Can you train a rabbit to use a litter box?

Do you want to know can you train a rabbit to use a litter box so that they respond to use a litter box inside and outside? Here you will get all the info and step by step training in detail.

When you woke up one morning and found that the rabbit has made your living room dirty with his poops and there is also urine odor. I am pretty sure many pet owners have experienced this type of thing when they bring bunny home.

Can you train a rabbit to use a litter box? You can train a rabbit to use a litter box by selecting a suitable rabbit box, good quality litter, decent space, and lots of time.  Older rabbits can be spayed and are easy to train, even a baby rabbit can be taught to use a tray, with pairs of rabbit groups.

If one adult rabbit is trained he will teach the others naturally which is a great thing. But some bunnies can be troublesome as they make it hard to leave their territory and usually do everything sitting in one corner of the butch.

Can you train a rabbit to use a litter box?

If you are facing this type of issue then no worries you are not the only one here. But fortunately, you can teach a rabbit to train fast for doing his potty with easy steps.

Most rabbits prefer to do stick to one corner of the cage or hutch for toilet business, this where litter training comes in to play a major role to help identify them to make everything easy.

The reason is simple it is far easy to clean the litter tray than to clean the whole cage.

To train your rabbit for litter box it is important that you should do all the preparations so whenever feeling like doing potty or urine could hop into the tray right away.

Here is a step by step guide to training a rabbit for a litter box:

Choose the right location to use a litter box:

When you begin litter training the bunny you need to make sure he/she stays in an enclosed area. First, you need to choose the right location or area, like a utility room, bathroom or any small room without carpet is a good place to begin training.

  • Train him in a room with a slippery floor
  • Put a towel or rug down for bunny to lay on
  • Trim the rabbit’s nails, it will help him feel more comfortable on the slippery floor
  • prepare the rabbit to confine him, so you can’ let him out in any other room until he urinates in the box

Now prepare the litter box:

It is time for you to ready the litter box, you can use litter covered with some hay and add some of the rabbit’s urine or poop soaked paper. Place it under the litter box wherever you see fit, mostly in a corner. You can buy a pet toilet corner on Amazon as well. 

Add the rabbit inside the box:

Now it’s time to add the rabbit in the box. While you first train the rabbit, to stay in a room and never leave droppings on the floor. It means he is ready.

Immediately put a rabbit in the litter box and begin to pet him. Spend some time as much as you can when you leave out him back in the cage or hutch.

Repeat this method several times in the training room, only then let the rabbit out for another room.

  • If the rabbit likes to move or dig box around you can use a large clamp to fix it on side of the cage or hutch
  • Drill some hole in the side of the box to secure with twist ties
  • Clean up all accidents as soon as possible
  • Let litter box stay dirty for a while when the rabbit is training

Try to expand the area:

After you are sure that the rabbit is urinating only in the litter box, it is time to expand the area, jut never bed afraid to use multiple litter boxes until the bunny has developed appropriate behavior.

But if you still see a rabbit urinating outside the box, pick him up and place in the litter box again. Do not scold the rabbit, instead rather praise and encourage him inside the box.

You can surely set a schedule for a rabbit to enjoy his time. Place him litter box for 15 minutes in training and play with him. Give him the treat to offer him stay in the litter box.

As time passes you can space out the litter box and it only requires patience, time, consistency, and praise to help the rabbit reshape habits and obey your commands.

What type of tray is best for rabbits?

It is time for you to make the right move and for starters, you need to find which perfect tray you can use. The tray needs to be big and enough to let your rabbit fit in comfortably.

Some set shops sell litter trays for small animals like rabbits and are an ideal choice is lidded trays that prevent rabbits from digging litter out.

For adult rabbits, you can try and find plastic under the bed storage box that is twice the size of the rabbit.

What kind of litter you should use for rabbits?

There are many options you can choose when it comes to litter, but there are some that will exceed your expectation for rabbit litter tray including,

  • Paper pulp bedding
  • Newspaper
  • Non-clumping cat litter
  • Wood pallets
  • Hay or straw

However, there are two sorts of litter that can prove harmful for rabbit such as,

Clumping cat litter:

It can be swallowed by the rabbit and cause internal blockage of even diarrhea

Softwood litter:

This is already available in most pet shops and quite a common one for bedding in hutches. But recent studies have shown that it can cause liver disease in a small animal like rabbits.

So avoid using it by any means.

How often you should clean a litter box?

This is the question that comes in pet owners mind, but truth to be told every two or three days are best. Just wipe out the whole tray or box before putting new litter in.

Give it complete scrub so it is disinfected, never do this too often. If you desire can put some dirty litter from the garden dust bin as well.

Some common Rabbit litter training mistakes you should know:

Nothing lasts forever if you think your rabbit litter training is complete and he can poop and urinate in litter box then you are sadly mistaken.

There are some common mistakes still happens but to avoid you need to learn to tackle them in every way possible such as,

  • letting the rabbit out of the cage and not watching with undivided attention
  • If a rabbit urinates without being caught and heads towards the litter box then he/she will be slower to learn
  • Never get in a hurry, rabbits take time
  • Every bunny has its specialty n learning and training
  • Keep a lookout on their behavior


These are some real facts about training a rabbit to use a litter box. After all, they are adorable and loveable creatures that need proper guidance and tips for urinating 100% inside the box and prevent the house from getting messy.

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