why is my rabbit eating the wall?

If your rabbit is eating the wall, you should find the main cause of this problem. In rabbits, the habit of eating a wall is widespread. The wall gives them an amazing attraction due to which they do so. They start this activity by licking it. Licking makes the wall wet due to which it produces fragrance, and they attract due to fragrance and gradually start eating it.  

why is my rabbit eating the wall? Rabbit eat wall due to deficiency of iron, the smell of wall paint, the attraction of muddy paint, improper function of the liver, lack of calcium, deficiency of potassium, and other trace elements.

This is not so appreciating habit because it could cause severe damage to the different body organs. It could also cause an ulcer of the whole digestive system. Even if the bites huge from the wall, it could cause choking. So this habit could prove fatal for the life of the rabbit no need to ignore it help him in the best possible way to come out from that weird situation. 

why is my rabbit eating the wall?

The habit of eating a wall initially occurs due to a deficiency of essential nutrients in the body. As the rabbit eat wall or lick it with tongue, the mud or any other upper layer of the wall goes inside the stomach. The rabbit itself enjoys this whole situation a lot but internally its first small amount of start damage. This could be as severe as the bad impact of the outer layer of the wall. 

Rabbits follow this habit also by intimating other rabbits. But in the other case, when he is moving his nose smell wall, the attraction of smell sends a message to neurons in response to it neurons release a certain type of chemical that causes salivation, and this salivation urges rabbit to eat the wall. 

Initially, the quantity of the eating wall is low, but as time passes, the amount of intake of wall enhances. So try to stop it when you see him doing this first time. Because with the passage of time, it becomes an addiction that is very difficult to control.

Due to deficiency of iron

Iron is an essential part of the body’s immune system. It is necessary for the survival of the rabbit. Iron has ‘HAEM’ that is very important for the proper strength of the body. As the body is deficient in this hemoglobin, it starts becoming the victim of the many invading organisms that cause disease. Wall has many types of germs like a special type of viruses and bacteria that disturb the immune system and weaken the body of the rabbit. 

If your rabbit is an eating wall, it is sure that he is deficient of iron because deficiency of iron leads to a special type of salivation that produces attraction towards the wall, and rabbits start eating it. If your rabbit is deficient of iron and he starts eating the wall, it becomes the cause of the dual problem for your rabbit because iron deficiency is also one main important issue.

Second, is he start eating wall that also cause infection due to the presence of germs on the wall. This issue is of main focus because if your rabbit is suffering from this bad habit, he takes germs inside his body that destroy his body organs. While in return, due to deficiency of iron body has no proper immune system to defend it.

So if your rabbit is iron deficient, try to treat this problem immediately so that he can get well. Otherwise, it could become the cause of severe damage for your rabbits and prove fatal for him. 

The smell of wall paint

If the cage of the rabbit is near the wall, especially that wall which is newly constructed, its smell is very sharp due to fresh cement, use of water, fresh bricks, new paint, etc. The scent of these all has a beautiful fragrance that has a strong capacity to attract rabbits to smell it. 

As the rabbit start smelling it, it would become induce carving of licking it. The licking tastes much influence the rabbit to attract towards eating. Similarly, like all, eating gradually becomes a habit. 

This habit is hazardous for the health of the rabbit. It may affect his organs and immunity very badly. So to avoid this situation, you need to put it in a room or cage made of wood or glass so that he can remain away from the walls.

Deficiency of calcium

Calcium deficiency makes the bones and cartilages week. But as its deficiency motivates the rabbit to eat the wall, it is more dangerous for it. Because due to eating of the wall, the bones also become softer, and infection start occurring in it.  

So if your rabbit is eating wall, there is also a chance that it is due to deficiency of calcium. It is clearly shown when your rabbit move. Because weakness of bones represents clearly from the improper movement of bones and shaking of legs while running or walking. This can cause grunting in rabbits.

If your rabbit is deficient of calcium, keep him away from the walls so that he could not eat it or lick it. If he does this even once, he will become addicted to it and suffer from more weakness.

The attraction of the muddy wall

Walls made of mud are not so common nowadays, but the smell of mud is an all-time favorite for the rabbit who is deficient in any necessary nutritional element. The muddy wall has finishes of clay; it has no paint and wallpaper. The smell of mud is much more than the smell of paint or bricks. The muddy wall has an amazing cooling effect that attracts rabbits.

