How to Train a Rabbit to Walk on a Harness?

As the rabbits learn to know different methods and tricks, in the same way, they also get to know how to walk with the help of a harness.

You have to take careful efforts to make the rabbit learn the use of a leash and harness. Extra measures and training are done to keep the rabbit in place.

Rabbits love to hope around, they do not want to be leash and harness hardly. Rabbits take more time than other pets like dogs.

Yes, you can train your rabbits to walk on a harness by giving them proper training.

First, keep them indoors and use the leash and hardness inside the home. Take the safety measures to harness your rabbit.

Let your rabbit walk around with the leash for about 10-15 minutes daily.

Several training methods are used which could be helpful to train the rabbit to use the leash and harness easily.

As it is time taking, stay focused, and start slow and steady.

How to Train a Rabbit to Walk on a Harness?

Rabbits want to be free and do not want others to tie them.

Rabbits do a lot of exercise in their bunny-proof space, even then they want to scroll around in the free environment.

Taking your bunny outside the home in free space and handling them and keeping them safe from other animals is not an easy task.

Your rabbit must be properly trained to walk outside in an open environment.

For this, you have to train your rabbit on a harness.

So, when you go outside to make sure your pet and you can enjoy the free environment around you without getting in any trouble.

To keep the rabbit safe while you are out, you have to get your rabbit properly trained to use a harness and follow your orders.

Several steps could be taken to make the rabbit train on a harness:

Choose a Proper Harness

As you know that rabbits are not easy to control and you want your rabbit to go outside with you.

For this, you have to choose a proper harness, so that it could not get away from you.

Harness-style leashes are best for your rabbit, as these do not cause disturbance or injury to your rabbit during walking.

  • You have to look for the harness, that will be easy for the rabbit, which goes around your bunny chest and trunk.
  • This can easily get from the pet store, as there are a variety of harnesses present there.
  • Take a lightweight and it should not be big from the rabbit’s body should be chosen.
  • Avoid the collar type leashes as your rabbit can slip out from this and get injured.
  • The harness gives you a gentle jerk if your rabbit is in danger, and then you can take control of your rabbit easily.
  • Always choose that harness which is comfortable for your rabbit.
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Put the Harness on the Rabbit

When you have purchased the harness, now you have to put it on the rabbit’s back.

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Make sure it has been fitted properly and your bunny could not escape out of it easily.

Also, make sure that the harness will not cause discomfort or injury to your rabbit while walking.

  • Sit on the floor and grip your rabbit gently and smoothly, and talk with it lightly and ease the harness on your rabbit.
  • Make sure harness is comfortable and well protected.
  • A loose harness can cause the rabbit to escape, if it is too tight then it can disturb the rabbit and it can be injured.

Give Your Bunny Some Time to Adjust

At first, your rabbit will be unwilling to accept the harness. It may even want to escape from it, or it could want to antics you, but do not worry, you are not hurting your rabbit.

Give your rabbit a few days as it will try to accept to know the harness. And then it will associate and can enjoy the walks.

  • Take the harness off if your rabbit is not willing to wear it. Give it time.
  • Keep doing your effort continuously until your rabbit feels comfortable with the harness.
  • Attach the leash with the harness as your rabbit gets used of it comfortably.
  • Let your rabbit drag the leash and harness behind it until it is used to feel the push behind it.
  • Put the harness daily for 5-10 minutes so that your rabbit gets used of it.
  • Offer some treats to your rabbit while training it so it does not get panic or discomfort.
  • If you are facing any trouble to leash your rabbit then call your vet, and inquire about leash training.

Stroll With your Rabbit Inside

It will take time for your rabbit to walk around with the leash and harness and make it easy to scroll outside.

Give your rabbit time to get comfortable with the harness, as to go outside the house for a walk.

  • Give rabbit your time and give him 8-10 days of walking inside and get used of its harness before you travel or wander outside the house.
  • If your rabbit has never been outside from its space, then take the rabbit’s cage to the pet safe place where it does not feel discomfort.
  • Even you can take it to the backyard of the house on a daily basis before taking him outside from its comfort zone.

Look for Favorable Places

Your bunny is a fragile animal and it needs to make sure that the place where it walks should be safe enough.

The place should be safe and secure where you can take your bunny easily to wander around.

Make sure there are no other wild animals or other things that could harm your rabbit.

  • Look out for the possible places when your rabbit is inside the house.
  • Observe the place for the few days as there is not lots of traffic on a daily basis, dogs or other wild animals.
  • Look out as there should not be any dogs or lots of people around.
  • Find a grassy and dandelions place for the rabbit to walk around and also for food.

Go for Small Outings

When you find a better place to walk around with your rabbit, now, it’s time to take your rabbit outside the house.

Do not take your rabbit on longer walks at the beginning. Instead, take your rabbit for the small outings so that it could not get overwhelmed.

  • Walk with your rabbit first for the just few minutes on a daily basis.
  • Make it sure you go to the same place again and again so, that your rabbit does not feel distressed or discomfort. As rabbits are much familiar with places they hike.
  • Give the rabbit enough time as he gets to know about shorter walks. When it gets comfortable then it could walk on its own.
  • Give your rabbit treats when you take it for an outing. As it will amuse them and let them wander around on their own.
  • Do not pull your bunny, and do not lead him. Simply follow your rabbit, if it gets in danger then, pick him up and comfort it.

