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What to Do If a Rabbit Bites You?

What to Do If a Rabbit Bites You?

Rabbits bite because they are scared of anything. Some are just territorial. This depends upon the condition of the rabbit.

If a rabbit bites you, it means you have done wrong with your rabbit, that they do not like. Behavior depends upon the reason for the biting.

If rabbit bites, mean something has hurt them, frightened them, annoyed them or scared them. For example, your rabbit might bite you because they get annoyed when you pick them up.

If a rabbit bites you, it means that he/she is trying to get your attention. Sometimes rabbit bites because they are scared, annoyed of something, frightened or hurt by someone. If rabbit bites, you can stop its behavior by changing its style of how you handle them. Squeal loudly so your rabbit knows that it hurts you and do not do it again. Make changes in your rabbit’s routine.

It can be difficult to handle this type of pet who tries to bite you. But do not get scared or upset about its behavior. You can do a lot of things to stop the rabbit from biting you or anyone else.

The first thing to do to save yourself from the rabbit’s bite is to get away from him. As the rabbit is angry, frightened, agitated or scared, and it is getting it out on you.

If the rabbit tries to attack or bite you, make a loud sound or squeal to tell the rabbit it hurts you. Do this several times to let it know that it is hurting you.

If the rabbit is roaming free in the house, leave it alone to calm down and you must take care of your wounds that get through biting.

Let the rabbit walk free in the house until it reaches the safe place, where it could not hurt others or it could not get angry.

Leave the rabbit alone until it calms down, it takes a few minutes or hour to get it to relax. Be near your rabbit, otherwise, the things get worse.

As the rabbit settle down, now safely put the angry rabbit in the cage.

Make sure to wear thick protected gloves or other cloth to put on rabbit face or eyes, just in case he can bite, kick or scratch again.

What to Do If a Rabbit Bites You?

Pet rabbits are cute and fun-loving animals, but they sometimes bite. Rabbit bites due to many reasons discussed. Is rabbit bite dangerous to your health? sometimes, these bites can be rather painful. Bite from pet rabbit can be hurt and often leads to bleeding.

But these bites are not so harmful and dangerous to health. Rabbit nipping is generally painless. Nipping is common in rabbits than biting.

Most pet rabbits are not as dangerous as compared to the wild rabbits. Generally, rabbits who are prone to several diseases or host to parasite can cause the infection.

Most of the rabbit bite cause lead to bleeding. This depends upon the situation how hard does the rabbit bites. If the bunny is terrified, then it may bite harder than usual.

How to treat rabbit bite?

At least every rabbit owner is bitten by their rabbits at some point. No matter how calm your rabbit is, they can be easily stressed.

Rabbits are more prone to panic or frustrated and can be easily stressed for any of the reason.

Because of this reason, it’s important to know how you could handle if pet rabbit bites you. Thus, several steps to follow; you will feel fine from biting.

Assess the condition:

Most of the rabbit bites are severe than the others. This depends on the condition how hard does your rabbit bites you. Does the rabbit have sharp and long teeth? Is it aggressive?

Most of the rabbit bites can be easily treated at home and do not require any other help. But some of the bites are deep enough that they require the help of a medical professional.

As you move away from the rabbit, assess the condition caused by the bite. Apply pressure on the wound with the help of cloth for about 7-10 minutes to stop bleeding then inspect the wound.

If your wound is I centimeter deep or if the bleeding does not stop after applying pressure of 10 minutes or if it bites at the sensitive area like face, then stitches may be required.

You have to visit the emergency, if the wound is not deep then treat it yourself.

Wash the wound:

By continuous applying pressure for 10 minutes, if bleeding does not stop due to rabbit bite. Then stop applying pressure on the wound.

Now, wash the wound beneath the cool and clean water. You can use tap water or chilled bottled water to wash.

This would help get rid of bacteria that may be present in the wound. Most probably rabbits bite is not clean and germs can be present which could be transferred in the cut.

As you flush the wound, but it starts bleeding again. You can use an antibacterial soap to wash the wound neatly.

If the infection gets into the incision, then the use of antibacterial treatment would be suggested.

Apply the antibiotic cream: 

As you washed your wound, apply an antibiotic cream to the cleaned wound and cover the area with the bandage.

If you are noticing the wound is swelling, pain, redness or bleeds this shows the warning sign of infection.

Immediately call your doctor or to go the emergency and seek treatment to get rid of the infection.

