How to Get Rid of Hutch Stains on a Rabbit?

Rabbits are difficult to keep at home. They need proper care and maintenance.

Everything under their use must be neat and clean. Otherwise, they could get ill and die.

Proper lifestyle maintenance should be done. Rabbits should be washed properly to avoid the hutch stains on their body.

Rabbits are generally encouraged in self-cleaning habits. As they do not like to waste all around the hutch which makes them look dirty.

As they urinate their feet and furs get stained, which causes the yellowish staining.

You can get rid of hutch stains on rabbits by cleaning them properly. To remove hutch stains, take the vinegar with the baking soda and remove the yellowish or urinary stains on the rabbit. If the stains are hard to remove, then your rabbit needs to take a wet bath. Use comb slightly, on the rabbit’s fur and remove the flour as it wipes away the stain.

You should train your rabbit for a good cleaning habit.

So, you have to take care that your rabbit hutch is free of stains that could be the cause of disinfection for it.

How to Get Rid of Hutch Stains on a Rabbit?

Rabbits themselves like to be clean and they are likely to get hutch stains out of their body.

Their hutch should be disinfected with the proper organic and chemical repellents and keep their area free of germs and dirt.

The proper supplies should be gathered and once in a week or daily clean the litter from the rabbit’s hutch.

There are several methods used to remove the urine stains and dirt out of the rabbit’s hutch.

For the white bunny, you have to keep their fur clean from yellowing or getting stained from the hay or from urine in a hutch or from another thing present in there.

But for the black rabbit, you can use the baby wipes or even the elbow grease to keep them pretty clean.

Several remedies could be used to keep their hutch out of stains and to maintain their hutch better to live.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar is a homemade remedy that could be used easily and is best to use.

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar is better to use and does not cause damage to the rabbit.

Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda into about ¼ cup of vinegar.

Add some drops of essential oil to mask the odor of vinegar.

Spray this mixture into a rabbit hutch, let it dry.

After drying, wipe away dirt with the cloth. Repeat if necessary.

You can use this on a rabbit to make it stain-free and wipe away all the stains.

Is vinegar safe for rabbits?

Using vinegar is not harmful to rabbits. And it is not going to harm your rabbit’s condition.

As you know, anything overuse could be fatal. But vinegar plays a vital role in maintaining health and a proper environment for the rabbit.

Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the health of three months old rabbits.

The regular use of ACV can help to maintain the better health of the rabbit. it contains many helpful enzymes which provide benefit to health.

Using ACV helps to maintain the rabbit’s fur softer and shinier.

Due to the smell of ACV, rabbits become unattractive for many ticks and fleas.

It is also used as a cleaning purpose for many cages as it keeps the algae out of the cage.

Thus, it has many uses in cleaning and for disinfecting the area around, and to providing a safe and stain-free environment.

Corn starch paste

Corn starch could be used with white vinegar. Apply this on the stubborn stains and as it forms a thick consistency like tooth-paste form.

Then, rub the area and clean it properly. If it is hard to remove the stain, then wait 10 minutes and remove it.

Peroxide and baking soda

Take the baking soda and peroxide mixture in the spray bottle, and spray it. Now rub the stain and wipe it away with the cloth.

Take peroxide from the retailer’s shop, remember it should not be hydrogen peroxide.

Lemon juice

One of the best methods to remove hutch stains from a rabbit is by using lemon. You can also use lemon juice to remove the stains, as it also works properly.

Take lemon juice with the baking soda and spray on the rabbit and remove stains.

Witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide:

Take about a 50/50 mix of witch hazel and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle.

Rub this mixture with a soft cloth or with a cotton pad, as it could lead to drying and cause hair breakage by overuse.

Be careful while using this for removing hutch stains on a rabbit, do not rush into the process.

How to Give a Wet Bath to Remove Hutch Stains on a Rabbit?

Rabbit is a sensitive pet. As it takes time to adjust.

Likewise, it does not like to take a wet bath. If you are trained, then give a bath at home.

Then, otherwise, take it to the vet for proper cleaning.

Some rabbits can only tolerate dry baths.

So, it becomes difficult to wet bath to remove stubborn stains on the rabbit body. So, you must be gentle and patient while handling them.

