What Type of Harness is Best For a Rabbit?

Most rabbits usually get enough exercise from running freely without any strap and leash. But still, if you wish to take your pet to walk outside the home.

We all know that this can prove a great chance to enjoy some quality time with the rabbit and using a harness can make the strolling even easier.

This can even prove better to create a bond between owner and pet.

Then, my friends, you should find a good harness for your rabbit that will keep the walk safe, very comfortable, and secure.

But here are certain things you need to keep in mind when you are about to find out the perfect harness for rabbits.

You have to understand the features of them, the quality, and which is right for your rabbit.

If you’re looking for a harness that is best for a rabbit and comes in vest and coat style, this post will help give you the latest information and a comprehensive guide for the Best harness for rabbits.

What Type of Harness is Best for a Rabbit?

For those of you who don’t know that harness is like a set of straps and fitting which is used for certain animals to control and drive them around.

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits (L, Blue)

When you talk about the small harness, it is probably used for bunnies that are made with soft materials for you to take him to walk around the neighborhood without worrying he will try to attempt to escape.

It comes in two different sizes and does not restrict the rabbit movements and the leash is stretchy enough to allow him to play and running around freely.

Types of Bunny Harness

For any rabbit, owner harness is a new thing but trust me it is the latest trendy thing going at the moment.

There are two types of harnesses available in the market.

The questions are which one you prefer most.

Let’s find out shall we,


H-Harness is quite a famous choice for any rabbit owner. You can find it at local pet stores or order online.

5 Pieces Adjustable Rabbit Harness Leash Bunny Harness Leash, Harness Leash for Pet Safety Walk Running Jogging, Pet Harness Leash for Bunny Cat Puppy Kitten Ferret and Other Small Pet Animals

As the name suggests H-Harness looks like an H from sideways when it is laid on a table.

It comes with 2 buckles separate from every section and located around the waist. These buckles can help adjust harnesses for a small rabbit.

One benefit you will get from it is that the harness will apply pressure around the waist instead of the neck. So it is a clear choice to pick.

Vest harness:

This is a type of harness that is made for small and big animals. This one comes with a wrap around the body of the pet nicely and preventing them from escaping.

Multipurpose Rabbit Vest Harness and Leash Set Small Animal Adjustable Soft Harness with Button Decor Formal Suit Style for Bunny Rabbit Kitten Small Animal Walking (M)

A vest harness can easily fasten around with the help of Velcro located in the neck and waist area.

There are some which come with different mechanisms to seal the jacket.

It is also important to make sure the mechanism is secure and wrap on the waist of the rabbit.

Best Harness For Rabbits

Now you have known the importance of harness. It is time to check out the 8 best harnesses for rabbits you can choose for rabbits.

The rabbit will become anxious when see the harness first time, just try to wear him when he feels ready and never force him to wear it.

For starters keep it indoors and encourage him until he becomes comfortable with it. You can play games or reward him with special treats.

It is also necessary to keep him away from high or loud stress levels when taking them outside.

When the time comes to select a harness, safety is most important because rabbits can run extremely fast and you need to make certain that they are fastened safely.

You need to make balance and never secure it too tight or it will restrict the breathing and may cause bones to damage.

The secure locking mechanism ad adjusts straps to reach ideal comfort.

Trixie Pet Products Soft Harness with a Leash – Nylon

Trixie soft harness with a leash is one of the best choices you can ever get. It has made with soft material and designed for smaller animals from 5 lbs.

Trixie Pet Products 61513 1.20 m Rabbit Soft Harness with Leash-Nylon, 25-32cm - Colors may vary

It can easily enable rabbits to take him outside and enjoy backyard running and exercising.

The excellent thing about this product is that you can use it for any season and especially summer.

Made with hard mesh wearing nylon and other material, fully elastic lead of 1.30-meter length,

This harness is quick and easy to put on rabbits thanks to the Velcro functions and snap buckles.

It also comes with an adjustable function for the stomach and chest. let’s take a look at its pros and cons including,


  • Breathable mesh material
  • Soft harness with elastic lead
  • made with lightweight and durable polyester
  • Extra snap buckles
  • Fully adjustable to the belly of the rabbit
  • comes in many colors
  • The soft harness does not rub or pull the fur of a rabbit


  • Some rabbits do not like harness
  • does not fit to the larger rabbits

Bunny Kitten Harness Stylish Vest for Small Animals

Another high-quality harness for small animals like rabbits this harness is a new and advanced machines available in the market.

The harness is completely adjustable.

