Can rabbits eat money plant?

Rabbits owners always take care of their pet food and diet. Here in this article, we will guide you can you feed money plant to your rabbit.

The money plant, commonly known as the jade plant is one of the highly medicinal food that can be given to rabbits.

Can rabbits eat money plant? Yes, the rabbit can eat a money plant with no harm. They need fresh vegetables each day and including a little money plant in the diet will do just fine.

Can rabbits eat money plant?

This plant has several benefits for pet rabbits. However, you need to note that the sap of the money plant can be extremely poisonous if consumed accidentally. It is advisable to slowly introduce it in small quantities and should be stopped immediately if your rabbits show any allergies.

Rabbits also have taste preferences and it is not abnormal if yours doesn’t like the plant.

Nutritional benefits of feeding money plant to your rabbits

You can feed your rabbits money plant but introduce them slowly. The money plants have nutritional benefits for rabbits which are described below:

Money plants have copper

The leaves of the money plant are largely composed of Copper which are very helpful when the red blood cells have less hemoglobin than normal which can be a likely case if your rabbit looks pale. Copper also helps to get rid of some skin defects or eruptions on the skin.

An adequate supply of copper present in the plant is also needed for bone marrow problems, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, and metabolic activities.

The money plant has a high concentration of Copper up to 9000ppm and hence, shouldn’t be given in large quantities to the rabbits.

Gallic Acid

The main component of money plant leaves (Gallic Acid) comes with various health benefits for the rabbit. Studies show that Gallic acid has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

As we all know, cancerous growths can develop in rabbits as a firm, rapidly growing lumps. Gallic acid, however, shows some form of immunity to cancer cells without causing harm to any healthy cells.

It is also anti-inflammatory and can act as an antioxidant to prevent oxidative damage in the cells. You can buy a money plant online to decorate your room from Amazon. 

Factors to be considered before feeding money plant to your rabbit

The routine food of rabbits is carrot, vegetables, hay, and grass. Therefore, you must have considered a few things before introducing new food. It can help to avoid adverse health events in your bunnies. When you want to feed the money plant to your rabbit consider these factors:

Introduce them slowly

When you decide to give a different food to your rabbit other than a routine diet, you should introduce it slowly. This is strongly suggested; feed your rabbit a very low quantity of money plant at the start. This is a proper way to observe how this diet reacts to it.

Set a low quantity of money plants to feed your rabbit

It is not enough to introduce money plants slowly to rabbits; it is also suggested for you to set a low quantity of leaves to feed them. As a rabbit owner, you know better that they always finish their food bowl. So you have to take a low amount of money plant to your rabbit.

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