What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth?

What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth?

Rabbits love to chew on all the time and they chew everything like wood, your room carpet, cage or even themselves if they find nothing to chew. Rabbits always use to chew things that they found around.

Chewing is the normal, necessary, enjoyable natural habit for the rabbits. Rabbits constantly keep on chewing due to some biological reasons. Rabbit’s teeth grow continuously for their whole life. During chewing their teeth get trimmed by wearing against each other.

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What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth?

Rabbits can chew multiple things for their teeth. Normally pet rabbits use Fresh pine lumber, Basket with hay, Blackberry, Raspberry, Maple and pear to chew for their teeth. 

Rabbits do so usually when they get bored and have nothing to do so for entertainment they do so or for seeking the attention of their owner they start chewing. It’s a quiet natural phenomenon and their favorite hobby also.

Another reason why rabbits chew on is that they want to trim their teeth. When they chew hard things, their teeth wear against each other and gets trimmed. Trimmed teeth get sharper and help them to chew hard things.

As their teeth grow over the year, so if they don’t trim their teeth they will become extra large and will create problems while eating food. This can lead to sickness and rabbits may die within a short period of time. The chewing habit is a blessing for rabbits.

What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth?

There are many things that rabbits use to chew for their teeth. It depends upon the environment in which they live and grow. On an environmental basis, there are two types of rabbits. One is a wild rabbit and other pet rabbits.

Wild rabbits live in the jungle and chew mostly wildflowers, clover, weed, grasses, and the wood. Most of the time, when are in a mood of chewing they chew wood and plants.

During the winter or cold days, rabbits like to chew munch on twigs, buds, bark, Confier needles, and other green plants present there. Rabbits also chew on conifer cones.

Home kept rabbits usually spend most of the time in their cages and chew on things which you provide them. If you do not provide them anything to chew they will start chewing their cages so you should provide them things to chew which are beneficial to them or harmless at least. I have listed below some things you can give your rabbits to chew.

When a rabbit is set free in your home then be careful. They are the quietest pets and even don’t bark or meow. Due to this habit, they are difficult to find. When they are set free they can chew on the wood of your furniture, your carpet, your clothes or anything which they find out. So beware they can chew wires, walls, furniture, etc.

Is there a certain age of rabbits when they start chewing for their teeth?

Yes, rabbits do not start chewing from childhood. Most of the rabbits start chewing when they are sexually mature. rabbits get sexually mature at the age of 6 to 7 months.

They do so also when they find no attraction around them and for the sake of fun, they start chewing and sometimes they chew on to attain the attention of their partner or the owner.

Things you can give your pet rabbits to chew for their teeth

You should give things to your rabbits which they will chew and do not harm them. You should give your rabbit a large amount of hay-oat hay, timothy, orchard grass hay.there below is the list of things you can give your rabbit to chew on

  • Hay
  • Apple
  • Willow
  • Cotton
  • Compressed alfalfa cubes
  • Fresh pine lumber
  • Basket with hay
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Maple
  • Pear
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Birch
  • Fir tree
  • Carbohydrates cage

Chewing toys for rabbits

If your rabbit is interested to play with toys then it’s very important for his health and his happiness. If you are providing some toys to your rabbits to chew on then you surely can make safe your expensive furniture and carpets and other stuff from damage.

You can give some toys to your rabbits to chew on but you should give them toys which are save for them. You can buy chewing toys at discount from Amazon by using our affiliate link.

Toys are necessary for rabbits, toys for rabbits are available in the market but they are not in large numbers and often too expensive. You can also make toys at home which requires a small effort. some of them are mentioned below in detail

Hay or grass mat

Rabbits feel great pleasure to sit and chew grass or hay mat. These mats are easily and frequently available in the market and also available at lower prices so everyone can easily afford them. Their second benefit is that they can easily be replaced when needed .it is made from natural hay or grass.

