How to Save a Rabbit from Dying? 10 Things You Must Know!

How to Save a Rabbit from Dying?

Everyone has a life expectancy, whether an animal or a human.

Some live for an extended period, while others have shortages. Rabbits also enjoy a long and healthy life, but that too has a limit.

If you have kept a bunny as a pet, then you must know that they die very suddenly and without any medical reason.

But this does not mean that they cannot live a long life. Their life expectancy is almost 12 years while a race of rabbits can live till 18 long years.

But there are times when you wake up and see that your rabbit is dead. How is it possible?

The rabbit was fine, his health was fine then what happened? There could be many reasons, and that is what we are doing here day. We are trying to look into the matter so we can find ways to help the poor bunny from dying.

In short, a rabbit is fully capable of living a healthy life, given that he or she is not suffering from any illness or given a sudden shock.

Therefore, we will learn about the symptoms, which tell us about a dying rabbit and how we can prevent it from happening.

You can save a Rabbit from dying by visiting a Vet regularly, giving a healthy diet, good physical activity, keeping him indoors, and taking good care of your pet rabbit. You must know the signs and symptoms of a dying rabbit

How to Save a Rabbit from Dying?

Although we cannot stop death, there are some ways in which we can delay it to the maximum.

Also, there are many reasons and prevention when those are applied, we can prevent the death of our pet rabbit.

Following are those methods that help a lot in the prevention of the death of the rabbit.

Healthy Diet

To avoid the death of a rabbit, you must maintain a healthy diet.

No matter what he likes, you should consult a vet and prepare a healthy menu for your rabbit. Feed him accordingly and avoid giving him unhealthy items.

Also, missing a meal is not healthy. Rabbits don’t like sudden changes. So, if you plan to change his diet routine, then do it slowly.

Everything must happen step by step so that the rabbit gets used to his routine.

Regular Exercise and Activity

Rabbit is bound to have strong behind legs, which enables them to run fast and stay active. So, you must provide them with enough space where they can perform their fun activities daily.

They don’t like to stay in enclosed areas. They want to be free with a lot of physical activities.

Try to give them enough space and play with them as they enjoy such gatherings a lot. But make sure that all playing meetings are friendly.

Grooming and Neutering

Since rabbits are naturally groomed animal, it needs a little pampering from their owner. It does not require a lot of effort as rabbits are self-groomers.

They don’t like staying dirty. Therefore, if you put effort into them and brush them at least once a day, especially female rabbits, then you will notice that they stay happy and active.

This leads to a long and healthy life.

A Regular Visit to the Vet

regular visitation to a vet is a compulsion.

Whether you go to get the rabbit’s vital checked or take him for occasional shots, these little trips ensure his perfect health.

Each thing about a rabbit’s body is checked by the doctor, and if they notice something is not right, then they guide with proper medicine or routine.

This is always in the best interest of the rabbit. By doing so, you can surely stop your rabbit from dying.

Entertainment in Rabbit’s Life

Rabbits can get bored easily. They need to have some entertainment in their lives. That is why; rabbit owners are seen putting fun soft toys into their hutch.

But make sure that you keep those soft toys clean and change them every month.

When the things or routine gets the same, the rabbit can get bored, and they lose interest to live very quickly.

So, try mixing things up and bring the factor of entertainment into their lives.

If your rabbit is living alone, then you can always add another rabbit to the house, this will create a bond that is much needed and appreciated by rabbits.

They will play together, and their lives will become happy.

Avoiding Strong Light and Noise

It is a commonly known factor that harsh and sudden light and noise can cause them to panic. When they go into panic shocks, they are more vulnerable to death. Moreover, exposing them to light and noise, they sense something is different.

They get the stressful feelings inside them, and they get quiet or wild.

This sudden quietness or wildness can cause them to die speedily. So, avoid such things as much as possible.

Keeping the Rabbit Calm

One of the best things that can happen to rabbits is that they remain calm and happy.

It is slightly difficult since they get offended and hurt very easily, but again, that is due to the natural pampering they have gotten since birth and by the mother nature of the course.

Small things and little details like a cozy home, soft sleeping bed, healthy and interesting food, a fun playing routine, and favorite lighting and noise environment; all these factors combine to make the rabbit happy and calm.

These are the best things that can happen to any rabbit.

Avoid Giving Sudden Shocks

Any kind of sudden shock should be avoided. Try to protect your rabbit from all kinds of shocks and stress.

Though it is slightly difficult to do since rabbits have very vulnerable hearts. But you can always protect them.

Try placing the cover over their sheds or living space, so they are not disturbed by other animals and predators.

