How to Treat Rabbit Injuries?

If you have rabbits as your pets, you probably know how they enjoy sneaking away into little corners and getting up to all forms of mischief.

Cute as it may be, this also puts them at risk of getting injured.

Not all injuries can wait till you reach the vet. Sometimes, you will need to think on your feet and act immediately to make sure the injury doesn’t get worse.

Today, we will discuss some essential tips you should know to treat rabbit injuries. Let’s get right to it!

How to Treat Rabbit Injuries

Knowing how to treat rabbit injuries ensures you can offer your precious pet some basic care before heading out to the vet for professional treatment.

If your bunny is critically hurt, this pre-vet care could be the difference between life and death.

That is why it is essential that you begin treatment at home and buy yourself some time to reach a vet.

To start, first, take a few moments to assess the injury and look for any signs of pain or bleeding.

Notice when your bunny shows discomfort or tries to get away; that is the area that requires attention.

Bite Wounds or Punctures

If your rabbit has been bit by another animal or has an open wound, there are high chances of them going into shock. They could even develop an infection.

The best thing to do in such cases is to inspect the wound. If it’s small and shallow, you can clean it using some Betadine and clean cotton.

On the other hand, if the cut is large and deep, it might require stitches. Therefore, you should head to the vet immediately.

In case of any objects sticking out of the wound, do not remove them as it could be stopping the bleeding.  It is always better to let a vet handle such wounds!


Any form of bleeding should be given immediate care and attention.

If the bleeding is severe, try to put a small amount of pressure to stop it and head to your vet for further assessment.

For slow, trickling bleeding, it is best to cover the area with a clean cloth and apply a bandage to it.

Avoid using tissues and secure the bleeding area well to prevent loss of pressure from it.

Electrical Shock

Bunnies are known for being little cord chewers.

If one of your rabbits ends up chewing on an electrical cord or wire, they will probably get an electrical shock.

It can make your rabbit weak and even cause loss of consciousness.

Instead of trying to make your rabbit conscious again, it is best to wrap them in a towel or small blanket for warmth.

Their body won’t be able to regulate temperature too well.

Once they are wrapped well and cost, head off to an emergency vet and tell them that your bunny requires urgent care.

Back or Leg Injuries

If you notice your rabbit limping or expressing discomfort as they try to move around, it could be due to a broken bone.

Such back or leg injuries should be treated with utmost care.

It isn’t much you can do without an x-ray indicating the problem area.

Therefore, the best mode of action is to gently put your rabbit in its carrier and head to a vet immediately.

Be sure not to chase your bunny when trying to catch them. They shouldn’t be panicked or feel in danger, as this can make the injury worse.

Dental Injuries

Dental injuries cannot be treated at home. Don’t attempt to scale your bunny’s teeth or tend to the gums by yourself.

All forms of dental problems require professional medical attention and should only be handled by a highly-skilled vet.

Broken Nails

Never try to cut or file your rabbit’s broken nails yourself. The nails have a sensitive ‘quick’ running through the center.

If cut improperly, it can become quite painful for your bunny and make the injury worse.

As you do your best to offer your bunny basic first aid care, make sure not to panic or freak out.

Staying calm in emergency situations will help you think with a clear head and do a better job of stopping the bleeding or whatever else is required.

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What to Do After Basic Treatment?

Once you’ve taken care of the basic treatment, the next thing to do is reach out to your vet.

Knowing your vet’s regular timings can be quite helpful.

If your usual vet isn’t available, don’t worry! Remember, panicking won’t do you any good.

Instead, you should look up the nearest emergency vet and call to ask them if they care for rabbits.

Carefully transport your rabbit into a jet box and drive to the vet for proper medical care.

Make sure you recall to the vet exactly what happened and how your bunny got injured. Tell them about the measures you took to treat the injury.

Also, remember to mention if you gave the rabbit medication or applied any ointments.

How to Protect Your Rabbit Against Injuries

Rabbits are wonderfully loving and joyful creatures that make perfect pets for any home.

However, it is essential to remember that they can be quite delicate and prone to injuries.

As a rabbit owner, you should be well-equipped with the right knowledge to keep your rabbits safe and protected against any injuries.

Sure, it helps to know what to do in case of emergencies, but prevention is always better than cure.

Here are some great tips to keep your rabbits safe as they hop about, living their best lives with you.

  • Pick up your rabbits by getting down as close to their level as you can. Never pick up rabbits from a height.
  • Ensure your rabbits aren’t exposed to any sharp or dangerous objects.
  • When you let the rabbits out of their enclosure, make sure there are no small spaces they can get stuck in.
  • Keep them away from electrical components like switches or wires.
  • All doors and windows should be closed when the rabbits are out of their enclosure. This ensures they don’t run away accidentally and aren’t exposed to any predators.
  • Have a first aid kit ready for your rabbits in case of any injuries or accidents.
  • Note down the contact and location details of nearby emergency vets that tend to rabbits. This will be a great help in case of emergencies, as your regular vet might not be available.

Final Words

Proper diet, a comfortable enclosure, and socialization are all essentials when you keep rabbits as pets.

Unfortunately, even if you’re doing everything right, there are always chances of an accident occurring.

These accidents could lead to serious injuries and even a possibly life-threatening situation for your bunnies.

Under such circumstances, being prepared with the right knowledge can make all the difference. You should know what to do in case of different kinds of injuries and have a fully stocked first aid kit.

Knowing where the nearest emergency vet is will also help you get your bunny the immediate medical attention they need. Best of luck in providing your bunnies with the best care!

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