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How to Get a Rabbit to Gain Weight?

Here are the 5 proven tips to get a rabbit to gain weight. We are going to discuss all these tips in detail. 

If you are reading this post only because to learn how to get a rabbit to gain weight and what are the best foods that can help him get back up to weight? Here you will get to the latest info about underweight rabbits.

Is your rabbit skinny? Does this pose a serious problem? Yes, it does. For many of you who don’t know that rabbits have a very efficient digestive system.

How to get a rabbit to gain weight? You can get your rabbit to gain weight with fresh food, hay, grass, protecting from dehydration and heat. You should regularly check your rabbit’s weight.

Squeezing every last bit of nutritious food can make rabbits go underweight. In medical language, it can cause a problem.

No matter what you give to your rabbit he still doesn’t eat it and tries to run away from it, and then there is something you are missing.

How to get a rabbit to gain weight?

You must take your underweight rabbit to a vet in the first place to resolve the problem and he must undergo treatment to recover and put on some weight back on.

But if you are determined to treat your pet rabbit on your own, then there are some instructions and tips you should follow accordingly so he can get gain weight.

The most common thing you can do is to increase the calories in their diet that provides plenty of fiber to ensure his gut function works well. The best way to do this is to pick high-calorie foods that rabbits eat normally.

It is quite difficult to know the exact amount of food you should give to your rabbit to gain weight. It is not like owners have received special training or something.

Below you will find out the best foods you can give to your rabbit so you can save time walking markets to look for best-rated food.

Feed Hay and grass to rabbit

Hay and grass are the best way to start because they are essential for rabbits, as you provide them enough for all day. The rabbits graze in them and start to eat too. Also, you can read a detailed article to know can rabbits eat dandelions

Hay is a green and leafy thing that has the highest protein and fat values. The barn dried grass has a high level of nutritional value that will give a rabbit quite energy if feed daily. You can buy rabbit hay at cheap rates from our Amazon affiliate link. 

Dry foods:

Dry foods can certainly provide the highest concentration and easy to digest nutrition. They are perfect for rabbits who are trying to increase weight and dry food is a simple way to get calories.

If you are giving a low high fiber or protein pallets which can also great for adult rabbits, you can go and mix them to aim for breeding and young rabbits.

This high protein calorie content can trigger calories to increase the volume and stop some major symptoms of a disease that causes them underweight.

Fresh food help rabbits to gain weight

If the rabbit is used to eat fresh foods then you can consider giving him a small portion of vegetables and fruits.

This includes carrots, apples, parsnip, sweet pepper, and much more.

Fruits have energy and calories in more quantity than leafy greens. It is the most efficient way to increase calories in rabbits.

Oats food can also be very good to put on weight. Rabbits love porridge and rolled oats. You can buy it from Amazon and give a rabbit in small quantities using a teaspoon.

Go for some treats:

When you find out the rabbit is starting to eat well, but failing to gain weight, and then you can try to give him treats. You can buy rabbit treats from pet stores.

You can use different veggies, and fruits to chop them as give rabbits as a treat. He will appreciate the gesture and eat it.

Also, remember one thing never give rabbit high sugar content fruits of vegetables.

Exercise routines:

This is not an exact food tip but still can prove beneficial for rabbits’ weight gain. Examine the rabbits exercise routines to help burn calories.

But no exercise means indicated a bigger problem. If a rabbit is in a healthy condition it can impact its mobility to become depressed.

Lack of exercise can stop building a good appetite for a potential eating regimen.

Some cautions you need to take:

Changes to a rabbit’s diet can be done gradually. So your rabbit’s gut can adjust to the process of new foods. For a standard diet plan for the rabbit, you have to take some precautions.

A slow steady weight gain is a lot healthier than going to a sudden one. Weight loss is linked with muscle loss and weight becomes slower as you are not fattening the rabbit.

For new muscle support development just try to stay focused on foods that can rabbit eats on day to day basis.

How to check if the rabbit is not gaining weight?

Many pet owners are smart enough to diagnose when their rabbits starting to lose weight, but if you are new rabbit owners then you must read this useful information to get exact knowledge.

You should keep a strict schedule for checking your rabbit’s weight. Many reasons can lead to weight loss. If you are a dedicated and good pet owner then you will have no problem finding them such as,

  • Dull and rough coat
  • Emaciated appearance in pelvis, ribs, and backbone
  • Lethargy
  • The abdomen caved in rather than smooth in thighs and spine in a triangle shape
  • Unusual activity level
  • Lesser fecal pallets, direr, smaller misshapen
  • A weird way of signaling for water and food due to inappropriate diet plan
  • Inability to stretch out
  • Pain
  • Reluctance to move
  • chattering or grinding of teeth
  • Partially closed eyes
  • dropping uneaten food

Baby rabbits:

There are many reasons baby rabbits can become underweight, the biggest common factor is obesity. But some rabbits suffer from malnourishment early in life.

Adult rabbits:

Adult rabbits sometimes face a big challenge as they reduced activity and perhaps due to painful arthritis can cause lose weight.

Building the muscle mass of any rabbit can pose a great challenge and in adult or elderly rabbit who is suffering from underweight issues can die within a few months.

Also, the food plays a major role in their diet, where you have to track which ones can make him gain weight or which can make him lose weight.

Tips to get a rabbit to gain weight

If a rabbit is injured or ill, then a home care plan can be done, it is also prescribed by the veterinarian.

To eliminate stress to the extent possible for each rabbit particularly those who are underweight is most important.

A proper diet and a good quantity of such nutrition and minerals can help your bunny to get back weight in the most natural way.

How much weight should my rabbit gain?

It is a very difficult question to determine how much weight should rabbit gain, although each rabbit has its unique personality.

Sometimes it can take time and sometimes it can be done in a few weeks.

In some rabbits that are from the same breed, weight can vary, so it is necessary to understand a normal weight and underweight rabbit.

A normal weight for rabbits should between 1.94kg to 2.450kg. You can easily feel the spine, ribs, hips, and bones, a smooth curve from neck to tail, and hip to hip.

These are some real facts and explains how your rabbit can gain weight because a rabbit needs to maintain a healthy weight to prevent health risks.

Just remember there are many effective ways of helping the rabbit to achieve weight and dietary adjustments. Follow these above-mentioned ways to get an ideal treat for any skinny rabbit.

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