Mud walls attract those rabbits who are obese by the look and have a fragile immune system. Those rabbits want to eat mud again and again because they feel an incredibly soothing effect by eating it. 

But this mud has various types of amoeba and other micro-organisms that are enough to make rabbit ill and also the cause of dysentery in rabbits. This wall has many more side effects than the walls having brick because mud has more germs, and it can cause more damage as compared to those walls that have blocks. This causes the Netherland Dwarf Rabbits to bite you.

Rabbits who are eating mud form walls also attract the eating mud from the ground while eating grass from the lawn. So this type of rabbit needs much more attention and wants permanent treatment for the survival of their life. Thus first, you need to take proper care of their diet so that he cannot attract the muddy wall.

Deficiency of potassium

Potassium deficiency also introduces the habit of wall eating in the rabbits. Potassium is essential for the proper functioning of the body. The lack of potassium makes his bones and immune system weak and also have a destructive effect on the pumping of the heart.

The quantity of potassium, if fulfilled in initial stages it would decrease the habit of eating wall. For this, you need to give him food that is enriched in potassium and keep him away from walls so that he cannot get addicted to eating it. You should get your rabbit vaccinated.

Improper functioning of the liver

Improper functioning of the liver urges the rabbit to eat the wall. Proper functioning of the liver is essential for the survival of the rabbit. Because the liver is known as the powerhouse for the whole body functioning. So if the powerhouse is not well, then how the entire body could well. So for the excellent activity of the body, the powerhouse should be perfect. The main side effect is that the formation of blood is disturbed due to which the rabbit becomes anemic. 

As the rabbit becomes anemic, it is terrible for the immunity and other defensive mechanisms of the body. The anemic rabbit attracts much more than other rabbits towards the wall. He eats the wall and does every possible try to eat it. Because the eating wall reduces his disturbances and the restless and pleasant smell of the wall soothes him and give his pleasure and relief.

So to treat it, give him iron enrich diet and visit a highly professional veterinarian for proper medication. So that he can get well soon; otherwise, it would lead to some chronic disease that will take the life of your rabbit. 

Deficiency of other trace elements

Deficiency of other trace elements like zinc, few vitamins, fibrous compounds, etc., is also the reason that can make your rabbit addicted towards eating a wall. So give him a proper diet and keep him away from the wall so that he cannot do so. These deficiencies hide the sense of good and bad and urge the rabbit to do what they want.

They feel good when they eat a wall due to its pleasant fragrance and enjoy its taste and forget about the deficiency that they when they do, so that’s why they enjoy this activity a lot. But this only gives him joy for a few minutes, but actually, it damages its organs internally, and being a pet, he could not able to understand it. Therefore, you must take proper care of your sweet, beautiful pet so that he grows appropriately and live a healthy life. You should feed fresh grass clippings to your rabbit.

Is it harmful?

Eating the wall is very dangerous for rabbits because it is enough to destroy the whole digestive system and become the cause of ulcers in the mouth and stomach. It also causes the infection of the colon and makes your rabbit colic. It also destroys the immune system and has a terrible effect on the whole body organs. 

The wall paint has lead, oil, Sulphur, and any other chemicals that could prove fatal for the life of the rabbit. The walls also have a considerable quantity of germs that can also become the cause of severe infection as the wall is hard, so it can also provide harm to the dental area of the rabbit. The most dangerous effect is that the rabbit becomes addicted to doing, so it is also awful for your walls and their beauty and also for the life of your rabbit.

How to prevent the rabbit from eating the wall?

First, you need to keep the proper care about the health of the rabbit if he is physically fit; he itself remains away to do this. Second, if he is addicted to doing so, then you apply something bitter or poisonous over the walls so that he cannot do this. Now, apply the wallpaper of different horny animals that could frighten him, and he remains away from the wall. 

Last but not least, the most important is to keep his proper care and always keep an eye over him so that so you can stop him from doing so on your own and keep him engaged in healthy activities, so that forget about doing this.

Give them proper attention and time and also give them balance. Always keep them in a wooden or glass cage, the cage should be open and full so that he can enjoy. Provide him a good company of other pets with which he can involve in playing and remain away from these useless activities.

Provide him proper food that he likes and keep him always full of energetic food so that he cannot attract towards the wall. Take him along with you on a pleasant walk so that he can enjoy and remain fresh. Always keep him in a neat and clean environment and fulfill all his demands.