What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

Rabbits are the most favorite pets to most of the people. If you are a rabbit lover and you have to face the situation to feed a rabbit baby, you may found in a nest alone or her mother rejected to feed him. Do not worry, you can easily feed them by following some main instructions.

A baby rabbit is very soft, furry, and small and requires a lot of care. their feeding habits depend upon the age of the rabbit. rabbits require a lot of care either you have them from pregnant mothers or from a wild nest. Feeding is a matter of life and death for the baby rabbits.

Formula milk is the best option to feed baby rabbits without a mother. You should make a diet chart according to the age of the baby rabbit. You must dilute formula milk before feeding a baby rabbit.

We can either save the life of a baby rabbit or can harm them. Read this article thoroughly so you can give a good life start to your baby rabbits. I will suggest you, always buy formula milk from Amazon for your baby rabbits. 

Are you sure that the rabbit’s mother is no more feeding the kitten?

You cannot be the better replacement for your baby rabbits’ mother. Before try to feed the kitten you first have to make sure that the rabbit’s mother is no longer taking care of the baby rabbit.

It can result from either her mother rejected to feed his baby rabbit or either her mother had died or the third situation may be the mother is a risk for his baby rabbit because sometimes the mother becomes aggressive to her babies and even eat then sure to some unknown reason.

There is not much chance of survival of hands-reared rabbits. In either of the above situation, you can own a baby rabbit and try to feed them in a proper way to save their lives.

What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother?

Rabbit babies do not need their mother as much as the mother only feeds for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day, then go away from next leaving the babies alone in the nest.

Rabbits also don’t help their babies warm. When the mother left them alone means she is no more interested in feeding her kittens, you can’t force her. Take the baby rabbits and try to feed them. But you must have knowledge about can 2 week old rabbits drink water?


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Choose the proper diet for baby rabbits

When you make sure that the mother is not going to feed their kitten then you have to feed the kittens properly. Diet you are going to purchase for your baby rabbits depends upon the age of the rabbit.

Rabbits babies from the age of 0- 3 weeks require a liquid diet. You can buy it from Amazon with this affiliate link. Rabbit’s milk is more caloric than any other mammals’ milk. It is one of the most nutrient-rich milk.

You can either purchase milk for a kitten from the market or either can make it at home but in both cases, you must have to make sure that it is a good replacement for rabbit’s milk.

How to prepare formula milk for baby rabbits?

You can’t use cow’s milk as it is not much nutritious. I’d you are going to make a milk formula for your kitten, you can use goat milk. Goat milk contains too many nutrients as compared to cow milk.

For making milk-formula at your home, you have to take one glass of milk, one egg, and one teaspoon of honey in a bowl. With the help of a spoon, mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

This formula is full of nutrients and will provide a good replacement. You can store it in a refrigerator for almost a week. But before giving to your baby rabbit first have to warm it but to some extent slightly higher than room temperature.

If you can’t make it at home you can also buy it from a pet store.

You can mix one tablespoon of 100% whipping cream which will increase its caloric content.

Rabbit’s intestinal bacterias are very sensitive.to keep your rabbits gut in a good position, you have to add a very small quantity of Acidophilus in milk formula. This will help to digest food and keep intestinal bacterial flora in a good way. You can buy it from any local health store.

How to mix replacement milk formula for baby rabbits?

You have to nurse the baby rabbits from the first day of their life to upto6 weeks. During this time period, their diet requirements change according to their age. You have to feed them twice a day but the quantity they require will be changed according to their age.

Here below is the amount of baby rabbit milk formula, it’s one day diet, you have to divide all below-mentioned quantities into equal halves.

  • Newborn to one week – 4 to 5 cc Formula
  • From 1 to 2 week – 10 to 15cc formula
  • 2 to 3 weeks – 15 to 30 cc formula
  • 3 to 6 weeks until weaned – 30 cc formula.

this amount is according to a pet day diet for a kitten of different ages.

Use small syringes to feed baby rabbits without a mother

You have to buy syringes to feed the baby rabbit as they are very small and usually won’t be feed with bottles. Make sure syringes are sterile .with the help of syringes you can control the amount of milk formula.

