Can Rabbits Eat Celery Root?

Here in this article, we will discuss can we feed celery root to our rabbits?

As herbivores in the animal kingdom, rabbits are known to consume numerous plant-based food as part of their routine diet. A wide selection of vegetables, herbs, and hay are among a rabbit’s regular diet. Celery root is safe for any rabbit to consume.

Can rabbits eat celery root? Celery is packed with plenty of vitamins and nutrients, such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and fiber. With this, celery is considerably one of the most nutritional food that rabbits can eat. Both its leaves and root can be fed to a rabbit, as it does not contain any substances or toxins that can provide potential harm to a rabbit.

Another common term for celery root is known as celeriac. It is part of the root vegetable family and does not have much starch, making it a healthy option for a rabbit’s snack. Though, starchy and root vegetables tend to be on the higher side in terms of sugar content, therefore the amount of celery root given to a rabbit must be limited.

If celery root is planted in a garden with rabbits, be careful before feeding it to your rabbit as it may contain added chemicals that were used, to repel rabbits, to begin with.

The following section contains topics related to celery root and rabbits to ensure all your concerns are properly addressed.

Can rabbits eat celery root & which parts are safe to consume?

Celery root may not be the most delicious-looking snack, unlike the common celery we are used to – a celery root has lumpy brown bulb bottom roughly the size of a grapefruit. A rabbit can eat all parts of the celery root, such as the stalk, leaves, and root. It is entirely edible for the human too! Although the leaves and stalk are known to taste better than the root itself.

In terms of preparation, it is essential to first peel the skin off the root and have it cut into small pieces to avoid your rabbit from any sort of discomfort that may occur such as choking or getting it stuck between its teeth.

Does the celery root have to be cooked for my rabbit to consume?

Raw celery root is preferable for rabbits to consume; as cooked may contain chemicals that may interfere with your rabbit’s digestion. As a rule, feeding your rabbit cooked food is not advisable.

Extra ingredients added to the cooking can lead to serious medical problems for your rabbit. Also, vegetables are known to lose some of their nutrients (such as vitamins) when exposed to any type of cooking.

Moreover, offering a small piece of raw celery root to your rabbit is safe. But it is not ideal for celery root to be part of your rabbit’s daily routine. As fibrous vegetables are more recommended compared to starchy vegetables.

What are the benefits of eating celery root for my rabbit?

As mentioned earlier, celery root is packed with nutritional benefits such as fiber and vitamins for your rabbit. Although celery root is not recommended to be part of your rabbit’s daily diet.

Consuming pellet food and hay may no longer be exciting for your rabbits. As such, the introduction of different vegetables such as celery root can make your rabbit happy since they love trying out new things.

Another benefit to consuming celery root is its texture which can provide an enjoyable overall experience for your rabbit. The crunch texture of the celery root will give your rabbit a great chewing experience with the taste they appreciate.

Nutritional information of celery root

Celery root or celeriac is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

A single 100-gram or 3.5-ounce serving of raw celery root provides the following nutrition:

Fiber 1.8 grams
Carbohydrates 9.2 grams
Fat 0.3 grams
Protein 1.5 grams
Vitamin B6 8% of the Daily Value
Vitamin C 13% of the Daily Value
Vitamin K 51% of the Daily Value
Potassium 9% of the Daily Value
Phosphorous 12% of the Daily Value
Manganese 8% of the Daily Value

While a 100-gram serving of a crunch raw celery root results in approximately 42 calories. It is not necessary to provide the entire serving size to your rabbit. Cutting it up in a few, small, bite-sized pieces should be more than enough to serve as your rabbit’s new snack.

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