Can Rabbits Live Alone Happily?

Can Rabbits Live Alone Happily?

Are you curious to learn about can rabbits live alone happily? This post will certainly help you find the latest information and answers to your queries and doubts relevantly.

For many of you who don’t know that rabbits are the 3rd most famous pets in the world behind dogs and cats. It is easy to say that they are inquisitive and intelligent animals, and that makes them excellent rewarding pets.

But the real question that comes in mind before getting a rabbit is to plan and make sure you prepare all their needs, just like you would do with dogs and cats.

Rabbits should never be kept alone. You should always give company to your pet rabbit. Always buy a pair or more when you choose rabbits as a pet.

If you are wondering about, whether to get one bunny or two or simply get him a companion for the existing rabbit. All your thoughts will meet a satisfying conclusion just keep reading this article folks.

Can Rabbits Live Alone Happily?

A rabbit is gregarious from nature and needs constant companionship to avoid becoming stressed and avoid emotional suffering. If you have indoor rabbits you just kept them in groups or pairs or at least two.

When you expect to see your rabbit is lonely, this can be a very crucial time for him to spend 24 hours and 7 days a week.

If you own only one rabbit and notice some unusual behavior then you might need to find a companion for him.

How to recognize a lonely rabbit?

First checkout some important facts to recognize a lonely rabbit such as,

  • A female rabbit will get hyperactive and it is possible she will content herself
  • Rabbits will become too much territorial to get along with other rabbits
  • Just pay attention when the rabbit bites, nudges, or dig on you
  • He will go thought forceful modes of expression
  • The rabbit will dig with its front legs and back legs on you (A desperation attention)
  • Do watch for his destructive behavior
  • A lonely rabbit will become angry and accelerate rapidly
  • He/she will gnaw at the carpet and other furniture
  • A lonely rabbit can start to pull its fur and overeat,
  • can damage its teeth while pulling bars of a cage

Should you get the rabbit a companion?

Of course, it is one of the best things you can do to make your rabbit’s life happy and cheerful. In the wild rabbits do live in groups I mean big groups and are quite sociable creatures.

So it makes sense that you should at least get him one rabbit friend, and once you witnessed the pair boded well, they will interact together and obey the orders most decently.

What happens when you find a companion from other species?

If you still manage to introduced various rabbits and found that your rabbit pet is too much territorial with others. Then you should try to find a pet from different species.

They can act as a companion from birds, cats, and a pig is easier for rabbits to get along than other rabbits.

Does giving bunny human companionship is worthy?

Who says humans can’t play with rabbits. When you talk about playing with your pet rabbit then it is obvious that you need some quality time with him. Here are some ways you can become the best companion for a single rabbit including,

Give your rabbit a few hours:

Rabbits certainly love to explore, sniff around, and more. You should let your bunny outside the cage, but remember should also make sure he does not tear the house and closely watch its movements.

Get down on the floor:

Every rabbit likes to get to close on the ground, it seems like picking him up is a good way to create a bond. Your rabbit will appreciate that, you need to get down on its level and spend time on the floor with him.

If the rabbit is not comfortable with you, give him some space and it will start to growl. Take a step back and give time to approach you.

Pet your rabbit:

A rabbit feels a lot more comfortable when he is petted or when they get to eat meals feels relaxing. You can approach them slowly and pet him on the cheek, back, or forehead. Rabbits don’t like to be petted on the stomach, ears, neck, tails, or feet.

Try to play with rabbits:

Most rabbits love to play and they particularly love to knock out things, toss, or dig with small toys. Get amazing bowling pins for the rabbit so he can run and knock it over.

You can also consider making a pit for a rabbit to dig in. this quality time playing with a lonely rabbit sure come handy to take away its loneliness inside him.

Why rabbits need a company?

Rabbits live in large groups and are generally happier than lone rabbits. It is uncommon for a rabbit who lives alone to become bored, lonely, and depressed.

Rabbits do love to enjoy having other rabbits around them, it helps them groom, play, and eat together. They also get well attuned towards each other and able to pick up each other’s moods to keep them happy.

Which pairing of rabbits is best?

The easiest and best pairing of rabbits involves spayed female and neutered male. It is also possible to have pairs or males and females when they are brought up together from birth.

But males and females are most likely to get along, together they should be able to neutered and remain healthier relaxed ones.

What makes the domestic rabbit’s happier when alone compare to wild ones?

A house (domestic) rabbit has no restrictions and it has the freedom to go anywhere and is not confined to a cage at any time. He feels a lot happy when you bring all his necessary items to play and eat.

But wild rabbits are hard to control, they are older and feel devastated when bringing alone and no rabbit companion. He will become aggressive and will try to flee from the yards.

For this, you can always count on house rabbits in 1 year of age to bring home as your first pet. You should observe and understand it needs whether he can survive alone or want to have companions.

What to do when the rabbit starts fighting?

This type of thing only happens in wild rabbits when you bring them in groups from another different unfamiliar territory. Rabbits won’t trust other breeds soon and if they don’t recognize them, he will start fighting.

So it is better to give them time and space to learn to develop trust towards each other.

Things you need to do to make a rabbit happy:

  • keep at least one rabbit companion for your rabbit
  • Male and female rabbits are the best to pair
  • To stop making rabbits dominating others you need to set him in groups
  • Give them a certain task to sure he forgets his loneliness
  • Handle them gently at an early age
  • Indoor rabbits can see humans as best companions try to interact with him daily to keep his interest towards you


These are some real facts about can rabbits live alone happily to help you understand. As pet owners, you should pay attention to every little detail about a bunny to never let him fall into stress and keep him excited with affection and companionship.

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