Are French Lop Rabbits Good Pets

Rabbits are becoming the popular animals among pets for many years. Their beauty attracts everyone and compels them to keep them as a pet indoor or outdoor.

If we talk about different rabbit breeds, the French lop rabbits are good pets to be kept at home as well as farms or any other place. They are called lop rabbits because of having lop ears.

Are French lop rabbits good pets? French lop rabbits are good pets because they are loving, polite, and social animals. One of the most significant traits of this rabbit is its docile temperament which makes it more adorable. It is easily handled and trained as compared to other rabbits. So, French lop rabbits can be used as a family pet.

Being a fun-loving and well-behaved pet, children also enjoy their company most. French lop rabbits are a calm and gentle breed and live happily among family members.

The distinction which makes them unique from other rabbits is their large size. This rabbit breed has 10 to 15 lbs. weight.  Due to their size and weight, it is a big task to handle them because if you cannot handle them properly, they may become angry or aggressive.

There is also a chance of getting injured by them. Furthermore, they can have back problems if they are not properly handled or dropped accidentally. 

Are French lop rabbits good pets?

If you give love and affection to your French lop rabbits, they will also give you love more than your expectation. They build a strong interaction with their owner and like to be handled, picked up, and petted gently rather than pulling of ears or fur. If you have a French lop rabbit, it will be your playful companion to make you happy enough. 

French lop rabbits are smart, intelligent, and well-mannered bred. This rabbit breed can be trained about litter and so on but they need proper attention and care for their survival.

Due to their huge size, they are put in different pet shows. If you are petting French lop rabbits, you can take advantage by presenting them in shows.

They need wide space to live because of their large size so that they can easily move around, play, and stretch their body so the dwellers living in apartments cannot pet them. French lop rabbits have a habit of chewing things like clothes, shoes, and cables. So, you must keep your important things away from these rabbits.

It is better to buy some chewing toys for your rabbits to play with them otherwise they can be destructive if they get bored. Here you can also read a dedicated article about what can rabbits chew on for their teeth.

French lop rabbit wants proper attention, love, and a relaxed environment. If it is frightened or afraid, it can bite and make you injured.

French lop rabbit lifespan

The female gestation period is almost 28-31 days. Offspring that are called kittens are hairless and open their eyes after 10 days. They grow fast. You should be very careful about their health.

At the age of 18 months, French lop rabbits are fully grown and called senior rabbits. Their life span normally depends on how much you care about them and how is their health. However, they live for 5-7 years.

French lop rabbits health

If you want your lovely rabbit to live a healthy life, you should take good care of it. Your rabbits may face the following health problems:

Dental issues

The common health issue in French lop rabbits is dental problems like other rabbits. For this, you must keep an eye on the teeth of your rabbit to make sure they are in good condition.

If your rabbit is facing an overgrown dental issue, it may be due to a poor diet. Rabbits’ teeth constantly grow. They need to be trimmed or wear down naturally to stop enamel spurs. Give it a diet that includes good quality hay and green vegetables that are rich in fiber.

Keep in notice your rabbit’s eating habits. If he does not take a sufficient diet and passes fewer pellets, open his mouth and check the teeth if they are overgrowing and causing pain. A balanced and proper diet will also make sure to prevent digestive problems. Otherwise, your rabbits may have diarrhea.


Your rabbit can undergo another problem of flies. If it can’t groom itself properly, the flies may lay eggs in their fur and after hatching, maggots start eating the skin of the rabbits and they feel extreme pain. This is called flystrike. This is dangerous to the health of French lop rabbits.

Wool block

This is serious and sometimes can become a fatal problem. While grooming itself, a French lop may eat its fur along with its food. They trap in the stomach and become a furball. It cannot regurgitate it. As a result, it can become larger and larger.

In these situations, the rabbits lose their appetite as they feel full every time. This furball may block the digestive tract and become fatal for the rabbit. The thing to do is keep noticing the diet your rabbit eats.

Weight gain

French lop rabbit gains weight quickly. It may difficult for you to notice because of their large size. Overweight can create more health problems. So, it is better to give your rabbit a proper diet also weigh it regularly while visiting a veterinary. Additionally, provide him enough space in which he can play and exercise. 

Ear mites

The mite is a parasite that affects the pets like rabbits, dogs, and so on. If you notice your rabbit is shaking its head many times, it means it has been affected by ear mites. Take him immediately to the vet so he can examine and treat the problem.


In a nutshell, French lop rabbits are cuddly and friendly rabbits with having laid-back nature. With a little attention and love, they not only can adjust with you but become your lovely companions and make you happy by giving you love in return.

French lop rabbits can also amuse your children by playing with them. They don’t harm you enough like other rabbits. These characteristics make them good pets. To keep him healthy and fit make sure regular visits to the veterinary