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How to wash a rabbits eye?

Rabbits are delicate animals, if you are petting them you have to take care of your rabbits seriously. They don’t blink their eyes much and may have buildup eye boogers. It may not let them open their eyes, also due to discharge and injury rabbits are unable to open their eyes. Here in this article, I will guide you on how to wash a rabbits eye?

You must wash a rabbits eye with a moist cloth in warm water. Do not wipe the eye with hard hands and just let it soak with water and remove lightly.

It is recommended four to five repetitions while holding your pet in hand and wash the eyes with lukewarm water. You can also use rabbit friendly solution to wash rabbit eyes.

How to wash a rabbits eye?

If during rabbit grooming you observe that there is a secreted substance in the eyes then clean it with water. It will help the rabbit to see properly; as they cannot ask for help from you so must take care of your pet.

Usually, rabbits can groom themselves by licking their paws and rubbing fur, you may have seen this method. They sit on their hind legs and wipe both hands on their face and lick the paws.

Chronic watery eyes are an indication of sickness. If the water stain remains then wash the eyes. First ask someone to hold the pet firmly, calm, and sedate so you can wash their eyes.

Now soak a piece of soft cloth into warm water and wet the eye but don’t put pressure or dab water will penetrate itself in the fur.

You should wait for a few seconds to let the water soak and soften the booger and wipe the stain. If it’s clear, don’t do it again or you can buy allertech pet shampoo from Amazon to wash the whole face of your rabbit.

Don’t use other products designed for humans and leave them for a day.

How often should I wash the rabbits eye?

You can wash your rabbit eyes once a week only, or whenever you feel it’s needed to clean. Rabbits are easy to clean as they can tolerate grooming routine but since boogers reappear soon as you clean them, take your rabbit to the vet.

How do I know if my rabbit has eyes issue?

Rabbits are color-blind and cannot bear bright light or cannot see in it. They have the ability to look over everywhere so can see predators approaching from behind.

You can check the rabbit eyes regularly and clean them for better and clear vision. If you feel redness, blinking, squinting, milky discharge, some insect or hairs around the eyes then there is an issue. If your rabbit’s diet isn’t good it may be contributing to teeth and eye issues.

Why does an eye discharge?

The eyes discharge and develop into crust can be a temporary issue due to watery eyes, irritation, or a touch of hay. But if that is constant then it’s an illness or infection so you may need antibiotics to clear it.

You should be careful while inspecting the issue in the rabbit’s eye and look closely if it needs antibiotics or just cleanliness. Sometimes it’s pus that leaks from the eye because of infection.

1. Eye irritation by foreign objects

Sometimes you don’t understand what is irritating the rabbit eyes and constant discharge until you check it. Rabbits are fast and active and may have poked with food or toy that make the eye secrete.

It’s safe and recovered until they hurt the cornea of the eye so when the irritation goes the discharge stops. They also may have fur get into eyes like a cloud float.

2. External defects of the eye

There could be potential reasons for eye defects and blockage in tear ducts. Because their ducts are narrow in shape so can easily block and tears.

The surgery of the rabbit’s eye will be risky and can risk the pet’s life so it would be better to treat with lubricating eye drops.

Surgeries are necessary only when the eyelids are grown the wrong way like inward or outward at abnormal angles and cause injuries.

If your pet scratches the eyes it will develop an ulcer and would be painful so better to treated with an eye drop.

3. Disease in rabbits

Glaucoma is a kind of disease in rabbits that generates too much fluid in their eyes but rarely happens. It is difficult to observe because of minor symptoms and sometimes rabbits do not show discomfort.

If you love petting or grooming your pet you will find out the eye boogers can be a sign.

If the cleanliness of the booger with warm water won’t help and it reappears again that means the excessive fluid is because of glaucoma.

The fluid secreting from the eye turns crusty and can be treated with eye drops prescribed by the veteran. You should have to take appointments until the rabbit eye is perfectly fine and there is no buildup of booger or changed medicine.

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