Can Rabbits Eat Rice Cakes?

It’s hard to deprive your adorable bunny of a nibble or your snack when they look at you with those pleading eyes.

But can rabbits eat rice cakes? Is it safe for them? It’s tough to know which human foods are a-okay for them and what to avoid.

Whether or not your rabbit can have rice cakes is up to you. While rice cakes are not toxic or poisonous to bunnies, they are not part of a natural healthy rabbit diet. You can give your rabbit small amounts of rice cake, and they’ll be okay, but overall, this is not an ideal treat for your hopping friend.

Keep reading to learn more about what happens if you share your rice cake with your rabbit, and similar foods to avoid to keep your bunny happy and healthy.

Rabbits and Rice Cakes

Let’s dive into the relationship between rice cakes and a rabbit’s digestive system. This section will look at the toxicity of rice cakes and the effects they can have on your rabbit.

Plus, you can learn how to properly share rice cakes with your rabbit if you decide to let them enjoy this crunchy snack.


Rice cakes are not poisonous or toxic for bunnies. Foods like chocolate, avocados, eggs, dairy, and certain beans are extremely toxic for rabbits, and can even be fatal.

However, a rice cake will not kill your rabbit if they have a little nibble. So you don’t have to worry about giving your bunny something poisonous if you want to share a tiny piece of rice cake with them.


On the other hand, rice cakes are not an awesome snack for bunnies. In general, rabbits should not eat foods high in carbohydrates and starch.

Carbohydrates are a form of sugar, and this high sugar and calories can lead to unbalanced gut health in your pet. If your bunny has too many carbs, it can lead to the following tummy problems:

  • Bloating
  • Stomach pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Gas
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight gain

The effects a rice cake has on your bunny’s system will depend heavily on the rest of its diet. But to avoid these side effects, be extremely stingy with the amount of rice cake you share with your bunny, or don’t share any at all.

How Often Can Rabbits Have Rice Cakes?

Bunnies should not eat rice cakes often. Even getting them a small piece each day is too much. If you still want to treat your bunny to a rice cake snack, don’t do this more than once a week.

But doing it once a month is a better idea, as you don’t want to throw off your furry friend’s digestive system and make them uncomfortable.

How Much Rice Cake Can a Rabbit Have?

Not very much! Giving a rabbit, even a full-grown, healthy rabbit, a whole rice cake is out of the question. An entire rice cake will cause digestive distress, giving your rabbit a tummy ache and possibly messing with their bowel movements.

At most, you should give your rabbit a piece of rice cake the size of a quarter. Any bigger and it could upset their tummy! And when feeding your rabbit any food, break it up into small pieces to avoid a choking hazard.

Do Rabbits Like Rice Cakes?

It’s hard to say if your rabbit will be head over heels for a rice cake. They would probably enjoy a juicier snack, like fruit, or something with more taste, like leafy greens.

Think about how flavorful and delicious rice cakes are. They’re not. Your bunny will likely eat a rice cake if you share it with them, but it won’t be a life-changing eating experience. Other snacks might be more appealing.

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Related Foods

As mentioned, the high level of carbohydrates in rice cakes is where the trouble lies. You may have questions about other foods with similar makeups, such as whole grains and high-carb foods.

Avoid giving your rabbit “white” foods, which are typically high in carbs. “White” foods include ingredients like potatoes, sugar, and pasta.

Below are a few foods you might be wondering about. Read about how these ingredients might affect your little friend so you can take care of them to the best of your abilities.


The deal with rice and rabbits is the same as rice cakes. Giving them cooked white or brown rice may be yummy for them, but the high amount of carbohydrates can make them bloat and cause other gastrointestinal problems.

Many rabbit owners think rice is okay for rabbits, as it’s a plain grain, but vets do not recommend giving them any rice.

And raw rice is even worse. Raw rice can slow down their digestion and even cause a blockage because it’s difficult for their body to break down. Rice is high in carbs and low in fiber, making it likely even a spoonful of rice will constipate your rabbit and cause stomach distress.


Corn is a yummy vegetable that may seem like a natural addition to your rabbit’s diet, but you should avoid giving corn to your pet. As most humans know, corn does not break down much in the digestive tract.

Because rabbits are smaller, it’s harder for them to pass corn kernels. The polysaccharides in corn make it impossible for rabbits to digest this vegetable, and it can cause intestinal blockages. Fresh, dried, and cooked corn are bad for your bunny.


Bread is also a no-go for rabbits. Bread has high levels of carbohydrates and even higher levels of starch, slowing down a rabbit’s digestive system and making it hard for them to do their business. You can share bread in small amounts, but it’s not recommended.

Interestingly, you can give your bunny burnt pieces of bread if you’re helping them gain weight. For some reason, bunnies love burnt toast!

Bottom Line

In the end, rice cakes are not good for rabbits. However, you probably consume some things that aren’t good for you, like alcohol, sweets, and fried food.

So it’s okay to let your bunny live every once in a while! But in reality, a rice cake likely won’t be super appealing to your rabbit anyway, so consider giving them a more fun treat that will also be better for them!

Your pet can’t tell you if they have a tummy ache or feel uncomfortable, so it’s up to you to make those decisions and help them live long, happy, healthy lives by your side.


If you have more questions about feeding your bunny and monitoring their diet, read the commonly asked questions related to the topic below.

What’s the best snack to give my rabbit?

If you still want to treat your rabbit but want to avoid rice cakes, several other foods can be delightful snacks. The best option is fresh fruit because it has some sugar but not too much! But exercise moderation when feeding treats to your rabbit.

Small pieces of fruit like apples, mangoes, strawberries, kiwis, and bananas are all great options. But don’t forget, bunnies love carrots and leafy greens. While it may not seem like a treat to you, it is to them!

Don’t bunnies need carbohydrates?

Yes! Bunnies do need some carbohydrates in their diet to be healthy. However, most of the foods discussed in this article, including rice cakes, have excessive levels of carbohydrates that can upset their tummy. Vegetables, hay, and pellets provide your bunny with all the carbs they need for balanced gut health!