How Do I Stop my Rabbit from Getting Sore Hocks?

How Do I Stop my Rabbit from Getting Sore Hocks?

Keeping a pet rabbit at home is one of the most desirable activity any person wants. You get to play with them, you take care of them and do talking. They become your best friend very quickly. While you eat and play with your pet rabbit, you must take proper care of its health. Otherwise, they can fall sick very quickly.

Since rabbits are sensitive to many things, they need more care and protection than other pets. They have a proper sleeping space with accurate bedding type and right proportions of sleep and food.

You can stop your pet rabbit from getting sore hocks by keeping him clean, checking for infections, feed well, check rabbits cage, and providing a soft floor.

One of the biggest health problems that are faced by rabbit owners is known as sore hocks. This problem must be treated immediately; otherwise, it can lead to serious infections.

How Do I Stop my Rabbit from Getting Sore Hocks?

Today we are talking in detail about sore hocks. How they happen and how they can be treated. You must understand that since animals cannot talk, they cannot express their pain. Since you are their owner, it is your responsibility to treat them with love and proper care.      

To avoid any problem, the ideal way to follow the preventing techniques. They are nothing hard but the basic needs of any rabbit. I am sure if you follow them, then you will be able to help your rabbit in avoiding sore hocks.

Keep the living space of your rabbit clean all the time:

this is a very important step. You need to keep the living space, whether it is a hutch in your background or a bed of soft material. It must be clean all the time. No debris or leftover of food should be there on the floor as they can cause soreness to the feet of the rabbit.

Make the floor soft:

the floor of the cage or living space must be soft so that rabbits won’t hurt their feet. Rabbits are soft, and they like soft things around them. That is why you should use soft, lush floor mats.

Keep rabbits in open and vast areas

no matter what age your rabbit is, he needs space to play around freely. He cannot be kept in a locked space or small cages. The ideal way is to allow him to give him a large enclosed space which is carefully packed with proper soft bedding material, and walls are also soft and safe. This aids a lot in the prevention of sore hocks.

Check his health regularly:

the health of any rabbit is important for to have his health checked regularly. Check his legs and front limbs.

Note his movements, his mobility:

to avoid the sore hocks, you must keep a close watch on the movement of your rabbit. If he is walking in a limping manner, then you better check him quick.

Note the symptoms of sore hocks:

there are some visible symptoms of sore hocks, which you must note and treat them immediately. For instance,

Missing fur:

if your rabbit is missing some fur form under his foot then it can be sore hock. If you notice any soreness, treat it without wasting any minute.


if you notice that there are signs of infection, then take him to the vet. Get it treated and give him proper medication regularly so that he can get over his illness quickly.

Veterinary treatment:

taking him to a vet right after finding out about sore hocks is a very important step. A vet is specialized in treating animals, and they know how to bring peace to them when they are in pain.

They will treat the affected area and then bandage it. For later, they will give you medicine, and you must follow the routine to get him completely healthy again.

Changing the bedding environment:

If you feel that the bed floor is not appropriate for a rabbit or the floor is causing the sore hocks, change it right away. Layout some soft flooring mats and clean them regularly, that is daily. It will keep the floor soft and hygiene appropriate.

Maintain hygiene of your pet rabbit:

I say that a rabbit is like a prince. He wants soft and lush things to sleep on and soft things to walk on. It is this way by nature. You must keep it this way, so your rabbit stays healthy.

Moreover, his hygiene must be checked daily. Bath him, completely dry him, and then let him play. It will keep him healthy, fit, and away from all sort of troubles.

What are sore hocks in rabbits?

Sore hocks are the sore patches which develop under the foot of the rabbit. The soreness leads to inflammation, and often, it not treated on time can cause infection. It is also known as pododermatitis.

Its occurrence in the rabbit is notedly increases when they are living in unfavorable conditions. Like wire mesh cage floor, excessive weight, and many other such factors.

If you have seen a rabbit, then you will notice that soreness under their feet can cause them to lose hair. This visibly shows if there is any sore hock developing or not. So, you must keep a good record of rabbit’s health and keep checking his hopping stances now and then.

How do rabbits get sore hocks?

Sore hocks are something which any rabbit can get any time. The most common reasons that cause this problem are as under:

Unhygienic living standards:

Living standards for any rabbit hold the most importance. Even when they are living in the wild, they maintain their living place with leaves and soft things.

If they live in unhygienic lifestyle, they can develop sore hocks much quicker than we can think. Rabbits are naturally soft and cuddly; therefore, they cannot tolerate such bad living conditions for long and get sick.

Mobility issues:

for any rabbit, his mobility is most important. If they are kept in small or confine places, they can easily develop sore hocks. They don’t get enough space to roam freely, which causes them to stay input the same place for a long period.

The hard or rough floor of his living place:

the floor of his living space or cage must not be hard. If it is then the development of sore hocks is no issue. It takes no time for them to develop swelling and inflammation.

Health condition not maintained or checked regularly:

this is very important to take proper measure for his health. Rabbits are sensitive, and they get easily disturbed by their environment. If something is bothering them, their health will show it.

Sore hocks are very painful for rabbits. If they have any problem with their feet, they cannot hop or go anywhere. Such scenarios can lead to several other health issues. Therefore, it must be avoided in the first place and treated immediately if they have happened. It’s good for them and you as well.

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