What Causes Rabbits To Lose Their Fur

Rabbit fur plays an important role to enhance the rabbit look. Yearly, bunnies used to shed almost two times of the year. In case of any abnormal hair fall, you can consult with your doctor as almost all hair-related issues can be cured by medication.

What causes rabbits to lose their fur? Parasite infections are the main cause of to loss of rabbit fur. Disproportion of hormone production and hair loss can be also the reason for fur loss. Pay attention to the things, such as overgrooming, fighting, and bacterial infections. Wounds caused by urine can also lower your fur growing ratio.

Among the reasons for fur removal, parasitic infections have been the most common. These ailments include fur parasites, flies, worms, and fungus.

Whenever it comes to your bunny’s coat problems, you must be alert because they may spread to the entire skin. These are easy to treat initially, but they can cause itching in rabbits, which can be very uncomfortable.

What Causes Rabbits To Lose Their Fur?

Here in this article, we have mentioned some infections which cause rabbits to lose their fur. For faster fur growth, you can manage the following factors carefully:

Parasite Problems

Parasite problems are not that fatal, once if you have killed all the parasites that means your bunny is completely safe for the next few months. Below are some major diseases caused by parasites.

Sarcoptic Mange

It is caused by the Sarcoptic mite, one of the reasons for the same name. White crusts appear on the fur starting from the borders of the eyes, ears, nose, and sometimes from the toe.

The crusts that appear on the skin start to spread further if not treated early. Many patches of this crustiness form on the body leading towards itching.

Infection can happen on crusts so consult the doctor immediately after you notice even the mildest mange. The more you will delay the treatment more it will worsen the disease. This mange can be eliminated at an early stage more easily and you will notice an immediate positive response after action.

Fur Mites Lose Their Fur

Also known as Cheylatiella parasitivorax, also leads to itching but it is not that severe. They look like dandruff on the skin and are in the form of flakes. Bald patches start to appear on the rabbit skin and fur’s shedding occurs more than normal.

Fur mites have certain types and some of them can’t be inspected by visualizing from the naked eye. Fur mites’ symptoms are more understated than the mange or other cankers caused to them.

Special medicines are used for fur mites, one of them is selamectin, a famous one for fur mites’ cure. You can buy it from Amazon using our affiliate link to get more discounts.

Ear Canker

Psoroptes cuniculi is another name for this condition, which is also highly painful. Hair loss around the ears happens as a result of this condition.

Small wounds around the ears used to occur, and rabbits dislike being touched in the damaged area because of the irritation.

Bunnies start shaking their heads like vibrations to experience some relief throughout this condition.

Its major signs include:

  • Ear flapping and hair loss are two of its most noticeable signs.
  • Itching causes more fur loss by scratching the area around the ears.
  • Excessive itchiness as a result of pain
  • Scabs appear around and sometimes inside the ear canal

Early treatment is always recommended because there is a higher probability that your skin will be severely affected.

Other bunnies in the enclosure should be protected against sickness as well. If you find the rabbit is in more pain, give him pain relievers right away after consulting with a doctor.

Rat Mites

These parasites begin to live permanently on the host’s body. Getting rid of rat mites is a difficult undertaking. Excessive itching can result in hair loss. Medicine can remove these parasites, but permanent removal from the fur is required, which can be accomplished by regular skincare.

The entire area of the cage and its environs must be cleaned. If some of these mites’ shelters remain, they can cause harm again after a while. The hair loss that happens is in patches. And it can be fatal, resulting in lifelong hair loss.

Ringworm Fungus

Fur loss happens in form of round and circular patches just like the ring. Mostly found in the rabbit’s mouth, nose, ear, and on the rabbit’s head. Little red spots can also emerge in the form of red circles, which is its primary symptom.

Occasionally, crusting or scaling with bald areas appears on the skin instead of red spots. Miconazole is used to treat it, and you should follow the veterinarian’s advice for a better consultation.


Rabbits do over-grooming when they are stressed with boredom ness. They do over-groom with the help of their partner or through themselves. Keep them busy in other activities to avoid this issue.

Give attractive toys to your rabbit or you can increase their outing time to keep them indulge in other activities.

Dental Problems

Dental problems are concerned more with eating habits. Any hard treat can make them drool, which means their teeth are infected. The inner side of the teeth seemed to be burned with the pain.

Molar spurs are produced in these areas. Dental issues are more related to elder rabbits. Dental problems lead to fur loss right below the chin. These can also produce spores within the itching problem.

Here is a complete guide to giving rabbit chewable things

False Pregnancy

Rabbits, like other mammals, exhibit nesting behavior. They do fur lining with various materials from their cage from the belly, sides, and around the chest area. They occasionally display stuffing with couch-type things too.

This indicates that your rabbit is suffering from nesting or a fake pregnancy. Visit the clinic as soon as possible to safeguard them from further health problems.

Urinary Tract Infections

You’ll be able to see in this disease whether your bunny has a lot of fur loss around the tail, hips, and lower belly. Infections associated with this can result in poor urinary control and even urine leaks. Continuous sipping of pee might produce burning around the hips and legs in a healthy individual.

Fur loss occurs in the area where urine drinking occurs, causing skin injury. As quickly as possible, take your bunny to the vet.

Clean the butt area continuously until the rabbit takes control of the bladder.

Infections Through Bacteria

conies settled in the moisturized environment have extra chances to build a connection with the infection through the bacteria. because of the extra humidity, the skin of the bunny becomes wet and smelly.

Chances of bacteria creation are too much in the wet environment as compared to dryness. Bacterial infections can happen there and fur loss can happen very easily.

Dangerous disease flystrike can happen if a fly lays her eggs over the infected area. It can be deadly if you don’t pay heed for the next 10 to 15 hours after the infection.