How to make your rabbit sleep at night?

How to make your rabbit sleep at night?

Are you really looking for a comfortable and easy method about how to make your rabbit sleep at night? Is your rabbit causing you trouble with his sleep at night? Is he acting all cranky and biting you? The reason can be his sleep. Rabbits are known for their irregular sleep patterns, but if they don’t sleep well, they act all cranky and wild.

Rabbits are widely known as those domestic pets which are harmless. All adore them since they are cute and cuddly. They need proper training to get used to an assigned routine of eating and potty. But they make excellent pets. 

An interesting fact about rabbits is that they can sleep at any time of the day. They don’t need special night hours or daytime naps. They are just sensitive to light and noise. Their sleep gets easily disturbed, and hence, they stay awake all day long, which makes them irritated.

You can make your rabbit sleep at night by providing him with a soft bed, turning the lights off, avoid noise, and feed him properly.

Today we will be talking about one of the most highlighted issues faced by rabbit pet owners. The issue is about sleep. Many times, we have seen people complaining about their bunnies, not sleeping through the night. There are many factors associated with this problem, and we will be discussing them today.

How to Make Your Rabbit Sleep at Night?

Making a comfortable home is not enough for a rabbit to have a smooth sleep. They need to have their inner satisfied or calmed to such extent that they can drop their guard and have a sound sleep. No matter they live in the wild or at a cozy home, you must provide them the following elements so that your bunny can sleep calmly.

Finding the right bed is important:

Rabbits themselves are soft. So, the softness of the bed matters a lot to them. You will find that many bunnies are sleeping in paper bags or hutch style beds. The reason is that they put their comfort as a top priority.

So, you must put great thought into the kind of bed you are going to get for your bunny. I will suggest you this rabbit bed available on Amazon, I really love it. This bed will provide that stating push towards great sleep.

Comfortable and warm bed:

They want something soft and plush. Rabbits are considered as spoil animal as it has only received love and affection from everyone. They want what is best.

Their bed must be soft with heavy bedding options, and that too must be super plush. All thoughts lead to a spoiled brat, isn’t it? So to get your to rabbit to sleep, you must give him a soft, plush, cozy sleeping bed preferably with high side posts.

No lighting in the room:

rabbits are super sensitive towards harsh lights. If they are sleeping and you open the lights, then they will not only wake up but get into their bad moods which can easily turn in to worst moods.

Their eyes are very sensitive towards the light, especially harsh lights. So, if you want your rabbit to sleep through the night, then provide him with a soft bed and dark place where no light is crossing.  

No noise disturbance:

Another important thing you must remember is that rabbits have extremely sensitive ears. Due to their alert nature, they not only have long ears which can sense any noise from a great distance but also get irritated by that noise disturbance as well.

This is one of those reasons which keeps them awake at night. They cannot cancel the noise and hence stay awake. You must make sure that no extra noise is disturbing your pet bunny when he is sleeping at night.

Make them tired by exhausting them:

This is one fun way to make them sleep at night. You can play with them during the day time. Make them tired and exhaust them of their energy. It is only natural that when anyone is too tired, he or she will want to rest and have a sound sleep. Rabbits are no exception.

They also get tired, and they will want a soundless sleep. So, play with them. Make them enjoy then fun activities and engage them into plays. So, when sleep time comes, he will be beyond tired and have a good sleep.

Calm the animal down:

There can be many reasons which can cause them irritation. It can be self-protection or uncomfortable feelings. Whatever the reasons are, they will give you a sign of their uncomfortableness.

It is your duty as the owner of the pet to read the signs, and then you must calm him down. Take him in your arms and run your finger from above the nose to the place between the end of the ears on top of the head.

Run your finger smoothly and softly. Try talking to him in a smooth and calm voice. This makes them relax, and they feel comfortable. This helps a lot if they are feeling any anxiety and are unable to sleep.  

Why don’t rabbits sleep?

The list of reasons why rabbits cannot sleep is not long and not difficult to understand. Common problems related to bunnies not sleeping are often related to noise disturbance dan light irritation. If you can control these two facts, then you have solved almost all of the sleeping issues.

Other problems like the place, bed, any illness, bowel disturbance, and others like such can be treated medically or through thorough thinking. What you must understand is that rabbits are sensitive pets, and they need proper pampering, care, and attention.

If you are not doing as per their expectations, then they will act out. Otherwise, they will be your best friends forever.

Sleeping habits of rabbits:

Every animal has its routines, whether it is eating or sleeping. Rabbits are no exception when it comes to their sleep habits. If people follow their routine of sleep as per the demand, then their sleeping issues will resolve. Moreover, the rabbit himself will stay healthy and active.

To solve the issue, we must first understand their sleep routine.


This may sound like one heavy and difficult word, but it is, in fact, nothing too serious. It simply means that rabbits like to sleep early in the morning and in the late hours of the night. They are not keen to sleep through the night long time or daytime. But just a few hours at these times and they are all energetic.

Their sleep timing is respectively odd:

It must be understood that their natural timing is a little odd. It is because they are always cautious about their environment. They don’t relax easily, and they always have their ears up to catch any odd movement or noise. this causes them to sleep little.

Disturbing a sleeping rabbit:

Rarely, you will notice that a rabbit is sleeping. But if you see a sleeping rabbit and disturb him, then he will act poorly and even bite you. He does not like his sleep being disturbed. Such interruptions can make them cranky and wild to a great extent.

The number of hours rabbits sleep:

Normally a good sleep duration for the rabbits maybe six hours a day. But it is respectively hard to estimate the exact number because of their super alert nature and odd sleeping patterns. No matter when they sleep if they have around 6 hours of sleep daily, then it is good for them.

Sleeping with eyes open and close:

Another strange thing about rabbits is that they sleep with their eyes open. This habit can be tagged to their cautious nature as they feel safer when they have their eyes open. It can also be because they might not be feeling well, any stress or new cage or house or any uncomfortable feeling.

Day time sleeping

It may be famous that rabbits sleep a lot during day time, but the reality is far from that. They prefer to stay alert during the daytime so they can avoid any harmful activity. They have special senses to judge the slightest change in the environment and surroundings. So, they avoid sleeping during day time.


Whether rabbis are from any wild or they are born in a facility-care; they need proper up-bringing. They need care and pampering more than other pets. If you want your bunny to sleep at night, then make sure that light and noise issues are not present.

When such issues are solved, then you will see how fast your bunny will sleep, and his sleeping routine can be changed according to yours as well. 

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