Take Your Pet Rabbit for a Long Walk

As you have taken your rabbit to the shorter walks for a few weeks, and it enjoys it.

Now, it’s time to take your rabbit for the longer lead walks. As rabbit get comfortable with shorter walks and it knows that place or area so, it would be easy for the owner to take for a long time.

  • First, the time period was short. Now, take out a rabbit for 15-20 minutes for a couple of time daily to enjoy the fresh and cool breeze.
  • Always be patient when taking out your rabbit. do not move fast during walking, just take a few feet at a time.
  • Avoid forcing the rabbit’s leash, if you pull it hard then it could injure the rabbit.
  • Take small steps, and when the rabbit gets panic, pick it up and try to relax by giving it a treat.

Consider a Playpen:

Sometimes when you are outside, rabbits do not want to walk with the leash. If this happens then you have to think about something like an outdoor playpen.

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It is a small structure with bars or the net around the sides and opens at the top.

This will give rabbits free space outside to walk and hop easily and safely without any leash.

  • Look for an outdoor playpen, that should have the four side with the top close as it will keep predators out and not to harm the rabbit.
  • The walls of the rabbit playpen should be of wire, so you can look after the rabbit activity.
  • Supervise your bunny when it is in the playpen so that it could not get harmed from anything. Then, after walking safely take it out.

Train your Rabbit to Chase You with Harness

As during training, a rabbit, you are a trainer for it. It is possible for you that you can train it in an even better way with little effort.

You have to make sure that your rabbit is getting the proper training or not. Is it comfortable with the harness or not?

Is harness is injuring your rabbit? Is it happy with it? you have to look at every possibility to make your rabbit in comfort.

You can let your rabbit chase you by wearing the harness, as it can get comfortable with it.

And he gets used to it. And when you put the harness on it could not get panic or disturb.

How Difficult is Leash Training for Rabbits?

Leash training for rabbits requires time, a lot of patience, and proper training of the rabbit.

A careful examination must be done while training the rabbit for the harness.

Training of rabbits must be done at a young age so, they get used to it.

For the older rabbits, it becomes difficult to properly train them. Only those who are calm, enjoy the new experiences.

If your rabbit is stressed by some of the leash training, then it becomes difficult to continue it forward.

Rabbits can get stressed easily, so while doing their training it is important to relax them properly and get them out of stress.

Wearing of a harness could be difficult for the rabbit to wear and it causes it to unleash it and to be free. It will be uncomfortable for it to wear.

Basically, age does not matter a lot to train the rabbit. As older rabbits are difficult to train because they could have the pain of arthritis or other, so they could resist the ability to resist the leash training.

Adult rabbits with a good attitude can be trained easily as like the youngster. And it can be easy for the trainer to better train them.

Can You Take a Rabbit to Walk with the Harness?

Rabbits are great pets, as they are quiet, compliant and fun-loving animals. However, like other animals, rabbits also like to hop and wander around in the free space.

They want proper time to exercise and play, used to walk in the ground and used to enjoy these exercise and fun.

You can take your rabbit outside in the free space to wander and enjoy the fresh air and feel better.

  • First, you have to choose the type of harness that will be comfortable for your rabbit. there are different varieties of harnesses in the pet store.
  • So make sure your rabbit feels better after wearing that harness and do not get injured or break its neck with struggling with it.
  • Do not try to put collar harness to your rabbit just like dogs as these are fragile animals and can get them injured and could easily escape from it.
  • Always pick lightweight leash for your rabbit. Take at least 3-4 feet longer leash so it can be helpful for the rabbit to wander far things and you also do not get disturbed.
  • Make sure which harness you choose is better for your rabbit and let it drag around the house by proper doing its training.
  • Hold the leash and let your rabbit walk gently, if it stops or does not move then motivate your rabbit by spoking such words, like” keep moving” or “let’s walk”.
  • Never force your rabbit to walk, give it some time to do itself and walk. Do not tug your rabbit as their sine can get injured due to sudden jerks.
  • Bring your rabbit outside the house in an enclosed area so he could not get escape or hide.
  • Walk with your rabbit outdoor for 6-7 minutes in a day. Or take a round around the yard to make your rabbit comfortable in the outside place.
  • When you take out your rabbit notice that there is not any kind of hazardous thing or animal that could be dangerous or frightening for your rabbit.
  • Take treats with you as you are training your rabbit, which will also be helpful in the training and rabbits will walk with more enthusiasm.
  • As this is time taking process but by proper planning and devotion, you can make your bunny trained to walk on a harness.

Final Words

We have discussed in the above topic how to train a rabbit to walk on a harness. Thus, it could be trained to wear the harness and walk around without getting any discomfort.

Rabbits are active animals and love to chase around in the open space. So, there comes some difficulty when they are not ready to put the harness on and gets panic.

Younger rabbits are much ease to take control of them than other older rabbits. Train your rabbit when they are younger, as they get easily involved with you.

As it required time to train them but by giving proper time and training you can take your rabbit outside on a harness by acting upon the above-mentioned steps and can easily train your rabbit to walk on a harness.

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