Other symptoms:

If there is any other sign of infection, that the rabbit has like, rabies or any other disease then within no time go to the emergency for the treatment.

It is recommended that you can get the tetanus booster if it has been more than 5 years if the wound is deep and dirty. You may need a tetanus booster shot.

Why rabbit bites?

Rabbit is a calm animal. But if it bites then there are a number of reasons it bites you. Here we have discussed, some of the common reasons to keep in mind of rabbit biting.

Thus, to stop its biting behavior depends upon these different type of reasons that biting habit begins with.

Bites to get the attention:

Most of the pets bite to gets the attention, as they are the attention seekers. They are not aggressive. They do not want or try to hurt you.

Thankfully, pet rabbits also do so to get its owner attention. They want their proper attention and time to cuddle and play.

Most of the rabbits, especially the younger ones, will give the playful bite to get your attention to play with them.

While the older rabbit will give a softer nip to prompt you to give him a scratch behind the ears.

Whatever the situation may be, but rabbits have learned how to get your attention by biting.

To stop the rabbit attention-getting biter, you can make a squeal or loud sound like “ouch” to tell your rabbit it hurts you.

Stop playing or petting your rabbit after it bites. After it listens this loud sound a few times and losing your attention, the rabbit will understand that it hurts you and will try to stop its behavior to bite you.

Bite to be safe from predators:

Pet rabbits most common predators are pet dogs or pet cats. They try to kill and eat rabbits.

Rabbits safe themselves through biting or kicking or try to escape by fast running. If you place your rabbit outside the room, then there may be a chance that aby predator would try to hurt them.

Bite because of fear:

Rabbits also bite out of fear. Like the attention-getting bite, this is also not the act of aggression.

It’s important to note that fear biting by rabbit, may not be because of you specifically.

You have to look at the reason why is your rabbit getting afraid of anything. It might be your perfume scent, your hat or glasses or your dog barking or any other predator to harm it.

Whatever the reason for scaring the rabbit, remove that thing from near your rabbit environment as they are frightening them.

The younger rabbits who are not used to owners can be easily afraid as they do not feel safe near humans.

This is also true for older rabbits that are mishandled before. Handle these type of rabbits slowly. Give them time to adjust. Speak politely. Do not force yourself on your rabbit.

Do not try to touch your rabbit cage without getting close to them. You can also lessen their fear by offering them lots of treat.

Aggressive biting:

The aggressive biting habit might be hardest the one in rabbits to break due to their territorial behavior. Both rabbits, male or female can be aggressive.

Due to their aggression and territorial issues, both male and female rabbits are kept separated to save them from biting.

For this reason, the rabbit owner has to keep both male and female rabbit in separate rooms, rather than in different cages.

For the aggressive bunnies, you have to take steps slowly. They must be learned that you are a safe person.

They must be known that they can trust you. This will take time. Do not lose patience as they get to know you.

Bite due to emotional stress:

Like humans, rabbits also have emotions. Sometimes this emotion cab is anger, frustration, stress or other types of stress-related condition.

You have to find out why is your rabbit biting you, so you can fix its problem.

Sometimes a simple change in rabbit schedule can result in its emotional stress. This can be due to you are busy longer in your school than usual? Your rabbit does not like its new food. You are not playing with your rabbit.

A rabbit who bites in anger, frustration or in emotional stress, can be usually calmed down easily. Give them treat or give them space to calm.

Place them in a separate place and give them some toy and treat. If they are still grumpy, give them some time to settle down in a separate place.

Bite of boredom:

Just like the attention-getting bites, the boredom bite is not the act of aggression.

It might be due to not enough time given to them. A bored bunny may be excited to see you and wants your time to play.

Rabbits who nips want to have more toys and treat. They want more time to play and cuddle.

You can stop boredom rabbit from biting by giving them more time to play and rejoice.  By providing your bunny enough space and time and an enriching environment.

Does rabbit bite cause infection?

No matter what the origin is, any open wound can become infected easily. Infection is caused when bacteria or virus finds its way to get into the wound.

There is a variety of bacteria that causes infection, but most do not.

Most probably rabbit teeth are not cleaned well, so the rabbit bite can become infected if it is not properly treated.

If the bite is not deep then treat it with the antibiotic ointment, if there is chances of severe infection, then go to the doctor to treat properly.

How to stop an aggressive rabbit from biting?

Aggressive rabbits could be dangerous they need to be calm down properly.