Also, their living space is nicely managed, light and noise should be under control, and rabbits must be kept in a calm atmosphere.

Avoid Jerky Movements and Jolts

If you want your rabbit to stay healthy and active, avoid giving him sudden movements or jerky movements.

They have soft and delicate back and front limbs. That is why; you must observe and monitor little kids when they are playing with rabbits.

Also, when they were cleaned or washed. Baths are very sensitive and must be done very attentively. Drying after baths must be done patiently.

Look out for Signs of Pain in Your Rabbit

Rabbits are not like humans. They cannot show their pain.

They are sensitive and feel highly insecure when they give you the impression that they are hurt or not well. They don’t like to come off as vulnerable creatures.

They will never show signs of hurt or illness. Therefore, you must look for them yourself. That can only be done when you keep a close look at their routine.

Whether it is diet or activity, notice everything closely, and if you find anything odd, then report it to the vet.

I am sure he or she will demand to see the rabbit as soon as possible. So never wait for anything to happen. Act before time.

Common Causes of Sudden Death in Rabbits

Rabbits’ life is full of fun and activity. They like playing around, and naturally, they are soft and delicate creatures.

So, when they are about to die, they give us signs. If we pay close attention to them, we can easily avoid many hard and harsh moments.

But you must remember that no matter how much we care and maintain their lifestyle, there is always an ending to a journey, and that is inevitable.

Following are some of those reasons which play a vital role in judging the dying scenarios of the dead rabbit.

Sudden Shocks

Rabbits have a weak heart. They are prone to get hurt easily.

If you try to shock them, then let me assure you that their little heart cannot take such surprises easily.

Whether it is humans or any other animal who tries and attack in a sudden way, the rabbit’s heart gives in.

Stress-Induced Heart Attack

When rabbits are under stress, they can die very quickly.

Rabbits get under stress very quickly. It can be due to their atmospheric changes, something they don’t like or approve or even harsh light or noise.

Whatever the reason which puts them under stress, it can lead to their death.

Panic Attacks

Another big reason for them to die all of a sudden is a panic attack. It can be due to a change of light or seeing a predator.

Even if they are enclosed and no animal can harm them, they still get panic attacks, and this can lead to their untimely death.

Stop Eating and Drinking

when rabbits are dying, they will stop eating. If you notice a visible change in their eating and drinking habits and then they stop doing these altogether, then that is the time to consult a vet.

It could be because they are not feeling well inside, and they are dying.

Less Activity

When any rabbit is about to die, they stop moving. They literally spend a long period staying static in one pose.

When you see such changes where your rabbit is not playing or tired all the time, that is the time you need to hurry to a vet to get it checked.

If you don’t, then your rabbit might die within a few days.

Age of Your Rabbit

Yes, if your rabbit has reached a double-figure, then it can happen any day.

It is only natural that when you reach the age, death is the only stop left. So, stay strong and stay alert with your bunny. Therefore, keep track of your bunny’s age.

Urination and Bowl Timings

Before dying, bunnies are known for losing urination and bowel timings. They urinate so much as if they have lost control.

Even their poop is out of control, and they do so very frequently. If you notice that your rabbit is urinating too much, then it is time to take him to the vet.

Interaction with Others

When rabbits are dying, they are least interested in activities, and they always feel lethargic.

They don’t move very often, and when they are pushed to get involved in activities, they go into a panic attack as they are being forced to sod something without their will.


When bunnies are dying, they give away scream, which is too painful to hear.

It can be due to anything inside or because they know they are dying. But when your rabbit starts to scream in shrill voices, it means the death is only minutes away.

Breathing Through Mouths

Rabbits are known as nose breathers. When they are dying, they start breathing through their mouths.

This is a vital sign that you must never ignore. It means something Is not fine inside them. It means that they are dying. You must not ignore and notice routine care.

Wet Baths

Rabbits don’t need baths that frequently.

They are like cats as they clean themselves.

But a wet bath every once in a while when their feet get too dirty with urine strains, and their fur gets too dirty becomes necessary.

But wet baths are very dangerous as they have a fragile spinal cord and it can get damaged easily. This could also lead to an internal injury, which can be a reason for their sudden death.

Final words

If you pay close attention to the movements and routine of the rabbit, you can prevent its death of it. You must remember that if the death is happening due to the age factor, then there is nothing, we can do about it except make the dying easy for the little fellow.

Dying is not easy as well since it is a painful thing, but you can make it a little bit easy by avoiding loud noises or excessive movements.

But there are some factors that contribute to the dying of a rabbit and they can be controlled, then you must follow them.

It is only for the best of the rabbit. I am sure by now, you must have a detailed idea of what you do to give your rabbit a healthy and long life.

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