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Can I shave my lionhead rabbit?

Rabbits are the most sensitive, delicate, and furry animals. You must need to take care of your rabbits and make them safe from predators. Most of the time rabbits can groom themselves by licking their fur but Lionhead rabbits’ woolly fur can become matted if do not groom or shaved.

Can I shave my lionhead rabbit? Yes, you can shave Lionhead rabbits and regular brushing will reduce the risk by removing loose hairs in grooming sessions.

Lionhead rabbits have excessively long hairs and while licking the wool can be blocked in their intestines.

Can I shave my Lionhead rabbit?

Some rabbit breeds have long hairs that need grooming on regular basis. If you want to groom your lionhead rabbit then you can shave it, but keep in mind; don’t shave your lionhead completely.

Because the length of coat and textures varies to the breed so first, you must research what type of grooming your rabbit needs.

Regular brushing and grooming of the rabbit hairs will help to keep its skin healthy, soft, and shiny with natural body oil distribution equally.

You have to keep your pet clean and safe with good health, no matter which type of fur coat your rabbit has. Always take care of your rabbit nails by trimming, brushing teeth, combing hairs, and provide a good digest of food.

Is it safe to shave my lionhead rabbit?

Well, it’s pretty safe to shave your lionhead rabbit but you should be extra careful because their skin is very sensitive and can be injured during the shave.

You should have to keep in mind if they are above their months and mature then you can shave. Here are two conditions in which you can shave your rabbit:

  1. Overgrown or Matted fur

You can shave your 3 months old rabbits when their hairs are excessively grown or matted fur then it’s safe. If the hairs are long enough to get in the eyes and mouth then you must trim them.

  1. Thermo-regulation purposes

Rabbits are warm-blooded and cannot survive in the excess of heat so if the purpose to shave them for thermos-regulation then it’s reasonable. Because the long hairs can discomfort rabbits but don’t completely shove off the fur coat. So they won’t be able to stay safe at night and can get sick.

5 Best tools to shave a rabbit

There is a rabbit grooming kit available in the market or you can buy it from Amazon at a discount price using our affiliate link. This grooming kit contains the following tools

  1. Grooming blower

Rabbits are naturally timid creatures so use an electronic grooming blower to dry the fur before shaving.

Some people find it difficult to get the blower near to the rabbit so they also use a towel to dry the damp fur and skin.

  1. Brush

You can use a soft brush to comb the rabbit hair. Rubber brush, comb, and pimple brushes are good for grooming.

  1. Soft brush

Soft brushes for teeth are good for rabbits as the rabbit enjoy chewing it either.

  1. Comb

Combing is necessary for the long hair or Lionhead rabbits molting hairs but do it carefully for the injury you may cause to his delicate skin.

  1. Clippers or Scissors

You can use clippers or scissors to shave the rabbits but the clicking sound may scare them so be careful and keep holding the rabbit while shaving.

Can I clean shave my lionhead rabbit?

Always keep in mind that a rabbit’s skin is very sensitive and can be tear away during the shave. So, be careful while clean shave your rabbit.

First of all, dry the whole fur of the rabbit as its skin excrete natural oils and sometimes makes hair matted. Then mark a border where you want to shave the fur.

Now you can clean shave the rabbit fur. Be careful and never completely shove off the whole coat of rabbits it can make them sick.

How often should I shave the rabbit?

When the hairs are grown excessively and matting means tangled hairs then it can create mites in fur and wool block the digestive system of rabbits. So whenever you feel excess hair you can shave them.

Final Words

When you are finished shaving the rabbit you can pick the removed hairs from the rabbit skin or use a comb for removal.

Don’t drag the loose hairs from the rabbit’s skin as it can harm so pluck or comb the hairs you shaved. If you will completely shove off the rabbit’s hair it can make your pet suffer from hypothermia.

But shaving is good for the rabbit’s health and can keep it safe from swallowing the loose hairs and block the dietary tracts that slow down digestion.

So, shave your pet carefully and remove the hairs from the skin by combing them while grooming them.

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