Firstly, they need to be spayed or neutered. Basically, they need to be neutered around 4 months of age, before the hormonal aggression has a chance to start.

If you become late in doing this, then ask your vet how to stop this, if it could possibly treat the aggression.

Secondly, aggressive rabbits must be learned to be gentle and to trust. This could solve a lot of problems.

As this could take from weeks to months, and it is worth time taking and needs effort.

Your bunny fears and mistrust you, you have to find out why it fears you, and how you can come across its fear and make it trust.

Start to manage your aggressive rabbit by caution and soft voice. Reach slowly. Do not try to pick your aggressive rabbit.

Do not try to pet aggressive rabbit. Read different body languages of rabbits.

Offer treats to rabbit in their bowl, not with the hand as they might bite or attack you.

Make sure your rabbit feels safe. Try to avoid things that may cause the aggression of rabbit-like noise, environment other pets, etc.

As this process takes time but you have to be patient with your rabbit, otherwise it will be difficult to deal.

Calm the aggressive rabbit

The first thing to calm the angry rabbit is to make sure why your pet rabbit is upset. Which thing is making him behave weird.

It can be noise or environment. Check its cage. Is it too hot? Is it cold or drafty? Is there no water? Is there a food present?

Check its cage condition. Is the cage clean or not? Look there is dirt or smell present in the cage?

Then examine the environment around the cage. Is there is anything that is causing the rabbit to get scared? It could be any toy or thing that could feel like a predator.

This can be like dog, cat or birds which the rabbits are fear of. These can cause the rabbits to get scared and upset them.

You also have to find is there another thing that causing the rabbit to scare. It could be noise. It can be a neighbor’s dog barking. It can be of loud music or television voice.

Once you figure out, all the things that are making the rabbit get angry and scared, calm it well.

You can offer it different treats, speak to rabbit gently and softly. If a rabbit is responding to you, then pet it with gentle strokes on its head or where it wants to be petted.

If rabbit is not responding to your gentle voice and soft touches and do not want you to come close, it is better to leave it alone in the room.

Before leaving the room, dim the lights and make sure there is no extra thing that could afraid the rabbit and remove all such sort of things carefully.

Give your rabbit to calm down alone in that room, as where it feels safe and protected.

Discipline your rabbit

Discipline a rabbit, it is not in that way what you are thinking of. Rabbits are not trained animals. You have to discipline them without getting panic.

You do not have to hit the rabbit to discipline them. Physical discipline does not work.

This will cause the rabbit to fear you, as a result, which causes the rabbit to bite or attack you.

The better way to discipline the rabbit is to remove rewards. For example; when you are playing with the rabbit and it bites you, make a loud squeal and stop playing, this will let the rabbit know that it hurts you.

Stop giving it treat, so it will know if it does this again then you will not play with it.

If your rabbit is playing nicely, then give him the treat, that’s how a rabbit will know that if it plays like this, then you offer him the treat, and do not bite again.

Are aggressive rabbits dangerous to small children?

If you have the aggressive rabbit in your home, then it could be dangerous to keep it near the small children.

If you do not know how to handle these type of aggressive rabbit, then it would be difficult to keep them near small children.

These aggressive rabbits need special care and caution to keep them safe at home.

Remember when you kept rabbits for a long time in the cage, they get bored. As they also want to cuddle and play.

If you do not give time to play with them, they get angry and might bite you.

Make sure you give time to your rabbit to play and cuddle, this will lessen their stress and anger and helps you to get attached with your rabbit.

Rabbit usually do not bite for no reason, as they bite not to hurt you, but want your attention.

Final words:

In this topic, we have discussed the reasons behind the rabbit bite. It could be due to fear, to get attention, due to emotional stress, due to aggression, due to boredom.

We also look, how to treat the rabbit bite? If the rabbit bite is not deep or do not hurt much then you can treat it at home by washing the wound and applying antibiotic ointment.

If the cut bleeds and blood flow do not stop, then you might rush to the doctor to protect it from any infection.

Most of the rabbits nip slowly just to get your attention, while when the rabbit is aggressive then its bite could be dangerous. The aggressive rabbit should be kept away from small children.

In the last, do not force train your rabbit, as they all take time to get close to you. Some of the rabbits are calm. While wild rabbits are aggressive and do not want to be picked up.

They bite due to a defense mechanism, to save themselves from any kind of predator. Give your rabbit time to trust you, then they will not bite again.

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