  1. Place your rabbit in a small tub with about 2-3 inch of water. Put the rabbit in a comfortable position, so that it cannot panic.
  2. Thus, comfortable way to place rabbit is that its position must be belly- up. Place a soft pad beneath its neck for the support.
  3. Do not force your rabbit to stay in that position, if it gets panic then it may be difficult to again place it in this way.
  4. Take the cornstarch with the vinegar and put it on the stained fur. Do not use any chemical as it can be irritating for your bunny.
  5. Gently, rub the area which is stained. As the paste is coated on the fur, leave it for 4-5 minutes until it fades., then brush it all out.
  6. Now, slowly and gently remove the stain with the wet cloth or water.
  7. As the urine stains become cleaned, now there is no residue present.
  8. You can also use any scented shampoo and put in bath to remove the smell from the bunny.
  9. Now, take out your pet and let your bunny dry properly. It works best and is cheap and easy.

As you have cleaned your pet and removed the urine and feces stains from your rabbit.

Place your rabbit in the cleaned hutch.

How to Clean the Rabbit’s Hutch?

Rabbits are clean animals; they keep themselves clean by getting any help. If they are sick, then they need help to be cleaned.

Just like themselves they also like that their hutches should be neat and clean properly on a daily basis.

Quickly clean the hutch every day without wasting any time. Remove the litter and old food and stuff from the hutch.

Hutch should be cleaned properly and should be disinfected with a good disinfectant.

Then your bunny could leave happily in a clean and comfortable environment.

Daily clean the hutch

Cleaning is the first thing that everyone notices just as humans do.

Like that, rabbits also love to live in a comfortable and clean environment.

Hutches should be cleaned properly on a daily basis as rabbits also like the clean environment around them.

A sanitary environment should be maintained. You should plan every day to tidy and neat the rabbit’s hutch.

Disposing of litter, removing of old food, or soiled bedding should be done daily on a timely basis.

Take the rabbits out

Take your rabbit out of the hutch so, you can clean up its hutch.

Place your rabbit in another safe place where it could not get frightened and make sure it is safe there and then start cleaning its hutch of dirt.

Be sure your pet has been provided with food and water, along with some other materials like toys to play.

Remove unwanted materials

Remove the unwanted old, raw food. Remove the litter, soiled, hay and fur out of the hutch.

Wear gloves for removing the waste materials. Place all the garbage in a bag and dispose of it.

Leave a small corner

As rabbits take time to adjust. And they make their own places to stay. They mark their area with the smell of scents.

So make sure not to touch their territory. They can be stressed easily if they are introduced to a hutch, which has not similar scent as the previous one was.

When you clean the hutch make sure to leave that area untouched.

Next time when you again clean the hutch, make sure you leave the other corner untouched and alone. And clean that area which you skipped this time.

Inspect the cage condition

Check the condition of the rabbit cage, as it might not be damaged, holes or some other problem.

Throw out any damaged toy or cord that could be fatal for your rabbit. you cannot compromise your rabbit condition.

Clean the drip tray

Many cages have a dropping tray underneath that catches the dump materials and do not make litter around it.

You can easily take out all the waste material present in the tray and dispose of it.

Replace soiled bedding underneath

When you finished cleaning out of the hutch, remove all the underneath soiled bedding and replace that bedding with the new one.

Must line it at the bottom of the cage properly. So, that all places should be enough covered with the soiled material.

Assess rabbit health

As you take out the rabbit from the hutch, so make sure that rabbit health condition is good enough or not.

Now, you have the opportunity to observe how much food and water does your rabbit consumed.

Is he is taking the proper amount of food you give to it and required the amount of water?

You can also check your rabbit’s urine and feces in appearance and make the check that is left by your rabbit.

Put back your rabbit

As you have clean out the cage, inspect the cage condition and assess the rabbit’s health.

Now, you can place your rabbit back again in its hutch and close the door as it is properly clean now.

As you safely place your rabbit in the hutch, and the waste gathered from the rabbit’s cage should be put in the disposing bag and sealed it properly.

When you clean up the rabbit’s hutch and dispose of waste then make sure to wash your hands with lukewarm water and antiseptic soap.

How to disinfect the rabbit’s hutch?

Cleaning of hutch daily or weekly is important besides this disinfecting the hutch is also important.

Gather disinfecting supplies:

As you get ready to clean up and disinfect your rabbit’s hutch, so make sure should have all the following supplies with you to help to remove the waste.

