Why Rabbits Are Good Pets?

Here in this article, we will discuss why rabbits are good pets than other small animals. Go through this article to learn more about this topic in detail. 

First of all, let’s clear one thing folks, we all know cats love to snuggle for some scratch, dogs are loyal. Loving animals and chickens provide us with fresh eggs every morning.

But no one has ever thought about rabbits. What makes these little creatures so much famous as pets? Rabbits are quite charming animals while they can easily disappear from the radar when you think to get them.

Why rabbits are good pets? Rabbits are good pets because they have sweet eyes, long ears, and sweet fur. They are among the most adorable creatures in the world. Rabbits are characterized as good pets, with a woolly thick coat, and oval head along with large eyes.

Why Rabbits Are Good Pets?

A bunny only weighs from 1.6 to 2.7 kg with a short fluffy tail. Fortunately, if you are thinking to make them a pet then they can prove good companions for homes. So it is time to go buy yourself one right now.

You don’t need to get confused because rabbits are extremely cute and people of all ages want to have them as indoor pets. Let’s start digging some real facts friends shall we:

Rabbits love to live in their nest:

A cage large enough for the rabbit could make him happy that allows him to do exercises, hopping, and lots more.

With a reduced space equipped with comfort and hygiene is also necessary for a rabbit. So never put them in a mini box where he can’t move.

Rabbits are social animals:

Rabbits love to be other animals, especially with their breed. When you raise them as a baby bunny with humans they will receive affection and love to help connect with pet owners.

They can also be socialized with other animals like cats and dogs as long as they are docile and never to expose your rabbit to any aggressive animal.

Just be careful while lifting them off the ground, they can get nervous and hurt you.

Rabbits have a vegan diet:

All rabbits are herbivorous creatures and so their diet only adds vegetables, cereals, seeds, and fruits. Hay also plays an important part in their digestion and with easy and simple diet plan can make them happy.

You just need to make sure the food does not contain any industrial condiments and keep the foods fresh and clean so they can eat and enjoy.

Can easily be trained:

All rabbits are quite intelligent and docile. They can be trained just like a dog or cat. Rabbits can respond with names and follow their owner around just like dogs if it is out of a cage.

They also love to play and perform certain activities with owners.

Rabbits are hygienic and clean:

Rabbits love to be clean as they are constantly grooming and love to organize their space daily. You will see once you own a rabbit naturally he will sit after cleaning the area and manage his belongings like toys.

But as a pet owner, you should give them occasional cleaning like bathe, brush their fur and lot more.

They are crepuscular:

What is the meaning of crepuscular? It means they are nocturnal animals with more active in the morning to evening. They keep regular schedules from sleeping, playing, following you, eating, and much more.

If you think you can match your working schedule with them, it means you will get to know all about their behavior.

Rabbits are quiet:

One thing you will truly happy to know that rabbits never fill the house with loud noises like dongs as they bark ceaselessly or cats which meow, even the birds.

A rabbit is a tender quiet animal that will cheer you up with its sweet adorable company.

Each rabbit breed is unique:

Just like us human beings. Rabbits also have their temperament and personality. If you are thinking to own a rabbit you must pick the right one that suits your mind whether it is small or big.

You will see he will act and respond according to his free will. It is very important that you check out different personalities of rabbits before taking this step.

Why rabbits are not good with little children?

The children are playful and always looking for ways to play with rabbits. In natural terms, rabbits are prey creatures. If they are squeezed or lifted they will feel trapped and try to defend themselves by all means.

However, rabbits can get along with children who is an adult capable of handling rabbits with care and supervising them what kind of games are best for rabbits. Here are some issues,

  • They can fracture their legs and spine easily when dropping them
  • Rabbits are prey animals
  • Easily scared from sudden movements and noises
  • can kick, bite or scratch when not handled gently
  • Children offer them to chew electrical cords, furniture, shoes, and skirting
  • Rabbits are prone to serious viruses and illness
  • need special house cleaning requirement daily
  • can easily dig and escape from yards if children allow

Things you need to know about caring for pet rabbit:

First of all, when you decide to pick a rabbit for a house, there are certain things you should keep in mind to know how to properly care for them and groom them in the most secure environment.


House rabbits need cage from four to five feet long, wire bottom cage. You will need to give him space and freedom to become a good gentle pet inside the house.


Owning house rabbits needs a few hours of exercise just about 28 hours in a week.


you need to make sure your rabbit is busy all the and get entertained for hours using a simple cardboard box, toys like baby keys or grass mat, or even some fabric.

Rabbit proofing:

Rabbit’s teeth grow continuously and many of them become prodigious chewers. You can rabbit-proof by giving him a save environment to chew things he likes and supervise other life-threatening material away from him.

General care:

When you pick up the rabbit just support his forequarters with only one hand, hold him snugly against your tuck or body with underarms like football style.

Never pick a rabbit from his ears this can cause injury. Give him regular brushing to remove an excessive amount of hair. Clip your rabbit’s nail and trim daily. As long nails can break off and he can get infected easily.

Final words:

These are some real facts about why rabbits are good pets as they have more positive things than a negative thing. They can accompany you for 10 to 12 years if stayed in good condition.

If you like to have a long-eared jumper friend for homes, then prepare yourself to get an excited happy rabbit to add them to your family and enjoy it.

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