Can Rabbits Eat Money Plant?

Rabbit owners are some of the luckiest pet owners that get to enjoy the presence and companionship of an absolutely adorable little animal.

The best part is that rabbits are generally low maintenance and don’t require extensive exercise or regular trips to the vet.

However, your little bunnies are known for having sensitive stomachs, which makes them vulnerable to digestive issues and can even lead to bouts of diarrhea.

That’s why rabbit owners need to be careful not to offer their bunnies anything that’s bad for them.

Let’s find out if money plant is safe for your rabbits to consume!

Can Your Rabbits Eat Money Plants?

You’ll be happy to know that your bunnies can enjoy some crispy, crunchy money plant!

Rabbits can eat money plants without it causing any harm to their bodies or tummies.

Since rabbits need a regular supply of veggies and fresh greens to maintain a healthy body, money plant does wonder for their health!

While the money plant does offer numerous benefits to your rabbits, there are some instances where you will need to be a little careful.

Firstly, too much of any kind of vegetable or plant isn’t good for rabbits. They need a constant supply of alfalfa hay as their primary source of nutrients.

Money plant should be the supplementary food you offer to your bunnies.

It adds some variety to their diet, and your rabbits will love the extra texture and taste it offers.

Another thing to consider is that the sap of money plant can be quite dangerous for rabbits.

Therefore, you will need to make sure the plant leaves you offer them have no sap residue. Otherwise, your bunny can end up needing medical attention!

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Nutritional Benefits of Money Plants

Now that we know that a money plant with the sap removed is safe for bunnies let’s go over another important aspect.

You’re probably wondering if money plant adds any nutritional benefits to your pet’s diet.

It actually does!

Here are some of the amazing nutritional benefits that rabbits can receive from eating money plants.

Excellent Supply of Copper

The leaves of the money plant have a high amount of copper in them.

When offered to your bunnies in moderate amounts, this supply of copper will improve blood flow and protect your bunnies against numerous illnesses.

This is because copper helps in increasing the production of red blood cells in your rabbit’s body.

It also eliminates any chances of developing skin defects and ensures your bunny’s best health.

Aside from the improved blood flow, you will also notice your bunny becoming fitter, healthier, and more active.

This is because copper strengthens the cardiovascular system and enhances metabolic activity.

Together, these two properties stop any chances of your rabbit becoming obese or developing diabetes.

Anti-Fungal Property of Gallic Acid

Gallic acid is another major component of money plant leaves.

It is known around the world for its anti-fungal properties that safeguard your rabbit against diseases and viruses.

This acid also offers your rabbit immunity against cancerous growth and prevents oxidative damage.

It ensures your bunny lives a long, healthy, and fruitful life with minimal health problems or vet visits.

How to Feed Bunnies Money Plants

As a rabbit owner, you probably already know that your pets need a good supply of vegetables and leaves.

Rabbits naturally gravitate towards leafy greens since the taste and texture are absolutely delightful to them.

So, choosing to feed your bunny some money plant is a great idea. But, it should never be made the main component of your rabbit’s diet.

It is essential for rabbit owners to remember that anything apart from alfalfa hay is a secondary diet option.

Therefore, money plant leaves can be the sides to their main hay meal,

Be sure to wash the leaves well before offering them to your bunny. This will remove any sap, pesticides, or other harmful substances on the leaves.

When it comes to feeding the leaves to your bunnies, go slow and monitor how their stomach reacts to the new food.

Offer them a few bites of the leaves at first and keep an eye out for diarrhea or stomach ache.

If everything works out smoothly and your bunny responds well to the leaves, you can continue to give more.

Adding a few money plant leaves to their daily food is enough to keep your bunnies satisfied and healthy.

Some Plants to Avoid for Your Rabbits

You now know that money plant leaves in moderate amounts are safe for bunnies.

But, it is important for rabbit owners to realize that all greens aren’t good for their pets.

There are numerous vegetables, leaves, and fruits that can harm your rabbits.

Feeding them these substances can make them extremely sick and might even be fatal.

Before we go, here is a list of plants you should never offer your bunnies. Please be careful about your bunny’s diet so you can enjoy a long, happy life with them!

  • Hydrangea
  • Lilies
  • Cannabis
  • Onion
  • Potato Plants

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