When you are going to buy hay carpets then first make sure that they are completely natural and made from edible. If not then the artificial material will harm your rabbit when your rabbit is unsupervised. Hay is one of the best things for rabbits to chew for their teeth.

Every good comes with some bad also. When rabbits chew on these carpets they start to fall apart and create a lot of mess which is like trouble to remove out. I will suggest you keep these carpets in a box to avoid the mess. These carpets also not as attractive as others but best for the rabbit’s health and it’s very nice to sit on these carpets.

Willow and grass balls

Willow or grassy balls are perfect for rabbits to chew on because these balls can easily get into their teeth and this feature makes them very attractive for the rabbits. For today’s question, What Can Rabbits Chew on for their Teeth? Willow and grass balls are a must for rabbits.

Rabbits like to play with them and also to chew on. These balls are not much expensive and easily available. These toys also available in other shapes other than that of spherical balls but other shapes are much expensive and do not have any additional benefits.

You can buy them from any pet supplier which will provide you with reasonable costs and they will be of good quality also. these toys are also available at the home decoration markets but these will be coated with varnish or others wore preventing materials which are good for home but not for rabbits. They can even harm your rabbit.

These toys are better than hay carpets in the sense that they do not create as much mess as the hay or grassy carpets do.

Cardboard castles

Cardboard castles have additional benefits. They provide shelter to your rabbits as well as serve as a chewing toy. Your rabbit feels friendly with them and loves to live there and chew them.

In this way, they are the perfect ones. You must have to buy cardboard castles which are free from any type of paint varnish or printing materials. As I said earlier varnishes or paints are harmful if your rabbits chew them

Chewable Tubes

These tubes are present in different colors and different sizes. You have to buy them according to space in your rabbit’s cage. They are relatively inexpensive and you can find these on Amazon.

Most of the rabbits love them to play and chew on. They are attractive ones but not much safe. They also do not create much mess so they are much environment-friendly.

Chewable sticks

Some willow sticks and applewood when gives to rabbits, they love to chew them. Willow sticks have two parts outer hard bark and inner softwood inside. They first chew outer bark and then inner softwood. They are usually thinner and easy to chew.

Things which rabbits shouldn’t chew

Rabbits require great care as they have a habit to chew on things. Rabbits can chew everything so you have to take care of your rabbits because there are a lot of things which can harm your rabbit. You may have many of the chewing toys for your rabbit as its basic requirement for your rabbit.

But before giving any toy to your rabbit make sure it is not harmful to your rabbit. Toys are not totally safe for your rabbit.they need caution and common sense and also supervision. The Wildwood we are going to collect should be dirt sanitized before giving to a rabbit. I will also suggest you bake in the oven for killing bacteria.

If you are going to buy wooden toys for your rabbits make they are labeled as safe for rabbits.

I will describe some harmful materials which should not be given to rabbits

  • Cherry, apricot, walnut tree’s wood are too toxic for your rabbit because their wood comes from the tree whose fruits contain poisonous material.
  • Cedar and pine wood can be distinguished due to their specific smell and their specific smell is due to the phenolic compounds present in their wood. these are not safe for your rabbit
  • Elder and oak trees have cyanide in them in a very small amount cyanide is actually poisonous material which even in a small amount.
  • Rabbits love pine cones to chew them most of the times pine cones can harbor bacteria while insect pesticides if they are wild pines it also difficult for rabbits to ingest them because they may contain sap
  • Cotton should not be given to rabbits as it does not disintegrate in the gut because it is made up of fluffy fibers of the cotton plant and it is extremely strong.
  • Man-made materials like plastic are harmful and extremely resilient and difficult to be ingested if your rabbit chew on a plastic bottle it may take thousands of years.

Final Words

Can we stop the rabbit from chewing most of the people use to discipline their rabbit not to chew? No, you must not do this. Rabbits love to chew different things for their teeth.

Chewing is a quiet natural habit of rabbit and disciplining a rabbit not to chew works only for a short period of time. You just have to provide them some safe chewable material that does not harm your rabbit, as well as your house.

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