  • Cleaning brush
  • Bucket
  • Garbage bag
  • Gloves
  • Smaller brush like a toothbrush to reach small areas
  • Vinegar and baking soda spray
  • Cloth

A step-by-step guide to disinfecting the hutch:

Take out the rabbit from the hutch and place it in a safe place.

Now, clean the remaining food and water from the hutch.

You can use any of the disinfecting chemicals from the market or can use homemade vinegar and baking soda spray.

Dispose of litter in the rabbit hutch. Place damp in the garbage bag.

Disinfect the hutch and clean all the soil bedding with the help of the brush. You can also use a toothbrush for smaller areas to clean.

Dispose of the litter and disinfect it.

Wash dry the hutch with the help of spray in the bottle. You could also use bleach in a well-ventilated area.

You can use 1 part of bleach to 4 parts of water. Some rabbit owners also use vanadinite. Thus, antiseptic betadine mixed with hydrogen peroxide is another option to disinfect the hutch.

Let dry the cage in the sun to kill the unwanted bacteria and microbes present in the hutch.

Now, take the cage inside and soiled bed it with the new and fresh hay. Put fresh water and food in the hutch.

Sanitize all the supplies present in the hutch. Place your rabbit back in the hutch.

After cleaning and disinfecting the hutch wash your hands with the soap and lukewarm water and sanitize properly.

How Rabbit’s Get Stained?

Rabbits sit in their hutch and urinate in their litter. And their fur gets stained due to littering.

Due to urine stains, their feet and fur get yellowish and smelly.

If your rabbit’s feet and fur get stained, it could be by the following reasons can be.

  • Rust spots from the hutch
  • Dirt or dust from the surrounding
  • Color from the litter
  • Urine stains

Sometimes, the color stain might not get from the above. It can be sometimes due to some sort of infection or it can be some sort of born patch.

Some rabbits sit in their litter boxes after they urinate. Rabbits produce lots of urine, especially during summer as they drink lots of water at this time.

Due to which it causes the feet pads to become yellowish if they cannot urinate it properly. Everything is not proper and animals need special care to maintain their cleaning.

Living Conditions

Unstable or improper living conditions could be the result of rabbit stains. If your rabbit hutch is small, there will be difficult to keep it clean.

Thus, it results in the yellowing of the rabbit’s fur and feet. It causes the rabbit to smell bad.

Often people place rabbits in a narrow area, which makes them difficult to move around and adjust properly.

Lack of Training

If your rabbit is untrained then it can be trouble for you.

As, the younger rabbits are untrained first, and they do not know where to pee in a litter or how to urinate, then their fur and feet become dirty and smelly.

To get rid of this situation, you must train your rabbit using the litter box.

Urinary Problem

If your rabbit is not urinating in a better way and behaves awkwardly while urinating, then there may be some problem with your rabbit.

It could be due to some kidney problem, bladder problem, or some sort of urinary tract infection.

Which cause the problem to rabbit in urinating.

Unwanted Neighbor

As rabbits are shy animals and they do not want other animals to be around them. As they do not feel safe near them.

Placing them near cats or dogs or other animals could be frightening and nervous for them.

When there is another pet near them they do not litter properly in the box. They feel awkward and resist urinating or to dog feces.

That way, they pee on soiled bedding and get themselves stained.

As rabbits spend a good time in their grooming and maintenance.

As rabbits become stained easily due to urine spots on their fur or feet pas due to dirt or feces.

Proper care should be given to the rabbit to maintain its lifestyle and to clean and smell free your pet.

Final Words

As we have discussed how to get rid of hutch stains on the rabbit. we have provided better and easy ways to remove unwanted stains from the rabbit’s hutch.

Rabbits are shy and sensitive animals. They need proper care and attention to be a pet at home.

Cleaning the rabbits’ hutch is much difficult and no one likes to clean. But by sticking to the proper schedule one can make it easier to neat and clean its hutch.

As rabbits also do not like to live in a dirty environment. So care must be taken to keep their area clean.

You can clean rabbits’ hutch once a week or on a daily basis to make it properly clean.

You can use several methods and ingredients to remove stains and dirt from rabbit hutch, feet, and fur.

Rabbit is its-self cleaned animal, but when it is too sick or has some sort of difficulty then it wants to be cleaned.

Using vinegar is best of all which could be used easily and it can be easily available at home.

So, it must be sure to disinfect the rabbit’s cage and properly clean its hutch to provide a better and safe healthy environment to your pet.

By doing the above methods you can get rid of stubborn hutch stains on a rabbit.

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