Do Rabbits Like Car Rides?

You love to play with your pet rabbit at home. His running and playful hops around the home make you adore it like crazy.

But what if you are going outside for a day or two and there is no one left at home to look after your bunny?

There are some people who have to urgently drive to another city or town in case of work.

I too, like to have a long drive to a lush green place at weekends to enjoy the nature of beauty. But what will happen to my rabbit? Should I take it with me in car rides?

Do rabbits like to ride in cars? How long can we take them to a drive without frustrating them? Are car rides safe for rabbits? What can be the issues?

In short- Rabbits do not like car rides. Rabbits are unpredictable pets and normally they want to stay indoors.

In this article, we will thoroughly go through all the points about how will bunnies respond to being in a car and how to make them travel in a car.

Do rabbits like car rides?

Rabbits, like humans, are unpredictable. Every rabbit exhibits a unique nature and their way of handling situations could vary too.

But as a matter of riding in cars, it is said that most rabbits do not like it. There are multiple reasons for that.

If they do not like car rides, does not mean that they will not tolerate them.

It is recommended to take them out in case of urgent need like going to the vet or out of the city.

Why Rabbits Do Not Like To Travel In The Car?

The main issue is that rabbits are territorial animals. They are more comfortable staying at their home and playing around than in a car ride.

Rabbits are inclined to live in cooler temperatures. If the temperature of your car is high it can really make it sick. Heatstroke may kill your bunny.

Rabbits do not like to eat or drink during travel. If you do not, check on it from time to time. It may lead to dehydration and starvation of your pet.

Another major issue is that rabbits are cowardly animals and they feel too much anxiety. If you take sharp turns or the road is bumpy it will scare your rabbit much.

If you are taking a long route, it will increase the anxiety of your rabbit and it is much likely that they might go into a trauma.

And If you have placed a water bottle in its cage, it might have a chance of spilling on to your bunny. It will irritate him a lot.

Important Points Before Taking Rabbits to a Drive

There are certain things you can do before trying to take your rabbit for a long drive.

First of all, you should buy a rabbit carrier/cage. The cage should be spacious and well-ventilated. A carrier that has a door on the top too should be bought.

For today’s question, do rabbits like to ride in the car? This is a must. Do not use a carrier that is previously used by other pets as it will have their scent and your rabbit might get scared sniffing the scent out of the cage.

The carrier should be smaller than the regular cage you have at home but roomy enough to accommodate all or most of your bunnies.

Stuff the carrier with lots of fresh hay and water. Place the hay in such a way that it prevents your rabbits to collide with the walls of the cage during sharp turns.

Before taking out the rabbit on your car, place the carrier near the playing area of your rabbit. Let it be familiar with the carrier for a few days.

You must also take your rabbit out for short drives for like 15-30 minutes in the carrier. This will make it a bit familiar with the car travels.

Things To Pick Up Right Before Traveling With a Rabbit

You should remain vigilant at all times. Pick up all the necessary things that you know may be helpful to you during the travel.

Take the water bottle for the rabbits. Rabbits do not like water of places other than home so it’s best if you fill extra bottles of home water with you.

Don’t forget to stuff the carrier with hay. Take extra hay with you in case if it goes dirty.

Also, take some newspapers with you or towels. Place them before putting on the hay so that it might soak up the poop and pee.

Pack a little broom and dust saucer to clean out the dirt. A garbage bag would help you to dispose of the litter. You can clean the rabbits’ bums with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Keep some ice packs or wet towels with you in case if the rabbits feel the heat.

As mentioned earlier, rabbits may not drink water during traveling. In that case, take a dropper with you to make it drink water.

Any medical supplies that can be used in case of emergency must be kept with you.

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Precautions For Traveling in a Car With a Rabbit

Firstly, turn on the ac of your car so that it becomes cool and then place the carrier on the backseat. You can put blinds on the windows so that direct sunlight cannot enter the cage.

Make sure to drive attentively, do not drive recklessly, or apply sudden breaks. Strap the seatbelt tightly onto the carrier.

Do not play loud music. It can scare your little rabbits.

Prefer a road that is smooth and clear. Take extra care when doing turns. A sudden sharp turn will frighten your rabbits.

Check on the rabbits from time to time. Stop your car for regular intervals and if you find a grassy lawn nearby let the rabbits out to have some fresh air.

It is the best time to feed your rabbit with some hay and fresh home water. If the rabbit refuses to eat hay, treat him with his favorite fruit or carrot.

In case, if you do not want to take the bunnies out of the car, park the car in some shady place and let the ac on. If it’s cold outside you can open the windows too.

If you are staying at a hotel/motel then let the bunnies stay with you inside. They will not feel abandoned in this way and you would be able to have a look over them.

Bring their favorite toys with them so they can have a play with them. This will help them reduce travel anxiety.

Do Rabbits Need a Backpack Carrier For Car Rides?

If you do not want to leave your rabbits in the car and want to take them with you for a walk or sightseeing then you should buy a rabbit backpack carrier from Amazon.

A backpack carrier is a well-ventilated, safe, and roomy strap on a bag that you can put your rabbits into, put on, and go.

There are lots of backpack carriers and they are much useful to carry around your pets.

These backpacks may come with some sections, washable kits, foldable food, and water bowls, etc.

A backpack must be big enough to adjust all your rabbits, with a lot of breathing space, does not put much stress on your back, and should last long.

It is highly recommended to not take out the bunnies when the sun is up. It should only be done when the temperature is low and the wind is blowing.

Do not travel big distances wearing a backpack. It will be a displeasure for both you and your pets. Normal distances are fine. Take them out in the evening time.


If there isn’t any emergency, let the pet stay at home and contact a good pet caretaker to look after the bunnies.

Rabbits are not much great at traveling. They can get sickness soon and you should go see a vet right after you come back from traveling.

It requires a great deal of care if you plan to travel with your pets so please do a bit of homework before going so that you can take care of things better.

We hope that we have got you covered all the aspects and precautions. Happy traveling!

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