How to Treat Sores on Rabbit’s Feet?

Sores on feet are painful. Just like humans, rabbits also feel pain and difficulty in walking when there are sores on their feet.

There could be several reasons for the sores on feet (which are also known as pododermatitis), but it’s not uncommon for it to happen to your rabbit’s feet.

To treat sores on rabbits’ feet, you should take your rabbit to the vet immediately and clean the affected area with antibacterial soap before applying any medication.

Sores on rabbit feet can be treated with SSD 1% cream or A & D ointment. But if the condition is severe, then your rabbit requires some oral antibiotics along with ointment on the feet to heel the sore.

The main reason for sores in rabbits could be the wire mesh flooring of the rabbit’s cage or obesity in the rabbit that can cause inflammation and infection in the feet.

It is extremely painful for your rabbit so you need to take action immediately by taking it to the vet.

Here in this article, we will explain 5 methods to treat sores on rabbits’ feet. We will also talk about several reasons for feet sores.

5 Ways to Treat Sores on Rabbit’s Feet?

Sometimes rabbits are unpredictable and it’s not easy to know what problem they might have.

When petting a rabbit, you need to be careful as it’s a delicate animal and can easily get hurt because its feet are soft.

The wired flooring of the cage, extended nails, rough surface to move around, and excess weight can contribute to sore hocks.

You can follow these steps to treat sore hocks of your rabbit:

Take Your Rabbit to the Vet

The bottom of the feet of the rabbit can be painful with sore hocks that are red and inflamed. These are painful and can cause a lot of unease in your rabbit.

If you find out that your rabbit’s feet are abnormal then take it to the vet for treatment which is a good experience to treat rabbits.

Clean the Affected Area

A rabbit with sore hocks may be difficult to handle or resist because of pain. So, after diagnosing the vet will clean the feet gently with a wound cleanser.

It is recommended to wash your rabbit’s feet with antibacterial soap before applying any medication onto the foot’s bottom.

Then the vet will bandage the feet after applying antibiotic cream.

You need to know that rabbit would not like the bandage and try to chew it off from the feet.

Homecare of Rabbits Feet

Do not think that everything is done by the vet and you don’t need to do anything. You have to follow the directions your vet told you to take care of your rabbit and put its feet in the antibacterial solution he recommends.

The treatment should be continued until sore hocks recovered. It’s an easy procedure to clean the feet by taking a bowl and put a solution in it then place gently rabbit’s injured feet to soak in it.

Take a towel and dry the feet then apply the antibiotic cream and bandage properly.

Replace Bandages at Home

You don’t need to daily rush to the vet when once examined and diagnosed.

Go to our Amazon affiliate link and buy bandage material at the lowest price such as sterile gauze pads and elastic bandaging and wrap it to the rabbit’s feet.

Don’t wrap it so tight to reduce blood flow and leave the toes unwrapped.

Rabbits are not easy to put their feet while soaking them or to bandage them so just follow the directions vet applied.

Especially when they are in pain they don’t let you touch the affected area. You can feed them treats while bandaging so they convert their attention to eating that.

Oral Antibiotics Along with Ointment

In some severe cases, rabbits are prescribed oral antibiotics for sore hocks and also ointment cream to relieve infection on feet.

These antibiotics also can cause gastrointestinal issues in rabbits that reduce good bacteria in the system.

Of course, your vet will carefully select the medicine for the rabbit as an antibiotic or probiotic.

This oral medication would be in liquid and insert in the mouth of the rabbit through a syringe.

If the Vet Prescribe Pain Medication

The vet may prescribe the pain medication that would be an anti-inflammatory drug such as carprofen and naproxen. Follow the prescription while medication.

If it contains a tablet or pill then you can crush the pill and hide it in rabbits treat and let him swallow.

What Causes Sores in Rabbit Feet

Many things we may neglect while petting rabbits at home so the sore hocks of rabbits are negligence.

You must be careful when adopting a kit and maintain its health by providing good shelter and high-quality food.

These are some causes of feet sore in rabbits you should know:

Poor Hygiene

Any infection on the rabbit skin is poor hygiene. You should be careful and keep the place clean and tidy when petting an animal.

Rabbits are so sensitive and delicate and need to be treated with care.

Damp Bedding

If you are putting your rabbit in a cage then its bedding should be dry and clean.

You can use soaking bedding under rabbits to avoid any kind of infection and disease because wet bedding will make it sick.

Here is a complete guide about what to put in the bottom of rabbit cage

Long Nails

The major reason or cause of rabbit feet sore is long nails.

While they scratch their skin with nails it can damage their skin or may lead to infection.

So, it is recommended to cut your rabbits nail after a few days.

Rough or Unsuitable Flooring

Wire flooring isn’t a good idea for the soft and delicate feet of rabbits until unless you have soft bedding on it.

It will save his body and feet from hurting or wounds as you can put a litter box in it as well.

The plastic bottom cages are also not good for rabbits as they have chewing habits and can infect their throat.

So the mat underneath their feet should be soft or can be a rubber one for easy movements.


Obesity can be another reason when the rabbit stays in the cage and gain weight will often unable to stand still and put pressure on feet.

This can also be a cause of feet sores. So let him move out or feed him a healthy diet only.


Because of lack of immobility rabbits can get feet sore that could be mild to severe in some cases along with other reasons.

Excessive Thumping

Sometimes rabbits are a bit healthy by eating too much and thump down from a height repeatedly.

It can also be a cause of foot sore.

Certain Breeds/Fur Types

Rabbits have natural padding under feet in form of fur. If they lose some fur from feet they can directly get feet sores or infections on feet.

Some of the species have no fur under feet and the skin is visible they are needed more care with the flooring and soft surface to move over.

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