Bunny Kitten Harness No Pull Cat Leash Stylish Vest Harness for Small Animal Adjustable Soft Breathable Walking Harness Set (Black, M)

It can easily be fitted and securely around the waist of the rabbit and comes with a fuzzy fastener with a clasp located in the neck region.

This harness also comes with a small bell to alert you when you’re little rabbit is out of sight and help you to locate him easily.

The leash is lighter and durable to allow a rabbit to roam freely. It can also reduce pulling and tugging on the rabbit’s neck and keep him comfortable.

This mesh harness never put any strain on his body and was designed to give him comfort.

Rabbit can wear it day and night even sleep with it thanks to the Velcro straps that are super easy to secure around.


  • The leash is made with the finest materials
  • Durable and sturdy
  • clasp locking mechanism
  • Fuzzy fastener for waist
  • Steady around small rabbits
  • Fully adjustable
  • Stylish looking vest


  • Some rabbits will find difficult to get used
  • Size is an issue for smaller rabbits

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness With Elastic Leash for Rabbit

With the help of this amazing-looking harness combined with a leash set.

You can easily take the rabbit out for a walk and even let him hop around on his own in the backyard.

Niteangel Adjustable Soft Harness with Elastic Leash for Rabbits (L, Pink)

This is a very useful product with no gripping and rubbing the fur. It is made with polyester material and designed to fit snugly around the body of the rabbit in any shape.

This harness also comes with a quick snap buckle located in the neck region and together it can provide the most secure fit for the rabbit.

The leash is 48 inches and made with the finest elastic material to stretch around and maximizes it to 97 inches while attached with D-ring.

Here are the pros and cons you will appreciate including:


  • Leash and harness is designed for only small rabbits
  • Great product for daily exercise
  • Vest shaped harness
  • Easily conforms the entire body
  • Lightweight and solid grip
  • A leash made with elastic material to avoid any strain or injuries in animal


  • Some pet owners have complained about the size
  • Not recommended for hot sun
  • Some small rabbits may not like to wear this harness

Foot Adjustable Rabbit Bunny Leash and Harness

This harness comes in three different colors – soft red, sky blue, and dull black. The harness is made with a perfect combination of mesh material and nylon.

It is also durable and soft at the same time. Rabbits will face no issues while wearing them.

This product is particularly designed for small animals and comes with some additional straps and Velcro.

That makes the harness adjustable around the stomach and neck for rabbits. The product has a set of a leash with plastic clips to prevent animals from struggling and give them the freedom to move around.

The leash can be attached to the harness via a snap button.


  • The best combo of harness and leash
  • Nylon and mesh material
  • Reliable, soft, and adjustable
  • Reasonable price
  • Plastics clips to prevent rabbits trying to get loose
  • Sticky buckle cloth


  • Could challenging for some rabbits to put on
  • Some rabbits can easily wiggle out of the harness

Polkar Adjustable Pet Rabbit Walking Harness with Small Bell

If you truly wish to train your rabbit to walk on a harness then it will require you to choose the right kind of harness and leash set.

polkar Adjustable Pet Rabbit Walking Harness Leash Lead with Small Bell (Small, Blue+Pink)

This harness here is one of the highest in-demand products designed to meet customers’ expectations.

It is made V-shaped which makes it cute and stylish at the same time.

This harness is also very cute to look at because the padding ensures the rabbit stays safe while wearing it.

Made with the finest soft pick mesh and nylon fabric and allow the airflow to go inside to keep the pet stay cool and comfortable as well.

There are a hook and fasteners in the belly and chest region to fit the pet securely. The harness can be adjusted to any size and the strap buckle is also a welcome addition for safety.

Here are the pros and cons of it to clear your mind including,


  • Can improve the rabbit’s health and boost agility
  • Completely adjustable
  • Fantastic harness and leash set
  • The picked color also add more attractiveness


  • Rabbits can easily slip from the harness
  • The quality of the harness is not very good
  • Not that flexible

HEEPDD Rabbit Harness and Leash Set Vest

This is a very good rabbit harness that comes with different benefits to provide convenience for the little animal.

HEEPDD Rabbits Harness and Leash Set Gentlemanly Style Bunny Vest with Button Decor Small Animal Adjustable Soft Harness for Walking Jogging(L)

It gently supports a unique design made breathable, soft, and wear-resistant.

It will never harm the rabbit’s skin instead he will happily wear it.

You will be surprised to see this harness comes with a stylish leash that helps the rabbit in full control and is great for playing, exercising, and other outdoor activities.

This is a perfect gift you can give your pet rabbit who will enjoy it and get used to it in so many ways. Don’t give any second thought, just grab it right now.


  • comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Harness leash supports stylized look
  • made with high-quality cotton fabric cloth
  • Soft texture and elegant
  • Ideal for both seasons
  • Breathable with outlier textures

Here are the pros and cons of it:


  • Easy to wear and quick release buckle lock
  • Ideal product for rabbits of all sizes
  • keep him healthy
  • can be used for small pet walking
  • Charming outfit
  • Perfect dress-up gift for bunny
  • comes with one year of warranty


  • Sometimes leash can get broken
  • Not for adult rabbits
  • Some rabbits try to loosen from the grip

SELFON Hamster Rabbit Dog Meshes Harness Leash

This is another superb rabbit harness item that you can choose for your rabbit.

SELFON Hamster Rabbit Dog Mesh Harness Leash Ferret Guinea Pig Small Animal Pet Walk Lead (Pink,M)

For today’s question, What type of harness is best for a rabbit? This harness is among the best for pet rabbits.

It does come with unique properties because more than 80% of pet owners are going for it.

With this, you comfort the bunny all the time and easily strap it around its chest and stomach.

It is a kind of product that comes with a combination of Velcro and fasteners to quick snap and reduce any possibility of accidental escapes.

You can take your rabbit for walks, exercise with him in backyards, and even give him commands to follow while staying on back.

It is time to follow the lead of the rabbit using SELFON harness leash


  • Extra nylon snap and strap buckle
  • Fully adjustable
  • comes with a unique design
  • Light mesh material and resistant cotton
  • Easily adapts the rabbit’s body and stretch
  • comes with 2 distinct sizes small and medium
  • made for small rabbits

Here are the pros and cons of it:


  • Quick and easy fit
  • Comfortable to wear because of soft padding
  • Unbreakable
  • Washable
  • Nylon made material
  • can be used for other animals like cats, ferrets, rats, mice, hamsters, etc


  • Leash length is too short
  • Rabbits can slip through
  • Very expensive

Emotional Support Animal Harness and Matching Leash Set

Not many rabbit harness comes in fashionable design, but in this item the case is different.

It is a kind of animal vest that is meant for smaller animals from dogs, rabbits, and cats.

You don’t need anything else except this one who is your ultimate solution as a solid leash to control rabbit behavior and never let him go.

It can be worn on them in most comfortable and peacefully that he will easily get used to this harness in no time.

Pet owners don’t need to worry about anything else because this product is meant to meet all your expectations and provide secure and safe gripping that will never harm the bunny’s body.


  • Very soft and comfortable oxford cloth
  • Reflective trim vest
  • offer three removable patches to support animal
  • comes in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large
  • Available in 4 different colors, red, pink, aqua blue, and black
  • Easily can get a hold on the rabbit’s body
  • Adjustable with flexible material
  • A strap around neck and girth quickly

Here are the pros and cons of it:


  • Lightweight
  • Soft holding
  • Strong leash
  • support extra weight
  • provide complete freedom to the rabbit to walk, hop, and run
  • Affordable


  • Some rabbits will like this harness
  • Color can get faded easily

Important Tips When Using Harness for Rabbit

If you have a rabbit at home and as an owner, there are some responsibilities you need to take care of.

You have to ensure he gets a regular dose of physical exercise and remains fit.

We all know that not every person has a rabbit-proof house or safe enclosed garden for him to wander around.

This is why a harness is a good alternative to save him from getting into more trouble.

You are intending to take your pet rabbit outside of the house with a leash.

You need to take some precautions and understand will he ever become leash-friendly or you need some kind of training first.

To answer this complexity checkout due to the small bone structure of rabbits here are tips you might know that come handy sometime such as,

  • Always stat with a proper harness
  • fit the harness in right on the rabbit
  • give your bunny time to get adjusted
  • take some leash training class (optional)
  • strolling with a rabbit in a garden area or neighborhood
  • walk inside and outside for a couple of days
  • find an optimal spot for a rabbit to walk
  • Let your rabbit lead

Who says strapping your small rabbit and leash in hand won’t let him do anything stupid?

Think again, they are susceptible to subjects.

Walk on a leash is also means you need to keep them safe from harming themselves.

Rabbits are considered prey animals and can be hunted by other predators. They can easily get scared when brought outside.

This is why it is recommended to use a neck leash on rabbits, so they never break and make a run for it.

  • attend the rabbit outside all the time
  • prevent the rabbit from eating poisonous things
  • watch out for predators like (dogs, birds, raccoons, fox, cats and many more)
  • Check for the bites and bugs
  • make sure to prevent heat stroke in summer days


These are some of the best harnesses you can choose that are available in the market.

I hope the list helps you search for the right harness without wasting too much money and time.

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