Syringes are available at any pharmacy, vet’s office, or vet store. There can also be some special syringes for kitten mimic the side of the mother’s nipple.

How to feed baby rabbits without a mother?

Feeding baby rabbits with the help of a nozzle or syringe is the best way to feed a baby rabbit. When you are going to administer the milk formula to your baby rabbit you must have to follow these instructions.

For today’s question, What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother? You must be careful while feeding a baby rabbit without a mother.

You have to lay down the baby rabbit into your hand, during feeding do not turn your baby rabbit with belly up. Need is to mimic the stance while feeding on their mother. For making it possible, you have to hold his head up just as while feeding on their mother. They should be exactly in the same situation as sucking from their mother.

Full up a syringe with the milk formula according to the above-mentioned quantity and place the tip of the syringe near the mouth of the rabbit but not incorporate it within his mouth.

Now squeeze the syringe gently but make sure it is not in the baby’s mouth .push out some milk formula out of the nozzle and place it near the mouth of the kitten so the baby rabbit can sense it.

When the baby rabbit senses the milk near its mouth, he will start to feed on the milk. When the baby rabbit starts to feed on milk, then squeeze the syringe a little more. Never squeeze the syringe when it is in the rabbit’s mouth.

Make sure that you are squeezing a very minute amount. If you squeeze the large amount, then it may get into the lungs and may cause pneumonia or some fatal injury

When you feel your rabbit’s belly gets filled, it will look round.

If the rabbit’s belly is not feeling round then it means it needs some extra meal. you have to feed them until their belly gets round.

You have to increase the meal gradually with their age and according to their body needs.

Make your rabbit defecate and urinate

Whenever you feed your baby rabbit, then after each feeding you have to simulate urination and defecation that you’re baby rabbit’s intestinal and urinary systems work properly and smoothly without any problem.

You have to stimulate urination and defecation from the first day of their birth to up to 10 days.

Take a small piece of cloth or cotton, fold it round like a small ball, moisten it with warm water and start stroking the anal and genital area until your kitten starts defecating and urinating. You should keep on stroking until your baby rabbit is finished.

By doing this you can replicate her mother’s behavior. His mother used to lick him to stimulate him for defecation and urination.

Diet schedule for a baby rabbit without a mother

For today’s question, What to Feed Baby Rabbits Without a Mother? A Diet chart is the first thing that you should have. You should make a diet chart for baby rabbits according to their age. During the first 2 weeks: during the first two weeks, your kitten is very small, only feed them on milk formula

During week 3rd and 4th: during the 3rd and 4th week, you have to add alfalfa hay with milk formula in your rabbit diet. your rabbit can easily digest it

In the next 3 months from 5th to 7th: feed your rabbit on formula milk and hay. You can gradually decrease the amount of milk and increase the amount of hay. So your rabbit may become able to wean on solids.

From the 8th week to onward: your rabbit starts weaning. Remove milk formula from his diet.

Risk factors while feeding baby rabbits without a mother

When you are going to feed your kitten, you have to do it properly. Without careful attention, the survival rate of rabbit babies is as low as 10% .you are going to save a life .it’s critical. Don’t take any risk. There can be many reasons for such a great death rate of rabbit’s babies during feeding. some are below:

This may happen due to using if incorrect milk formula. Be careful when you are going to make milk formula at home or either buying from m market. It should be a good replacement for Mother’s milk.

When you are feeding your baby rabbit, it’s head is up otherwise the milk may into the lungs and cause pneumonia.

Baby’s guy is fully sterile. Due to the use of an improper non-sterile syringe, it may get diarrhea. Baby rabbit’s intestinal bacterial population is very sensitive and due to your small negligence, your rabbit may die.

Maybe you are feeding according to his body requirement and age. Either you are giving much meal from his requirement or more than his needs.

You are not defecating and urinating your baby rabbit and if so then their bladder will be overfilled and may burst out if the condition prolongs.

When you are feeding your baby rabbit, please make sure you are not going to attempt any of the above-mentioned mistakes.

Don’t skip any single point. Follow the instructions thoroughly and have a good healthy life for your baby rabbit.

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