Why is my rabbit stomping at night?

Rabbits have no vocal quality to express their feelings. So, sometimes they behave differently as routine to attract the owner. Sometimes rabbits lift their ears and stand on tip-toe to warn other rabbits about danger, thumping, and stomping at night if hear some unusual sound.

Why is my rabbit stomping at night? If your rabbit is stomping at night there could be several reasons like they are afraid of predators, getting bored, or feeling alone, etc.

Rabbits try to show their fear by stomping or kicking in the hutch for a few seconds or prolonged to a couple of minutes.

Why is my rabbit stomping at night

It is possible if rabbits are feeling alone in the hutch or have less space to move around, they thump to grab attention. To keep your rabbit happy, you must know what to put in the bottom of the rabbit cage.

They are not nocturnal and stays active at the later part of the night so you can have them in pair. You can also fill the hutch with toys or make sure the physical activity all day long to make them tired at night.

Since two rabbits also need stimulation so they can thump on the hutch door and open it to escape.

10 Reasons behind rabbit stomping at night

There could be several reasons for stomping in the hutch later part of the night.

Rabbit stomps when they are afraid

Rabbits have sharp senses they can smell or hear the fear around and thump automatically in this situation. So, preparing them to fight with multiple thumping and frequent stomping.

Try to alert the group

Rabbits use their hind legs for stomping and pose their body to run away or thumping because they don’t stay in a place for a long time. They are always alert from the threat outside when they were in the wild, they listen carefully to warn their family from danger.

The listening ability of rabbits is stronger so, when hearing predators, they thump to warn or communicate with others.

Alerting predators

Rabbits stomping is not only an alert to their family but also the predators to give a signal that I’m ready to run and you won’t catch me to eat.

They are usually territorial and stick to their own family so don’t let the other animals trespass in their area and thump to back off.

Unfamiliar or loud sounds

Rabbits have long ears and the ability to listen sounds from a far distance even such as some vacuum cleaner noise, and dogs barking can alert them.

Sometimes they stomp at night on the sound that is normal to us but makes them alert or thumps for nothing.

Unusual scents

Rabbits are so sensitive they easily get scared of things, persons, sounds, and scents. You can scare and make them running off while wearing any new scent that makes rabbits confuse or if you recently visited dogs.

Rabbits stomp if injured or in pain

If you feel there is nothing to fear near the rabbit hutch and still, they are thumping then they might have some pain or injury.

Some rabbits show their pain by stomping so you must take them to the vet. They could be angry or annoyed and even growl at you when you get closer to them.

After being picked up

When you pet a rabbit, of course, you hold it to the groom or love but they hate being held in your hands and want to get rid of your grip. They are scared of lifting and leaving the ground. So, when you put them on the ground they thump and run away.

They disliked the situation so you better ask apology by giving them a treat. But if you are regularly holding them they will understand the pattern and start thumping.

Rabbit stomping at night when you forgot to feed them

Rabbits cannot sit calmly like other pets they want to stay strolling here and there. When they are scheduled with the timing of eating and outing, they wait for it.

They expect now it’s the time to eat or going out of the cage for exercise. So when you are not up to feed them they stomp and thump to remind you that they are hungry.

When rabbits want to play

Rabbits don’t like to stay alone, so if you are petting a single rabbit and at night you leave them alone. When the rabbit gets bored they start stomping in the cage.

They are so energetic and get irritated staying alone or there are not enough toys to chew or play with, so they call you to play by thumping.

Thumping for attention

Rabbits are intelligent and know well when to thump and they don’t always thump. If you are petting your rabbit and give them a treat then every time you will hold them, they will thump and they will develop this habit.

So, whenever they want to grab your attention to ask for the treat they thump loud to pet or groom them.

You should learn how and when they thump, whether they are scared of anything or thumping to get attention.

So realize it to keep your rabbit safe from external threats or predators by observing your pet’s behavior to know when they are hungry, fearful, and in pain.