a proper diet plan for them.

Can 2 week old rabbits drink water?

Sometimes rabbits of early age have strange habits related to their food and drink. No doubt mother’s milk is best for bunnies and if unfortunately, they don’t have a mother then milk replacers formulas are good for them. Only try for water if you are facing a lack of milk or food for the baby rabbits.

Advantages of water for baby rabbits

After few weeks, water will be the most necessary element for baby rabbits. We have explained some advantages of water for baby bunnies:

Balanced Growth

We know all living creatures need water as their natural part of life. But a strange thing you are going to notice is that after the opening of the eyes baby rabbit tends to move towards the water bowl more attentively than the mother’s milk.

We can’t deny the fact that water is a basic element that plays role in growth. Similarly, the size and growth of your body also depend upon this factor. The calories present in the diet should be useful only if you enter some water into the food.

Stay Hydrated

It a common thing that water provides hydration to your body. This hydration provides your pet many of the benefits. For properly moisturized skin, it is necessary to drink reasonable water. Some of the researchers say that baby rabbits are in search of constant attention and this desire can be lessened by drinking milk or water.

Build Temperament

Rabbits are really cute and tiny soft creatures and they don’t have any type of aggressiveness. But for proper nourishment, it is required to drink enough water. If baby rabbits don’t find water to drink there are chances of falling ill.

Sometimes they also feel a burden upon their heads when water requirements are not being fulfilled. So as the owner of bunnies, you must give them enough water for the proper development of their behavior.

How To Feed Baby Rabbits

Before you adopt any baby rabbit from a domestic place must clear all the doubts about his mother. Because there is no way better than how a mother can feed her child. If you are feeding a bunny then adopt the following habits for better results.

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Replacement milk

Replacement milk will be a better option for baby rabbits and the milk from goats is going to be a better option. Proper replacement is recommended, as the rabbit milk is enriched with more supplements among all mammals.

If you are feeding the baby with an artificial milk powder then buy a KMR milk replacer from Amazon using our affiliate link. You can also add acidophilus, available at pet markets, for healthy growth.

Eye droppers or syringes

Bunnies are small enough during their early weeks that they cannot drink directly from the bottle. You can also buy small nipples from Amazon (we will get some commission if you will buy using our affiliate link) according to their mouth size but they are rarely available. So, a better option is to buy some syringe or eyedropper to nourish the diet properly.

Both these things help to pass by the proper amount of diet according to their food pipe size. Through the syringe, you are also well aware of the amount by the marking signs over the syringe body.

Baby bunnies diet formulas

Until 6 weeks from their birth feed them with proper care by an approved formula. It’s better to feed a baby bunny two times a day for proper digestion of milk. You can also adopt the following package:

  • Up to the age of a week = 4 to 5cc of the formula
  • Up to the age of 1-2 week = 10 to 15 cc of the formula
  • Within the age of 2-3 weeks = 15 to 30 cc from formula
  • From 3 to 6 weeks old or unless they start weaning = 30 ccs of the formula

Try to adopt the way how rabbits’ mothers used to feed their babies. For example, they feed them milk twice per day at the times of dawn and dusk. This is a common thing and that means there is something healthy that’s why they used to do it.

Diet freedom

Don’t push the diet with force until they are not ready for it. This type of thing can create suffocation and bunny can be in danger. Give them enough time to adjust the previous sip from the syringe.

If baby rabbits are not willing to do it then don’t force them. Try to understand their habits, it will be useful for both owner and the pet.


Baby rabbits can’t urinate on their own till the first two weeks of their age. So, the owner has to assist them while defecating to run their respiratory system on normal. Once they have opened their eyes then they will be able to do this on their own.

For proper urination, you can use some type of clothing or maybe cotton, a little wet with warm water. Swipe the cloth or cotton ball at their anal until they are done with it. Don’t feel ashamed for this because this is what a mother rabbit has to do.

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